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  1. I am exploring different options on insuring my collection. Has anyone else gone down this route and, if so, do you have any advice? Also, in terms of placing a value on your book, does anyone have a sense of the fair market value for a complete, matched lettered Meisha Merlin and Sub Press set? I looked into this last year and becca69 suggested about 20k. Also, anyone have thoughts on the difference in value between a low letter set versus a high letter set (What would letter "A" be worth versus letter "B", "X", etc.) Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  2. 12 left.
  3. Not sure how many are left of the ultra limited edition. I am assuming there will be some kind of update on the site when they sell out.
  4. I am working on insuring my collection of books. Does anyone have a sense of what a full, matched MM/SubPress lettered set of ASOIF is valued at right now? Any thoughts on whether or not some letters are more valuable than others (letter A versus letter ZZ)? I am also looking for the values on Legends and Legends 2 limited editions (numbered not lettered) Thanks!