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  1. Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    It's not that they're written badly, they aren't. They just aren't as good as the others.
  2. First Read

    Good to hear! Remember to take your time with it, they're long books.
  3. What POV character has the best chapters

    Currently still reading, so I can't say for sure, but so far I'm thoroughly enjoying the Tyrion, Arya, and Bran chapters. Can't stand Sansa and Cat
  4. New ASOIAF Role Playing game coming soon!

    We're currently looking for people for an ASOIAF role playing game. How you play is you lay your claim on a house (or a claimable character, if you'd like) and you play that house/character. You can pretty much do anything, just like in the world. You can start a war (wouldn't advise this one), you could go adventuring in the far east, whatever suits your fancy, you can do, and how we accomplish these things in game is by writing lore and role playing with other people.
  5. Still worth it?

    Absolutely, one hundred percent worth it. The books are so different, there's so many subplots and characters that don't show up in the show it's not even funny. I can't recommend reading the books enough.
  6. When we're introduced to Orys in TWOIAF, he's described as having black eyes and hair, IIRC. If he's supposedly a brother to Aegon, or just another Valryian, why doesn't he show a single Valyrian feature? Also is the reason that Orys descedants don't have Valyrian features is because he married a Durrandon (who have dark hair)? As you can tell, I'm a newb to TWOIAF, please go easy on me
  7. How to keep track of Characters?

    I can't tell you how much I feel the same way. What I'd recommend is, making a document and write down what each character did and who they are, that way it won't seem as intimidating.
  8. Syrio Forel

    I highly doubt Syrio died. First of all, we never saw him die, second of all, he was facing Ser Meryn Trant. As we know, Ser Meryn is not a very good Kingsgaurd.
  9. It's definitely worth it. If you love the world, and want to go deeper into, read the books. The shows good, but the books are a million times better.
  10. Long time SanSan shipper now open to JonxSansa ship in the show

    I think Sansa and Jon would be good on the show. But don't get your hopes up.
  11. Do we have any conlangers in this forum?

    Just interested to see if we have any conlangers here.
  12. [Poll] How would you rate episode 604?

    I'd have to give this episode a 9.3. I thought it was pretty good episode, especially when Jon and Sansa met up. Best line was "I'll do it myself." I earned more respect for Sansa in that one line than I did in six seasons. When you think about it, she's been through a lot. Definitely loved her in this episode. Wasn't much into the High Sparrow arch that the Lannisters and the Tyrells are involved in, but then again I've never liked that arch and have always found it quite boring. I did like when Tyrion was negotiating with the slavers, reminded me a lot of Abe Lincoln tbh. EDIT: And when Littlefinger incepted Robin Arryn, that was hilarious.
  13. Agent Carter

    Rip Agent Carter. It never got the ratings it deserved.
  14. Socially conscious Tupac songs?

    Eh, definitely not his best work. Not bad, just not my thing. And to everyone who's commented on here, thanks!
  15. Socially conscious Tupac songs?

    Yeah, I'm not much into gangster hip hop, I'm more of a lyrics man.