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  1. Reading the book for the first time and loving it so much!
  2. Yes, I am taking my time. Its alot to take in. The last book was rough. lol
  3. I am, like so many others, dying for the release date!!
  4. Yes! I just finished reading the first book for the first time and the show/book are different and thats what made it enjoyable.
  5. I think he will see of who she is and how she only cares for herself so im sure it wont take long for something to happen to her.
  6. I started reading them like 2 days ago due to the show.
  7. This looks interesting and cant wait to see it!
  8. Hi Everyone! My name is Mark and ive been a fan of the TV show but i just got into the books! Im still learning everything so I may sound dumb from time to time! Im excited to join this.