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  1. Recently I have begun to wonder how the WOW will be structured. The previous books have always been rather unique is their structure with each giving light to new characters and areas. So im going to outline how I think the WOW will be structured. (By now I think iv considered every possible thing that could happen) The opening chapter; Like most opening chapters I believe the opening of TWOW will give a huge amount of vital information but it will likely we will likely be left to discover the answers ourselves. The only possible opening I can think of is of Jon in Ghosts skin where he will further his dream where he descends into the crypts of Winterfell. This will give tell us what events took place at the Wall following Jons "Death" and may give us further insight into Jons heritage. Once this is over I doubt we will ever see a POV chapter from Jon again. The Northern Chapters; I think there will only be three POV characters in the North. Them being Bran, Theon, Asha and Davos. I have no idea how Brans chapters will play out but Theon and Asha will have to take part in the battle of ice in some form. Davos will play a bigger role once the battle is over, depending on what information reaches him he will either go back to the wall or to Stannis. I believe he will hear Stannis has lost (most likely because of the pick letter) and will head back to the Wall to get Shireen but learns she has been sacrificed to the Red God, the Nights Watch has fallen due to fight between the brother of the NW and the wildings. He will also hear rumors of Jon being spotted from atop the Wall. Then comes the Battle of Fire; Im stilling thinking about that and the rest
  2. I know theres a lot of different opinions on who are the three heads of the dragon. I believe the three heads are Dany, Aegon and Jon as they are three targaryen's but is there any text to support the idea that they or whoever the three heads are have to be dragon riders? So far I havent been able to find any. We know Dany is a dragon rider so who are the other two? From what iv read and interrupted I thought the other two would be Bran and Euron but I never thought they would be one of the heads of the dragon. All the characters that want to control the dragons seem to want to conquer westeros but the three heads of the dragon would form some sort of prophecy to lead the fight in the battle for the Dawn. In essence the three heads of the dragon will fight for humanity and the dragon riders will fight for themselves. Am I wrong to think this and I have I missed something?
  3. Clearly Euron, Ramsey and khal drogo
  4. No I think many broken characters to put it will survive. I count Tyrion will survive, Sam will survive, Jon will survive (Even though he is dead at the moment) and the hound survive their journey's. I dont believe arya is safe just because she is a big 5 character as it is put.
  5. I know its unlikely. I thought a saw an interesting connection and decided to give share the idea. I actually thought the Jaime part would be the more tinfoily part. Iv always felt Arya will die in the story or at least have a very pessimistic fate. A child can't go through all she has been and go back to being the tomboy she once was.
  6. I realise its out there but i thought I saw similarities between the Azor Ahai/ lightbringer story and gendy's current situation
  7. In essence yes. You could have argued the same of Roose Bolton before the red wedding.
  8. I think its three different targaryen's, Its going back to Aegon and his sister only this time its reversed. Its Dany with Jon and Aegon.
  9. It is interesting however you could make similar comparisions with many characters in the story. daenerys stormborn, daenerys targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Stannis Baratheon, The rightful king of westeros, azor ahai, Eruon Greyjoy, Eruon Crows Eye, Eruon Blood eye I tend to think the three heads are three different people.
  10. I believe AAR, TPTWP and the stallion that will mount the world and all the rest are just different representatives of the three heads of the dragon. Jon, Dany and Aegon. And I dont think that means Jon or Aegon needs to be a dragon rider, in fact i doubt either will be
  11. Another option is that Gendry may reforge Ice
  12. So you believe the Nights Watch could be lightbringer? AKA The sword in the darkness
  13. Im not sure I thought the pieces started to line up. Im not 100% if there will be a lightbringer 2.0. Most people think Dawn is the original lightbringer
  14. Lancel could be an interesing one. Does that mean Gendry might discover his parentage?
  15. The main part that even im doubtfull of is the Jaime bit but I dont know what else could be the lion