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  1. Moore HQ now united in singing a very subdued version of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness". No one has actually acknowledged the loss from the stage yet.
  2. Damn, Bannon's name is being mentioned by everyone right now. Fox, Drudge headline, Flake, even some of the Breitbarters ...
  3. There are 25k uncounted votes, all from Dem strongholds. Jones is ahead by 10k.
  4. Moore Election Party still hasn't called it. Emcee is completely absent. Audience looks lost, befuddled. More to come.
  5. Just had a thought: Exactly how much does Trump regret picking Sessions as his AG now?
  6. Moore HQ still hasn't called it. Frail-looking MC hasn't been on stage for 15 minutes. Probably afraid to come out in front of 500 gun-toting rednecks and calling the race for the pro-abortion Dem.
  7. Moore giving a speech on Fox now.
  8. The importance of this cannot be overstated. This will really give the non-Bannonist Republicans a reason to speak up, which will splinter the party.
  9. Fox News: "What does this mean for the great Steve Bannon? He was supposed to be a master strategist ..." --- --- Bannon is having the night the rest of us had November 2017.
  10. My browser crashed, too many comments. But I can recommend the Moore Election Party video I posted on the previous page. Some frail-looking dude keeps coming onstage and telling people they're still winning, after which he calls on the band to play some bluegrass and disappears. He hasn't been seen for the last 10 minutes.
  11. Seriously, I want you all to go to Breitbart and read the comments section. They're hating on Bannon, Moore, Trump and each other in equal measure.
  12. It's over. He fucking did it. What the fuck.
  13. You do know Jones is winning this, right?
  14. You just missed the dude with the mic trying to get the crowd riled up. "We're still up a couple percentage points! I think I'm gonna call it! You want me to call it?" Crowd doesn't respond at all.
  15. I give you the Moore HQ livestream. This should be good: