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  1. Agreed. I hope Dany realises this asap and puts an end to these terrible people. Man, the show messed up Dorne bad.
  2. I think we're very lucky to have Emilia play Dany. Remember, in the original pilot she was played by Tamzin Merchant....
  3. My ultimate Rhaegar would be Alexander Skarsgard. It wouldn't be the first time he's worked on an HBO show.
  4. Only thing I could find about a possibility of us seeing Asshai is this article Doesn't say anything about Jorah, but about Dany maybe making a stop there. Now the guesses say Asshai, Dorne, the Isle of Faces, and an archipelago, which makes sense considering the Canary Islands are an archipelago. This makes me think Dany will sail through Valyria, maybe make a stop there. That would make sense. Asshai wouldn't cause that's on the other side. An archipelago could double as Valyria, especially since the Teide is a volcano. Besides Tenerife (where the Teide is located), Lanzarote is very volcanic looking. What's in Valyria? Volcanoes. I can't think of any other characters possibly being near a location like this other than Dany. I've seen the Teide. This would be a really awesome location to see in the series.
  5. Yeah, I know we heard them, but I was talking about the language specifically created for the Others called Skroth. It was an actual language instead of just sounds, which is what intrigues me so much.
  6. Hold the door. It'll play out differently in TWoW but the name still means the same thing.
  7. That would be interesting! We do know they have their own language, and the guy who developed both Dothraki and Valyrian called it Skroth (he also developed some of the Asshai'i language). Show speaking, it would definitely be possible the NK spoke the Common Tongue- as he was human before!
  8. Upon seeing the Night's King leaving his mark on Bran, I started wondering.. If this helps them cross any magical barriers, why didn't he mark any other random person before? This way the WW could easily make it south of the Wall. What if, he needs a Stark to be able to carry the mark somehow? Maybe Benjen got the mark, but he was smart enough to not go towards the Wall? Maybe that's why the NK looked at Jon Snow so long in season 5's Hardhome episode? What if... The guy we saw being made into a WW is a Stark ancestor?
  9. I also wouldn't expect him to kill all of them.
  10. Summer died too easily. I would much rather have seen Summer protecting Bran /and/ running away with him.
  11. The only reason I think the origin of the Others will play out differently in the books is because of GRRM's quote saying they're "a different sort of life" and "inhuman". I guess after the creation the Other the CotF created is "inhuman", but he used to be human before. I think they're an entirely different race in the books. I could be completely wrong though.
  12. Man, I really hate that they're killing off all the direwolves. I'm honestly thinking it has to do with budget. This entire scene was absolutely beautifully done and broke my heart, but the only downside to it is Summer's death. I just can't deal with how pointless it was.
  13. Which would be the ultimate broken promise, right? Benjen protecting him could be a possibility. Jon insisted after all that he would take the black. It was his own decision. I wonder if he knew about his heritage if he'd done the same.
  14. Isn't this what we've been talking about for the past few posts? Lol. If so, then we're agreeing and this discussion is going nowhere. With the promise in mind- the one about acknowledging Jon to be Rhaegar's son- it would also make sense for Ned allowing Jon to go to the Wall seeing as he's part Targaryen, meaning Robert surely would want him dead. In that case it would make sense for Ned to keep Jon safe where his name doesn't matter.
  15. As mentioned before, that was a show-only scene so that's probably not it. However, if you're never going to see someone again, you're kinda breaking that promise aren't you? Anyway, we don't know exactly what the broken promise is. All we can do is speculate. It does however make sense for it having to do something with Jon's parents. Either Lyanna wanted him to be acknowlegded as Rhaegar's son, which would be a broken promise because Jon's known as a bastard and now cannot hold any titles because he's going to the Night's Watch, or he could've promised Lyanna to tell Jon about his parents, which he hasn't done either. It's clearly something noteworthy because promises tend to play a big part in Ned's thoughts and dreams.