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  1. It was referenced in many of those inside stories that sites like Politico ran over the last month or two - that Bannon felt restrained and isolated in the admin. It also seems clear from this article in which he, oh, by the way, declares that the Trump presidency is over. So that's probably not a good sign for the White House.
  2. Aaand Bannon is back at the helm of Breitbart. That was fast. The hashtag #war is being thrown around, but it's not yet clear if it's against Trump, Kushner or the press. My guess? He and Trump are probably on perfectly amicable terms. Bannon wanted out, and Trump wanted to lose the baggage. Now Breitbart is going to to take up the mantle of the administration's now-disbanded 'war room' and get really dirty in going after MSM journalists and television profiles, probably on a borderline illegal level. I think this is going be extremely ugly.
  3. Let's play a guessing game. Which symbolic, but ultimately inconsequential, policy gesture will Trump make on Monday to demonstrate to the alt-right that he's still their man? Let your minds run wild. You know that he's going to do something outrageous.
  4. So, another round of polls is out. The whole picture isn't clear until tomorrow, but it seems pretty obvious already: Siding with Nazis hasn't dented Trump's approval one bit. If anything, it has improved slightly. So now we know. There's absolutely no low bar in the culture war, no faux pas in the new mutation of the Republican party. And the media bubble is real. Everyone except Breitbart is criticizing Trump, talking about the end of the presidency, impeachment, the final moral bankruptcy of America. But in the real world, among the real inbreds who control the electorate now, siding with the Nazis was the right thing to do. This has been an improvement of Trump's situation, contrary to what the outrage from everyone seems to imply. It feels like 2016 all over again.
  5. I think we need a calm reality check on this first. Who is reporting this, exactly? I see reference to the governor, but apparently police has shot down the story. So who's right about this? Do we really believe that this was a "test run for a takeover of a city"? My gut feeling tells me we're ascribing a bit too much organizational coherence to the rally and the people behind it. Even if someone hid weapons somewhere, the idea that a bunch of people were in on it without police or the feds catching on seems dubious. Everything in the planning, execution and aftermath of the rally says "total chaos" to me, and the people who participated are a really fractioned bunch.
  6. Clearly you don't know what The Great Decline will mean for your diet.
  7. How do you think we'll talk about these days/years a couple of decades from now? Will it be "gather round, kids, I'll tell you about a truly mad period of time in the history of Western democracy"? Or will it be "I'll tell you about the years when The Great Decline began"? Because those are the only two options, aren't they?
  8. Something that's endlessly fascinating to me is how every politician innately knows that a display of remorse, maybe even an apology and a symbolic act of penitence can go a long way to repair your fuckups in the eyes of the public. Like when Gianforte signed up for anger management (which he never participated in, AFAIK). It's ridiculously easy to go on camera, bow your head and admit you did something wrong in order to repair your image a bit. But not Trump. That tool is simply, literally unavailable to him. The second statement he screwed up on Monday was probably the closest his brain could ever allow him to get to admitting a mistake. I mean, imagine Trump standing in front of a press corps and saying the words "I did wrong" or "I'm sorry". It's like imagining your dog whistling Tubular Bells. It's interesting because his complete lack of that option kinda traps him in a downwards spiral where he can only alienate more people and never repair any damage with anyone. And we should probably be really thankful for that.
  9. Well, now we we know the number. It's 1 in 4. At least to the degree that Monmouth can be trusted (they lean a bit more favorable towards Trump than the average). But the gist of it is right there. A fourth of USA is in the cult at this point. So that's more than half of the Republican party. This makes it incredibly unlikely that we won't see an escalation of violence here on out. And it makes it incredibly risky for the Republican party to turn against him. So yeah. Good luck to everyone, it's gonna be an interesting end of the decade. EDIT: It's going to be interesting to see how this affects the Bannon thing. So far he has walked back his first comments, then walked back the walkback by holding that insane presser. Firing Bannon now would be the ultimate in completely contradictory messaging.
  10. You're way behind. They already moved on to Google, who then also rejected them.
  11. This is going to get lost in the noise, but That's right, only because a random webhosting company called DreamHost decided to interpret the Constitutionn, the IPs of over a million people potentially 'guilty' of protesting Trump are NOT in the hands of Sessions. Not yet, that is. You know, it's like every second hour something happens that makes me think "we might actually get through this after all", and then every other hour something makes me think "oh, okay, now it's happening".
  12. Not at all. If you've spent any time on 4chan, you know that reputation among normies is like their main concern. They don't do stuff to piss the general populace off, they do stuff to get the general populace pissed off at others, be it individuals, organizations or ideologies. This is the MO for pretty much all their hoaxes and political sabotage: Using the normies as a weapon against someone. It's also one of the main concerns of the alt-right in general, dressing heinous things up so they're palatable to the mainstream. Fuckers like Milo are obsessed with teaching their subordinates techniques to blunt and counteract the outrage of the 'lefties' so that they are the ones that come off as petty or hostile to the more centrist population. Even when the subject is neo--Nazism. I don't get this map. The colors are wrong for at least some of the countries, at a quick glance. For example, Denmark's NP got 20+ % of the last vote (which is also stated in the article related to the map), so it should be dark red, but it's not.
  13. I can't tell you what the world would look like today if Sanders had one. But I do know one thing for certain. Trump would be holding rallies.
  14. Jason Kessler, the guy who organized the rally, was just literally chased away from his own "gee whiz sorry, but not really" press conference. Escalation imminent.
  15. That can't have been Richard Spencer, by the way. If it was, someone would have picked up the story by now. Could have been awesome though.