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  1. Oh shit.
  2. It'll be motorcycles and tiki torches all the way down.
  3. Yeah, I'd been wondering about how that shitshow was progressing (or regressing). I know that this is US politics, but briefly, can you give a rundown on how the balance of power has shifted between the far right and the protesters since that failed judicial coup a couple of months back?
  4. Certainly not 2018. Rush the big changes, and even your own people start getting uncomfortable with the reality of what they've wished for in theory. Like with OCare which suddenly spiked in popularity. Although abortion is a different issue because you don't need to provide an alternative solution to make the anti-abortionists happy. But Roe vs Wade can and will be overturned in a political environment where Bannon has succesfully trounced any Republican who would dare voice any kind of moderate views and it's a race to moral rock bottom. Which is why Democrats either need to take back power and keep it so the Republican party starts fracturing and evolving in different directions, or the mythological centrist Republican voters need to start making themselves visible soon.
  5. There are already plenty of fissures there, as we'll see more of over the next months, so not sure what you mean. I think the party can handle more wingnuts like Moore - those weren't the one preventing the party from coming together on at least one OCare repeal solution. I'd say their problems would be larger if there were more outspoken centrists in the Senate like McCain, Murkowski and Collins. It's the centrists that are really fucking with the Senate's ability to deliver, and who could subsequently make Republicans so frustrated with each other that they might not be able to co-exist. This is the part that scares me. Bannon might give Dems more political power by blowing shit up over the next one to four years. But after that we might actually be looking at a Republican party without moderates to get in the way of passing insane legislation and delivering on insane promises. Unless we start seeing the rise of moderate Republican voters and media outlets soon, there isn't much to keep the notion of moderate Republican politicians alive in the future. This alone is a reason to watch for a Kasich primary run. He's not going to defeat Trump, but if he can actually bring a certain number of Republican voters back from the brink of madness, and show that there are voters willing to support that style of right-wing politics, the country might not be that fucked. Just, you know, slightly.
  6. As far as I can tell, Maine would allow the replacement to sit only until the next statewide general election, ie. the governor's race in 2018, so it might have been worth it for Dems. But irrelevant now.
  7. Two questions for the near future: Will Mitch convince Grassley to get rid of the blue slip, opening the path for all good Americans to be presided over by right-wing bloggers in the courtrooms for decades to come? What will Susan Collins announce this weekend? A switch to independent or just a boring old run for governorship? (It's a run for governorship.) Apparently Maine allows her to choose her own successor if she doesn't resign outright, but if she does, her replacement only serves until the next statewide general election, which would be good news for Democrats. All this excitement and more to come in the political fight of a lifetime that is the Trump Age!
  8. To be fair, we can still donate to a shitload of ActBlue causes. I've done that myself over the last year. Apart from that, the rest of the world need to make sure that once Trump is replaced by someone who actually knows what transatlantic means and what NATO stands for, Europe et. al. still has leaders of the non-fascist variety who are willing to pick up their end of the phone line and start mending fences
  9. Neither is putting "waaah" at the end of a sentence to ridicule people describing a very real problem that makes it questionable whether the USA is truly a democracy today, and certainly makes it questionable whether it'll continue to be, in practice. The attitude "the districts might magically sort themselves out within a 10-year span to counter the careful engineering of the Republican party" isn't really helpful either. That said. some counter-engineering might be worth looking into. I hear there are a lot of Puerto Ricans in need of a new, perhaps purple, district to live in.
  10. Shit has just gone completely batshit. Quote from today about #TakeAKnee:
  11. While I agree with the notion that his approval will never reach a new peak, do you base this percentage on approval polls? I'm asking because I have yet to see the approval poll that convinces me that disillusioned 2016 Trump voters will not turn out for him again once he's put up against an opponent and the propaganda machine starts doing its work. As such, I view approval polls as meaningful only in the sense that they can affect the current political discourse, Congress' willingness to stand up to Trump, etc., not as meaningful tools for telling us how much voter turnout Trump has lost.
  12. Sorry if this was already covered, but apparently, Fake News has just been running rampant on Facebook. I shit you not, but a popular report states that the shooter was wearing a Hillary t-shirt and shouting 'Allahu Akhbar'. Why not just make the fucker Puerto Rican while you're at it.
  13. Christ, did anyone see the last video message from the San Juan mayor? "If anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency." This is borderline out of some sci-fi horror movie shit. "If anybody out there is listening." Fitting, since the Trump administration is managing to distort information out of Puerto Rico as if it was separated from the rest of the world by light years, not just a bigly ocean of water. Seriously, if Trump manages to come out on top of this, succesfully portraying himself as an efficient commander-in-chief, the media bubble is truly and veriafiably air tight.
  14. This can't be true, can it? There's no way, is there?
  15. Yeah, let's dig into Moore vs. Strange and what it all means. Is the nomination of Christian Taliban members like Moore good or bad for the country? On one hand, it moves the GOP, and thereby the country, further to the right. On the other hand, if there actually still is a Republican center out there, this movement and subsequent infighting may be exactly what's needed for the Democrats to make a sorely needed power grab. It seems all but inevitable now that the GOP will primary itself to pieces over the next year. That means a shitload of money down the drain that won't be used on Democrats. More importantly, Republicans really can't afford to lose any voters at this point, because ... ... signs continue to point to the blue overperformance continuing. Last night, Democrats stole two new state-level seats from team Red, one in the Florida State Senate, in a district that historically swings red outside of presidential elections. The second one was in New Hampshire House, in a district that went for both Donnie and Mittens by more than 20 points. In perspective, of all Republican-held seats that have been the object of a special election since Trump came into office, Democrats have stolen 30% The point being that if Democrats continue to overperform by around 10 percentage points average at all levels in 2018, the last thing the Republicans need is to lose even a few percent of their voters to disgruntled supporters of primary losers. The interesting question here being: Will they lose more votes if establishment candidates go on to the finals and Bannonites have to turn out to support them, or vice versa? Probably the former, given the hateful retoric against people like Strange on Breitbart and similar sites, in which case I guess it's strategically favorable for the Dems if the establishment candidates win. In any case, Moore's performance in the general is going to be quite interesting, and should be an early sign of whether Bannon's machinations could end up handing Democrats a ton of victories in the end. Honestly, I don't think he gives a shit. He's fine with purging the GOP for now and fighting the Democrats some other year under a blood-red banner of pure insanity. One last takeaway: Moore's victory shows that Trump is actually not the Messiah or leader of the far-right, or at least not anymore. But that doesn't mean they are going to turn away from him. Moore's victory simply shows that he is more of a figurehead, and that his base is perfectly capable of trying to prop him up according to their desires rather than his own stated wishes. Quite the irony that the president becomes disenfranchised by the wave that he's created himself.