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  1. There's been a lot happening this season but the quality has not been great, I also thought last week's was one of the weaker penultimate episodes throughout the show's life. So my excitement is the same for all the episodes in Season 7, looking forward to it, but fairly sure it won't be amongst my top 5 favourite episodes.
  2. Jon sounds exasperated probably due to a load of bickering between Cersei/Tyrion/Jaime/Daenarys, and then he comes in and cuts the bullsh*t and tells it how it is.
  3. Why would they kill off Bran..? His whole show-life will have been wasted. They couldn't give him the season off because he was such a main character last season, but this season the main characters are Jon, Dany, Cersei. So they've kept him around but not shown him very much (which has been poorly written). If he is the Night King then next season he will be in it loads, as well as his purpose in revealing Jon's heritage.
  4. Very much agreed. I'd guess it's not the last we will see of her though.
  5. Doesn't Davos sort of blame himself for his son's death anyway?
  6. Bran will have a vision in the trees smoking that good good. To be honest those are the parts I get most excited for, and his interaction with Jon to come, and then Jon with Dany.
  7. I don't think it's the same poison, it's probably Qyburn's own. Myrcella didn't die quickly... Bronn got cut, then the chatter at the fight and then walk to the cells and chatter again before the poison took hold. Myrcella was kissed by Ellaria, then they sailed off, then she had a chat with Jaime then she died. If she died instantly she got on the boat then they would have turned around and hunted Ellaria down. I don't think the time it took for symptoms for each person was that different but I agree direct into bloodstream generally should be quicker than orally. But some poisons via oral are instant.
  8. Yes, Joffrey was an evil little brat but at least he had the Almighty Tywin conducting things. Nobody fancies putting Danaerys in her place at the moment.
  9. Fully deserved.
  10. It doesn't and why should it..? Cersei won't care that Olenna admitted to it, even if she believes Jamie (who believes Olenna) when he presumably tells her. Jamie will say Tyrion is vindicated, but Cersei won't agree or won't care, and then we continue as normal. It will be a further thought for Jamie towards killing Cersei but that's it. Tyrion also killed Tywin so Jamie isn't going to be best buds with him.
  11. Or the previous actor just dropped out so they were forced to recast.
  12. Perhaps there's no Maester at Castle Black now Sam has gone and Maester Aemon has died so nobody can send a raven. Or perhaps it's a plothole. Or perhaps it's deliberate so we get a big reveal from Bran later, just after Jon has left. I'd expect him to have a big role in the coming episodes as he had about 30 secs screen time in 1st episode and nothing in the 2nd.
  13. I very much doubt he has been rowing back and forth for 3 seasons, effectively being a coastguard as some suggest. Much more likely to have sailed back to King's Landing and hidden away or settled somewhere else. We're not sure he will even make a reappearance.
  14. Arya hid Walder's body somewhere then, ok, but she must also have explained why his two sons are missing as well.