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  1. I was kinda upset with the whole time travel thing/paradox and wondering how GRRM would write his way out of it or explain it. so I didn't feel anything because I was so annoyed with it.
  2. I like the idea that he is not Tywin's son. But I always have a hard time believing there are two secret Targs. Maybe there are, but for me though, can't really picture it.
  3. Anything the Sand Snakes said was pretty cringe worthy. Also, the constant dick jokes in season 7 were just over the top. Can't believe people are trying to have philosophical discussions about cocks. Better writers may have been able to pull it off, D&D are not those writers.
  4. Cersei is far from Grey. So very very far. MinscS2 said it well enough already so I will just quote him: You can argue that sure Arya isn't white, but she sure is on her way to pure white. Jon did bad things in the past sure, he is now white. Dany, Sansa, everyone in the north, etc., are pretty well defined white characters. With your "there are only several that are black" characters, I agree with that, that's how it was. But Cersei is black (you can argue other wise but she is just evil now) but pretty much everyone on her side is "black." The Night King is just the Night King so we don't have to get into that. But maybe I phrased it wrong poorly before, they all used to be very grey characters and were amazing at that. I don't think there is a single true grey character left after that finale of season 7. But if you feel there is, that's fine. You have your opinion, I have mine.
  5. I fear you are going to be correct
  6. Yeah, I would be fine with that, as long as it's SOMETHING. Ha.
  7. Cersei shouldn't be alive anymore. She should have died this season. But the showrunners love Lena so she stays. My biggest gripe of everything so far, is that they are making characters very black and white instead of shades of grey. That drives me nuts. The only character with shades left is probably Danny? Maybe? But everyone else is pretty much just pure good or pure evil. The show has turned into a cliche fantasy story, the thing GRRM has tried so hard to avoid with this series. That house/castle has been in their family since Lann the Clever took it and he is from the first men (supposedly). The rock has been in the family FOREVER. She has childhood memories there, she even shares quite a few with Jamie throughout the series. She idolizes her father and she seems to care about legacy almost as much as him, it's safe to say that her character would have cared about the castle and arguably not given it up so easily.
  8. The show will have the northerners dealing with other problems, such as WW, and won't pay attention to the whole Jon and KITN thing. It will be swept under the rug. At best we get a line of it explaining their upset-ness with it.
  9. In the books, I hope never, as of now I don't think it makes sense for his character arc. In the show, 3rd episode I would guess. Somewhere in the middle of the season. Though I hope they explain it somewhat well and not just, he responded well to the dragon so the dragon lets him ride (same thing happened with Tyrion so he better ride one then). I don't even like the idea that since he is a Targ they let him ride. It took Danny a long while to ride her dragons or even control them. Are they going to say that now she did all the work Jon can reap the benefits? Personally, I don't like that either. I am pretty convinced they will do it on the show but I really hope they explain it.
  10. I think you're right, I think the too many character aspect is a big problem. It's hard to keep them all straight. I think things definitely spiraled a little outta control because he is long winded (is that the right word for writing? Long worded?). I don't think he was forced to do more, I think his own writing style expanded things out a bit more than he expected. Those are some very good points. While we can now look back and go, Obviously Jon and Danny are main characters, it wasn't so obvious after the first three books. But you're right, you can only do so much with making the main characters feel unsafe. He screwed up a few times (obviously this is just my opinion) with having Danny put in dangerous situations and plot armor seeing her out of it. We will see what he does with Jon but, we can assume that he will come back and it will kinda be the same problem, in my eyes at least.
  11. I agree it is but my point I was trying to make was that the show is doing a poor job of explaining things and what not. But I agree with you it is a viable option but we shouldn't have to assume.
  12. While I think it would be cool, I don't see D&D doing it. They seem to want to get out of this. HBO wanted 10 seasons but they said no to that (obviously HBO would have it keep going as long as it made them money and it's certainly making them money now...). I would guess that each episode is around 90 minutes next season and the final MAY be 2 hours long, but I kinda doubt that. Even so, it's not as long as a movie. I don't think this show will have a "satisfying conclusion" though. One, because that will be very subjective on what satisfying is but two, D&D have had to write the ending to a story that's been 20+ years in the making and GRRM hasn't been able to do it yet. Now sure, they know what the exact ending is supposed to be but the journey of how to get there is what is suffering. So hopefully the ending makes up for the uneven pacing of the show and some of its .... more interesting .... scenes let's say. But I think D&D are running into the same exact problem as GRRM as far as the ending (and why he hasn't finished the books yet) how do you get to that ending that you want so bad, but make the characters organically do it? It's a very VERY tough thing to do.
  13. Alright, tell me about the scenes that showed the transition from being overwhelmed as the 3ER to now being able to control it.
  14. Haha I like that one as well. Yeah I assume as far as big twists though, it will probably be tons of deaths or something along those lines. But I can see the show go with a more "happy ending" type.
  15. Ahhh ok I gotcha. Yeah I am on the same page with ya.