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  1. Thank you, ser! This is one of my favorite theories.
  2. Would anyone know if there's a different link for this? I followed this one, and it's something else altogether. This is now in Polish. It's called Acorn Hall still.
  3. And dang it, this is one mystery that I want solved in the book, not the show!
  4. Thank you. I'll have to bookmark this one.
  5. You're welcome. I enjoy doing research, although I'll admit that Dany could've taken the Iron Throne in the time it took me to find that passage. I really need to start taking notes.
  6. And Young Griff/Aegon has the Targaryen features, which is why his hair is kept dyed. In the Dance With Dragons chapter titled "The Lost Lord', Septa Lemore is talking to Griff. "We have gone to great lengths to keep Prince Aegon hidden all these years," Lemore reminded him. "The time will come for him to wash his hair and declare himself, I know, but that time is not now. Not to a camp of sellswords."
  7. I'm just curious. Is anyone planning on buying this? If I did, it would be for the illustrations. I already have the set, and an ebook version.
  8. I agree. Shoot, I got weepy just reading your post!
  9. Right now, I just have the ebook. I spend a lot of time in the summer at my youngest daughter's, visiting with my grandkids. It's easier to take books on my tablet, than it is to take hard copies. I'm also reading it straight through. I do plan on buying the hard copy later on.
  10. There are several things that just don't add up. I'm not going into the whole debate about why the cream of the KG crop was at a deserted tower in the Dornish desert. I'm pretty sure that Arthur Dayne, at least, knew who Ned was, and that he was Lyanna's brother. Why was he, and the others, so adamant about keeping Ned away from her? Did he not know at the time that Rhaegar had been killed? If not, then that would explain it. They were expecting Rhaegar to come back. Another thing I'm puzzling over is Wylla and Edric Dayne. He told Arya that he and Jon were "milk brothers". How could they be milk brothers if Edric is several years younger than Jon. I thought that being milk brothers meant that both babies were being nursed together, like twins.
  11. I read the the complete Twilight Series, plus one novella, in less than a week. You have to consider the fact that it was winter, there was snow up to my tookus, it was colder than The Others, and I had my oldest grandson and his friends, who were teenagers at the time. I retreated to my bedroom with my books in self-defense.
  12. I don't know if I could stay away, you guys have become my addiction . Anyway, I'm probably somewhat spoiled already, seeing as how I also watch the show. I don't how far afield the show has gone from the book, but there are bound to be some similarities. Those will be the first things I look for.
  13. Excellent post! I'm on my second re-read, and one thing that struck me, and, it may just be me that's noticed, but I think this whole series has an undertone of sadness, or melancholy.
  14. I may have missed something along the way, but how did Cersei kill Robert? I thought he was killed by a wild boar, and, the last time I looked, Cersei's not a wild boar.
  15. In a heartbeat. Not only was Jon's father hated by Robert beyond all reason, his birth caused the death of the woman he loved. If Robert didn't do the killing himself, he would've had it done.