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  1. Cool! This is pretty informative. Reading between the lines it does. With that many stuff he's dealing with not much can be left for TWOW. You mean like jumping to the conclusion that you'd get to read ADWD next year based on this? Unless he actually finished TWOW and submitted it to the publisher and that's why he's involved in so many things. (Fat chance... But, one can dream.) Only the trees remember.
  2. This post is ominous...: Which might be promising. However it's tagged with "editing, television and film, writing ". So looks like WOW is on the backburner (or no-burner) again.
  3. Well this is not surprising how the trilogy grew over the decades. Add how the time between book releases keps growing, and we can extrapolate that the series needs another 16-18 years to be finished on book 8. (Provided TWOW is releases within a year or so, if not then more) Well, don't expect the series to have an end then. I'm quire sure GRRM is not immortal. There's nothing of the sort claimed on your link. (Unless it was edited since you made the comment?) Edit: It looks like he edited out a semicolon, so now the comments doesn't have any implications on what will be released first. He did explicitly say, that he doesn't know which well be out first, and is hoping to get both of them released in 2018:
  4. Really? How? I don't see what you mean.
  5. Hi what do all these crannogmen stuff mean? Breathing mud, running on leaves, changing earth to water, weaving words, talking to trees, making castles disappear.
  6. That's what I've been saying... Even if it's like that, the moss should be on their "North". Because that's the shaded side, the cold direction.
  7. Ah but that doesn't fit. North is North, we know it because it's frozen and southern Dorne is hot. (I didn't say "only") And I believe the sun is described as shining from the south. (Though I can't recall any specific parts) Indeed. See above why North must be the same north as here and why they're on the Northern hemisphere. Or on they on the Southern and everything's inverted. But then the moss should be also and be mostly on their "northern" (southern) side.
  8. Well, I'd say the main premise is the conflict of people. And random seasons is a simple idea on the surface. But he provided conflicting information. Arya at one point pointed out that most of the moss grows on one side and that "that's south". In reality it's north (or the opposite the side that faces the sun) I think it came up somewhere else too, which was mentioned in a thread somewhere.
  9. Yeah, that's the bothersome part. How on earth do the days get shorter if not for the orbital cycle and the angle of the planet? Blotting out the sun doesn't make the days shorter. I'm starting to think the answer might be trivial: The whole thing is not well thought out. (Just like the moss growing on the south thing.)
  10. The stars give no indication. They don't move to any visible degree, they're to far away. You can't rely on them if the angle of the planet changes randomly. If it doesn't change the lengthening/shortening of days and the change of the seasons independently doesn't make sense at all.
  11. Keeping around a concept for thousands of years without maesters to study the stars seems strange, even if it was regular at once. I remember seeing that quote before. But the reasoning is flawed. If the seasons are irregular they can't tell the solar cycle. Unless they only came up with a year with maesters. Even then, how would even the maesters now where in the orbit they are? What's the reference Maybe if there are other planets. Lengthening and shortening of days is mentioned a couple times. Since this happens randomly it implies that angle of the planet changes randomly. Although there's a bit of a contradiction. "Nicol argues unconvincingly that the seasons might once have been of a regular length, determined solely by the way in which the globe faces the sun in its heavenly course." "The notion behind it seems true enough—that the lengthening and shortening of days, if more regular, would have led to more regular seasons" If the lengthening/shortening of days is not based on "purely" on how the planet faces the sun. How on earth does it happen at all? I can imagine another mechanism than the angle of the planet's axis.
  12. Hi! I so far haven't found any information on this. But it's obviously not based on seasons, but interestingly seasons seem to be based on angle to the sun. (The days grow longer in spring/summer) So what on earth do the people tie it to. In the real world the concept of the year it's related to the cyclic change of season and perhaps the angle of the sun on the sky. (of course the two happen simultaneously and the former is caused by the latter). But I don't see anything credible in TWOIAF. There's no way for them to to determine the position of the planet's orbit, or even to tell that the earth is circling the sun. And the seasons are apparently independent of this so they can't connect with it. These effects might be explained if their planet is rotating on multiple axes, but has no explanation to how they define a year.
  13. I was thinking of: But maybe it's just me who didn't comprehend this part " Tyrion II (listed as "Tyrion I" in A World of Ice and Fire) " It wasn't clear to me if it was the first or the second.
  14. Hi! The wiki is a bit ambigous, so... The Tyrion chapter is the first or the second Tyrion chapter? Did someone hear the chapters from the conventions who can tell? Nevermind I found info that it's the second. (The first happens during the trebuchet shoots) Someone, could disambiguate the wiki. PS: So the chapters that were only read and never released are inaccessible, right? I guess someone could have sneak recorded them, but I don't have high hopes. I found a transcript of a Victarion chapter, but came up empty for Tyrion.