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  1. That's probably because Winds hasn't come out yet so she has only been mentioned in the chapters that have been released (I think). If she doesn't have a POV in Winds I would be very shocked.
  2. Honestly, I have to go back and read the books, I don't remember off the top of my head. I remember Arya not liking girls for the most part and same with Brianne. But you may be absolutely right, it's just been a while. Agreed on pretty much everything else you said.
  3. The GC will be exactly the amount she needs to make the fight close and the tensions high. At this point it's whatever D&D want it to be, she isn't lasting this long in the books.
  4. Agreed. The books won't ever have him near the throne (I assume, I can't see it going that direction). The show, there are enough ways to write it to go the way you want and have it make just enough sense that you don't question it right away.
  5. This. It's going to be forced drama that won't make sense at any point (except for maybe the beginning when they don't agree with Jon's choices). Unfortunately a lot about this show has gotten pretty predictable.
  6. They like what ever is popular and will make for "OMG BREAK THE INTERNET" moments. I don't think they care for feminity. Arya and Brianne are pretty much like that in the books as well from what I remember, so they didn't do much to change that. But after the Sansa rape they had to empower women a lot on the show and made some seriously questionable show direction changes because of it. So I don't think that makes them pro females, just pro not having people hate them. They in general, in my opinion, just seem very pro themselves and very full of themselves. So maybe they do hate feminity? Because that's not them?
  7. Or they just merged his character with other characters to simplify things on the show or ... something. (Though, you're probably right that he's not a Targ and is a Blackfryre .... I just really want him to be the real Aegon so bad ha).
  8. They are different aren't they? Mother and father? Muna is mother Kepa is father I believe.
  9. I thought everyone kinda did? Or at least thought they knew what was happening between the two?
  10. It's the same as the Alan Taylor quote I gave you. It's Alan saying that GRRM said it in passing. I wouldn't really say that's proof. But to be fair, I want to see the actual quote from GRRM himself. Not hearsay. That may mean I expect more than the average person and that's on me.
  11. Agreed 100% on this. Way before the show got popular it always seemed like the Jon Dany relationship was just a wishful dream people had. But the books never seemed to want to go that direction (and I would argue even more so in the books now that Jon is dead, and most likely coming back but going to be .... different.)
  12. Huh, very interesting and totally get that. I was annoyed as well with the shows decision for Dany's dragons to be stolen as well and the whole killing of the thirteen. I get it makes it more interesting, but it changes Dany fundamentally.
  13. Sounds good, I would be interested in reading that. Thanks!
  14. Alan Taylor said that Martin told him that once the whole thing (GOT) is about Dany and Jon Snow (and not about them meeting, just them and their existence). Here is the quote: [Martin] just sort of mentioned in passing, "Oh well it's all about Dany and Jon Snow" and at the time I thought, "Really? I thought it was about Sean Bean and Robb Stark?" From: Also, I think Jon is the song of ice and fire, not the two of them. He is ice and fire. But that's a whole other debate and it being about Jon and Dany does make sense. But I don't think anywhere GRRM has stated that them meeting is the point of the story. I don't think GRRM would ever say that, his story has a lot of meaning, and that wouldn't be the main one.