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  1. Well he didn't yet because the books haven't come out... Maybe he is planning to do it, maybe when they talked about the story more than 6 years ago he was thinking of doing it? Maybe since then he has changed his mind? Maybe D&D have a dart board with different ideas from around the office and just throw darts at it and that's how they make the story? Maybe D&D take a shit in the toilet and read what it says. Maybe this or that... I don't care who does it, as long as D&D explains it and why it is important (since they will obviously beat Martin to it). But judging on what they have done the past year or so, I doubt it.
  2. Guess we will agree to disagree.
  3. I want to disagree with you but at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised by anything D&D do. I liked the whole Young Griff/Aegon thing going on in the books, so I always wanted to see it in the show, but not like that. I hope they don't merge Jon with anything, let him be him.
  4. Haha all good! But agreed. I loved that scene.
  5. Greyworm may have her beat though ... it's really all he's got ....
  6. I would say she is the best because of the sheer volume of them. I still think Tyrion's "I wish I had" speech was the best thing on GOT. And actually his speech before the blackwater bay battle was pretty good. I don't know, I kinda like early Tyrion better than Danny at orating. But he has gotten, a lot worse let's say, since then. So I guess overall she would be better? As far as just monologues in general (I know it's slightly off topic, sorry) Jamie has had some really good ones too.
  7. Her choices and the arguments on this thread and many others, bring up an interesting point. Do bad actions, done for the right reasons, make them good actions? It's something as humans we have struggled to answer (Stealing a loaf of bread to feed your starving family, type questions). To me, her actions on the show are a representation of this. (Obviously not going to talk about the book version of her because everyone is just bringing up the show). I also just don't agree with her burning alive POW. That's something you don't do. That's my biggest gripe with her right now. And I get that other characters have done things equally/or worse than she has. But then you're not breaking the wheel are you? But in short, I view her character as wanting to "break the wheel" but because of the system, she is more of the same and has to continue that wheel. Maybe after she rules she can break it, I don't know. But I don't see it yet. Just how I feel about it.
  8. I always assumed the battle against the white walkers would take place at Winterfell. Like the main battle. Don't know why, just how I always saw it happening.
  9. I think the quote was, "HBO just dumps a truck load of money in my driveway." Or something like that. Obviously someone that knows better than me can give a better answer. Though that may have more to do with fan fiction, if memory serves...
  10. In the books I want Undead Cat to kill him, personally I think it would be kinda fitting. In the show, he can die however, but then they peel off his face and it's Ser Pounce. Then Ser Pounce obviously comes back alive through magic (and of course having no side effects from coming back alive) and becomes TPTWP. BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER!!!!
  11. It's definitely up there, I don't know if it's number one. If they catch a Wight in the next episode and bring it back to KL, then we will have a new most unrealistic thing to ever happen.
  12. i honestly hope the story doesn't end with Jon being King. Not because I don't like him, just because it seems cliche. I assume that's why the show is legitimizing him (and maybe GRRM will too, no idea). But if it's just so he can be the King at the end, I will be disappointed. I also don't want him to die at the end a heroic death because he already died once, that would be weird to have a character die twice I think. Though! If GRRM does something where he is living on borrowed time after his resurrection and he dies because he runs out of time, alright I can get on board with it. (just spitballin here!) But unfortunately, I see no other reason for D&D to legitimize him unless they plan for him to make a run at the throne (or maybe just "threaten" to make a run at the throne? IDK).
  13. She is more of the same. She is just another person to turn the wheel, not break it.
  14. Everyone dies but Jon, Tormund and Gendry. I don't want the Hound to die, but I think GRRM has been done with him since AFFC (Gravedigger), his arc makes sense in the books and the show needs a way to kill him off since he can't really be end game. Jorah now seems to have a fun relationship with Dany and are BFF and he gets love and affection from her, in a way. It's just setting him up to die. The rest of the brotherhood I think just came up north to die off. IMO
  15. Yes to all of this! When the show started getting away from the books, it bothered me a bit but sometime last season or the one before, I just told myself it's a slightly different story, it's D&D's version of it. When they did little things that didn't make sense, that's OK, it's TV, I expect it to be dumbed down a bit. This whole plot doesn't make any sense though, not in the real world, not in their world, not in any world. I know everyone has issues with teleportation and timing in the recent episodes, but if Cersei isn't either super pregnant by the time they get to KL with a White Walker that will just be absurd (unless she is faking it, then that makes sense and that's fine.) At this point, I am on team White Walker. Just purge all of Westeros and let's start from scratch.