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  1. Just how important is Mance?

    I doubt he will simply just depart.
  2. Just how important is Mance?

    Do you think Mance is rhaegar?
  3. It appears to me that Mance is often overlooked when predicting what will happen in the WOW. I believe that Mance is one of the most important characters in the entire story and will be vital in the war to come against the Others. Mance was one of the first characters that we were officially introduced to in AGOT and we later find out that he was actually present in the story from the very beginning even though we were not aware of it. He has been the only one who has been able to unite a large group of people under a single purpose against the Others, even if that is just to run from them. So what role will Mance have to play in the war against the Others? I believe he will be the first person to actually gain a true victory against them. We can assume that the North is in for a bad time in the WOW. Most of the North will be involved in the battle of Winterfell and it appears there will be a major battle at Castle Black between the wildings, Nights Watch and the remaining Knights loyal to the red women. I dont believe its long before the Others march against the wall and bring it down, or partially down at least. With Jon dead (I dont think he will be back for a long time in the WOW) who is left to stand against the Others? That would be Mance. Currently Mance is in Winterfell. When the battle for Winterfell I believe Mance will hide down in the Crypts and wait for the fighting to stop. We all something is in the crypts be that knowledge or something physical like the horn of winter. Either way thats not important for Mance. The crypts are deep and old and contain some strong magic. When Mance is down there Melisndres spell over Mance will be broken. When he emerges he will not have to hide and he will lead the free folk once more. This is likely when the Wall will come down and the Nights watch will have no way to stop the Others. The armies of the North will be bloodied and broken but the free folk will rally behind Mance once more. After the Wall is breached Mance will see he cannot simply run anymore, he has the fight the Others. This is his role. He will lead the attack and push the Others back for the entire north to see. When the see that the Wights and the Others can be hurt the north will join him. But Mance will not survive long. The north will be forced to retreat and Mance will die but they he will begin the unification that needs to happen if the Others are to be stopped. Can the Others be stopped? Well thats probably a question for another time but either way Mance is going to be very important.
  4. I think its safe to say theres something weird about Eurons eye. For a long time I thought Euron was a character inspired by two historical characters. We know GRRM likes to base his characters on important people in history. The two characters that I believed were the inspiration of Euron were the brothers Sigurd Snake in eye and Ivar the boneless. These two were both tactical genesis and even tricked the enemies in order to defeat them. Maybe im insane but iv always seen a parallel between them. The nickname crows eye always made me feel like Euron his hiding a secret or has a secret plan but in the Foresaken chapter released Damphair calls it something different. I dont want to spoil anything so ill just say he refers to it as his blood eye. Does anyone know what this might represent or if it has any metaphorical meaning? Euron must be hiding it for some reason.
  5. Its been a while since I finished ADWD and I cant remember, was young griff given the sword Blackfrye?
  6. Does anyone know what this actually means? Is it just about Sarella or is there something more to it? I honestly am completely baffled by it.
  7. Gendry will forge the new lightbringer

    Who owned Orphan-Maker?
  8. Gendry will forge the new lightbringer

    In the books Brienne is told Gendry killed biter with a spearhead. We are not told what Gendry was working on, why he is not eating and why he is spending so much time working. Its all very mysteries.
  9. Gendry will forge the new lightbringer

    Was Tobho Mott able to reforge VS? I cant remember.
  10. Gendry will forge the new lightbringer

    No we are told he shoved a spearpoint into the back of his neck.
  11. The last time we see gendry is when Brienne encounters him and then fights Biter. Throughout this entire chapter Gnedry's behavior is strange. He refuses to eat anything and spends pretty much the entire time in the forge, doing what? I believe its important to note that Gendry has never forged a sword before. This could be why it takes him a long time to forge lightbringer, like in the azor ahai story. Moving on the the story and how azor ahai tried to temper the blade three times, Gendry will follow a similar method, most likely unknowingly. So the first time he tempers the blade he will fail due to his inexperience at forging swords. I believe he will use the same metal to try a second time. I doubt he has lots of materials to work with in the riverlands. He will temper the second blade with a lions heart too, the lion will be Jaime. Brienne will die and jaime will escape with oathkeepr. Stoneheart will order the brotherhood to chase him down. Jaime will be pursed back to Gendry's forge and Gendry will stab him with the sword he was working on. Gendry will add oathkeepers steel to his own sword. ( I know that doesnt seem to make sense, but we do know its possible to reforge Valryian steel. I still dont know how Gendry can learn that) The final step will be the most tragic. He will kill arya with the sword he forge from oathkeeper which is ice. We know that arya will meet Gendry again sometime, probably not for a very long time. And no I dont think Gendry is azor ahai, he might just be the one to forge the sword. Anyone else think this is a possibility or have I just gone insane?
  12. Did mance rayder fight the others?

    This is a little more of a tinfoil idea but I also had a thought that Mance might have been the one to break the pact between the Others and men. He might have discovered about Crasters sacrifices and attacked the others first unknowingly breaking an ancient peace agreement.
  13. Did mance rayder fight the others?

    Iv always felt he is going to play a major role going forward. I think he will meet up with the wildings again but a large number of them will stay loyal to Jon but I cant see him coming into conflict with Jon. I dont believe hes a tertiary character, like Varys and littlefinger he has been moving pieces from the very start. Im among those who believe he wrote the pink letter and if he does find the horn or winter on the crypts he will be a major force to contend with.
  14. Iv been re-reading the series and something struck me that I did not notice the first time round. At the fist of the first men Mance Rayder says you cant fight the others and that he knows that better than anyone. Does anyone else think this means Mance has somehow fought the others and survived ? Craster also says Mance came to him when he was forming is arming but Craster refused him. There may have been something else going on here that Craster has kept secret. Craster is pretty much the only person we know had contact with the others ( directly or indirectly ) and lives. I was thinking Craster may have told Mance where to find the others, possibly what they want and why they have left him live. I know I am assuming that Mance went looking for the others like an idiot but I cant see him surviving a surprise attack so if he did survive a fight with them he must have fought them on his terms. This confrontation could have provided the realization that all the free folk are doomed unless they leave and thus begins his campaign to bring everyone together and move south. Back to the point, if Mance does have information about the others he is going the be vital to somehow beating them. Iv gotten the feeling everyone has forgotten about Mance when theorizing about the battle for the dawn. Anyone else agree that Mance is going to be one of the most important characters going forward? Or am I completely wrong ?
  15. Whats in the Crypts of Winterfell?

    I think they were giants or nights watch soldiers imprisoned in the wall for desertion