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  1. but when the wall fall down no one will protect dead bodies from "resurecting" will we see Ned, - all starks from crypts and others dead men again ?
  2. Euron 1000 ship attacking oldtown btw in the show auron is bullshit
  3. Jon become king of the north and 5 minutes later WW come and kill all northernmen and jon will be king of nothing
  4. what if Tormund die in battle? in this show everything is possible this will be saddest season if tormund, davos, wun wun, edd and others will die ps: dony you think Beric look majestic in the last episode?
  5. let it be anyone but not NW i still have hope in e10 synopis " the nigh twatch gathers"
  6. D&D or martin said that are characters that we know and we know that isnt rickon any of northern lords wouldnt make any sense so its 99% NW oh god, oh god... why... if it is true, this will be the sadest moment in all seasons
  7. Jon will behead umber and give his dead body other triator's to eat as a punishmen, and their heir will be held as a captive in winterfell to hold their fathers
  8. We dont exacly know who jaquen or Syrio really is. But Jaquen appeared after dissappear of Syrio. And FM can be so easly caught? really? all of us saw what they can do, so the only way to caught them is - if they want to be caught.
  9. All saying that sansa writed to LF for help, but we dont know that was exacly in the letter. IMO - she ask LH " please send a word to Lord Manderly and get us his support" why? from some time they saying about fat lord ans his speech. Manderly isn't with Starks now, but it look's that he will be with them in last episode, so the best moment to appear will be with the army of Vale.
  10. umbers change sides? when rickon die? what they can expect? after the battle - " ok lord umber u help us but u killed our brother. Burn him alive" i think umbers are in worse position than karstark - they can still join stark, umbers not !
  11. Night Watch Gathers - what that mean? all 50 survived watchers will gather for a party? or All NW in history will gather? maybe magic of wall will summon all dead walkers (like Coldhand) to defend the world.
  12. The Manderlys - one of the strongest army in north, loyal to starks, they sayin about them everytime bub, where are they? i hope Jon will get something more than Mormont, Cerwyn and Hornwood.
  13. i dont know are they god or not, but world is full os special creatures stronger than other's maybe they're gods, maybe not but i think the main storyline will be battle beetwen them. Euron as the Drowned god - we can see it from last relased chapter Many face god Lord of light Maybe the greenseer's was the old god's Night King can also be somethink like god only faith of the 7 look's like shit - no magic, no power
  14. Some crazy theory: So Syrio, Jaquen, Waif Faceless Man - all of them are 1 person - the faceless god itself He just meet Arya in KL and found that she is special, co just observe her and helping all the way. Then that what happened in last episode could be planned by this god.
  15. what do you think will Tormund survive BoB ? u know to many people like him so he probably is dead man walking