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  1. I´m sure he will appear in flashbacks, that doesn´t make him a character. If Rhaegar appears only long enough to give Jon a last name, he´s a plot device. If the plot device is eventually fundamental for the plot, that´s bad. It´s the same problem as time-travel.
  2. Rhaegar is not a character in the series. If Jon turns out to be his son, and that turns out to have any influence in the plot, I´ll agree with all the detractors - it was not well done, unless they do wonders with the episodes left. Then again, if they wanted to troll the audience, a graph lying about Jon´s parentage would be far more hilarious than claming Jon and Sansa will conflict. ^^
  3. Remember when, in the first book, Arya and Sansa only didn´t manage to escape King´s Landing because Sansa went behind Ned´s back to tell Cersei that they were leaving? Which, in the end, was the reason why Ned "confessed" to be a traitor, and the reason why Joffrey was "allowed" to execute him, certainly under the whispers of LF (even though Sansa doesn´t objectively know this part, but she surely blames herself). Remember when Sansa spends days weeping for her father and when she gets a chance to talk to the Queen, she absolutely forgets about Arya? The show, the way I see it, is trying to "justify" Cersei, by showing that a person doesn´t have to intimally be a monster to look like one through their actions. Cersei has always had way more practical power than Sansa, and thus her capability of dealing far more damage, but their motivations are very alike - nothing much deeper than selfishness. They don´t plan to screw things up, they simply don´t really see it coming, and when it does, they don´t find it whitin themselves to care that much.
  4. Littlefinger was isolating the Boltons. Who are south of Moat Cailin and the Vale, unlike the northerners he intended to rule over. Oh, lord, why would that be? Why would he not invite a bunch of angry northerners to a wedding?? Really makes no sense. Their future? No, not necessarily. It could decide their future, if they wanted. Or it could not, like it didn´t. __ The claim that I make stuff up to justify the plot is just sad. I don´t say anything that´s not on the screen or easily deduced. I don´t go looking for some scenary letter to justify any impression I have, I don´t even know where people find these things, I´m not exactly tech-savvy. I will sound like a douche, sorry, but most of the reasons people provided in this forum to claim that the plot is a disaster were derived from poor attempts at understanding what´s happening. It´s not that´s it´s hard, or that the information is not there, it´s that people don´t seem to want it to make sense because saying something is bad sounds more critical than liking it, i don´t know.
  5. Yes. Yes. No. No. Yes. this is just hilarious.
  6. No, they don´t. Not any more "inexplicably" than the Red Wedding happening. Nope, not what happened. Sansa was fooled into believing she would be safe because she would be in Winterfell. She was fooled under the premisse that she could, with patience, make herself a network of secret alliances in order to, one day, have her revenge. Which is precisely what happened. What? If you mean Bolton´s Moat Cailin against Littlefinger, you mean "hold" against your allies? Why would you do that? who is also a northerner, in possession of the strongest army in the region, with a couple of strong alliances, and fighting against Wildlings. So, yeah... Considering he "almost" witnessed his "niece" being "kidnapped", his actions proved quite justified. Moreover, it was part of Doran´s plan to look complacent towards the Lannisters, and his own fault that he didn´t include such popular and dangerous people in his plan as the Sand Snakes. It´s funny, because we don´t even know what the average Dornish knows about the circumstances of his death (and however cool it would be for world-building, it´s probably not necessary). Who´s to say anyone but those guards even know what happened? It´s clear, however, that his personal guard was not that much in love with him, and I have to believe he would do something in the way of selection as to try and have the most loyal men guarding him that closely. Important for character development wheter you like it and realise it or not. It has to be shown how they come to accept him as someone who knows what he´s doing. so what? Standing calmly and unscathed in the middle of a giant pyre that would boil a man from the inside if he tried to breath, after slaughtering every single one of the strongest warriors among them is less withcraft and more godlike. What do you suppose they should do? Run towards the pyre to attack her? All she has to do is step inside. She´s also not really threatening them, so why would they run? Would you? If you saw a girl effortlessly standing in the middle of an entire house burning, would you really not just stand there in awe? ?????? Did you read the books? The faith as an institution is pretty terrible way before the High Sparrow, which is the only reason why the High Sparrow even became anything. This was pretty terrible. I´m still hoping for signs of a better explanation. Ramsey was barely a factor in Stannis´ demise. Any kid in his place would have done everything he did right the same way he did, some people just overestimate him because they intimally find him cool because he´s a sociopath. I don´t like Stannis´ death either, but not because I think it´s ridiculous bad-writing, only because I wish it was done differently. I can´t say it doesn´t make any sense, it does make some sense. Even because, who can really have an informed opinion regarding how likely and honorable and broken lord is to burn his own daughter in order to maybe win a war? I can´t say I´ve ever been in a similar position. Most of them do, yes sir.
  7. I´m definetely not saying that popularity is the only measure to the quality of a show, only that it´s a very, very important one. What good is a series that is incredibly complex, and deep, and absolutely faithful to a certain source material and lasts one season because only the fans of the source material liked it? That´s not very good TV. Good TV tells a story to the person who doesn´t want to be forced to name 5 characters in the show to prove that they like something. Not everyone is a die-hard fan or want to be forced to invest extra time to understand a series, and TV cannot concern itself only with die-hard fans and people who are willing to go beyond the TV exposition.
  8. And how come, unless you believe that people like something "bad" because they´re stupid. You don´t like the Kardashians, great, many people do, and it would be stupid not to make the show if there´s people willing to pay for it. You don´t think Kardashians has any quality, great, don´t watch it, but there´s certainly a lot of people who find some quality in it, or they wouldn´t watch it. Are they stupid for finding some quality in it, just because you don´t? I find horror movies to be complete waste of time. They´re incredibly successful though - who am I to say they lack quality? If I don´t know how to appreciate it, how could I even judge that? You´re set in this notion that the North Rrmembers plot was ridiculous just because it wasn´t like you wanted it to be. Countless people have already pointed out how things do make sense, and the only argument people like you have against it is that it didn´t happen like in the books or like they had expected the Lords to act. Quality is not exclusively in meeting your expectations.
  9. The thing about soup opera is that the drama doesn´t matter, the endings are always the same happy and unrealistic nonsense. You can pretty much just skip the drama because it basically doesn´t interfere with the happy ending you´ll certainly get. Characters that were good and happy in the beginning will be good and happy in the end, except for Sean Bean who will be dead. That´s the story I see told by oh so many people here if they were in charge of the script.
  10. You don´t get it, for him, the more people like it, the worst the show. Most people must be less smart than he is, or less of a fan, so obviously most people would like something of an inferior quality.
  11. A Soup Opera of Thrones ^^ I can only imagine, and shed a tear, for the ghost of the beautiful plans some people probably had made for Robb The Young Wolf. He would defeat the Lannisters and bring peace to Westeros until Dany arrived with ther dragons, then he would discover Jon is Targaryen and then both of them would be Kings and they would defeat the White Walkers and Jon would marry Dany. It took me a while, but I see now how Sansa has always been a great character. It´s in our nature to love beautiful songs.
  12. If this had been what we got, the "North Remembers" part of the story would be the mess that many fans wish it was, with the series trying to presents us at least five new characters (and since it´s GoT, they would try to give them depth, and since they would have like 7 episodes to do so while still telling the story, they would fail) whose only function, plot-wise, is to save the Starks without it being ridiculously farfecthed (which they would probably fail again).
  13. And what do you suppose the Boltons, the Karstarks, the Freys and the Crown would be doing when they saw massive movement of troops throughout the entire north, or when they heard about this king boy? By the way, the Umbers can´t even handle 2000 wildlings. Antagonizing the Boltons more than doubles the amount of enemies he has to face, with actual soldiers, horses, equipment, provisions, etcc....
  14. And yet, no one has explained exactly how this would happen.
  15. Isn´t that what happened? How much support is that? Karstarks, Umbers and Freys. I don´t think he necessarily hated his father, but that´s what he would say to Ramsey to convince him not kill him for belonging to a house famously loyal to the Starks. Declare himself regent? With 1000 men? Ramsey marches on Last Hearth and he´s dead. He even gives reason for the crown (and other greedy northern Lord) to worry about him, with this talk of regency. That´s being a moron. Why? Because you saw it happen? Ok, say they´re suspicious of that, say they know for a fact that Ramsay killed them, what can they do about it? He´s in command of 3500+ men. Says the person who´s probably never been directly responsible for hundreds of lives. Yes, the main stronghold in the North (ps-which is also conveniently warm), manned by more and better trained/equipped/fed/rested soldiers than any other house and even the hypothetical combination of several of them. Only that.