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  1. Well, a couple are outright advertising bots and easy to spot, but not many. Breitbart currently has ~8 million unique visitors per month, so the numbers don't seem too far fetched. It probably has a lot to do with Breitbart's shout-and-leave culture, meaning a higher percentage of users will comment, but with something of very little value, compared to other websites. Also, Breitbart uses the popular Disqus commenting system which shares accounts across all websites using it. On the bright side, Breitbart has lost half its visitor count in 1 year, so ...
  2. Top comment below an 'article' with 20k comments is Don't get too excited though, they always leave him and come back whenever he says something provocative, but it's still great to watch.
  3. Don't ask me existential questions like this after so long (18 years). I might start to cry.
  4. Reading the Breitbarts comments sections today is fun, fun, fun.
  5. And gotta wonder if these kinda of situations are reversed after 2020, and the Tea Party folks will be all like: "The future of the nation now rests on being able to find one Democrat senator who's insane".
  6. So once again, the fate of the future of the nation rests on being able to find one Republican senator with a shred of decency. Why does this seem familiar?
  7. I see people keep hinting at this. Can someone walk me through the actual mechanisms of how an affair with a porn actress 12 years ago is going to end a presidency that hasn't been ended by widespread corruption and attacks on every American institution and ideal?
  8. Something clearly went horribly wrong during the conceptualization of this one, and it'll be interesting to hear some stories about whose fault this was once they start coming out (which they eventually do, normally). The drop in quality in everything from plot believability to dialogue to acting is insane. But at this point I'll give Melissa Rosenberg a pass since she was responsible for Season 1 as well, and I suspect I'll give Season 3 a chance when the time comes.
  9. "Quick, let's fire a lot of random employees today, and maybe people will forget to go out and vote in PA18!"
  10. Halfway. So far it's pretty shit, and I say that as someone who saw season 1 three times. The characters are caricatures to a ridiculous degree. My girlfriend looked at me after episode 6 and said "this is pretty much Beverly Hills level stuff, isn't it?", and I had to agree. From the rival PI, to the superintendent, to Trish's asshole fiancée, to Jessica's one true love in that flashback episode, to pretty much EVERYONE, I can't fathom how they're consistently writing secondary characters at such a bland level after season 1. If you want to do drama rather than action, you better have characters and actors who can carry it, and these aren't it. The only characters who are on par with S1 at this point are Jeri, who is a great secondary character, and to a certain degree Trish, who, while her descent into drug-fueled madness was as unbelievable as anything, is at least giving it her best (I always liked the actress). So yeah, an utterly shite first half. No believability, a ridiculous number of tedious subplots in lieu of an actual plot moving forward, and the reveal of the main villain maybe the most soap opera-ish element of them all. God, Marvel used to do TV so well. After Iron Fist, Defenders and now this, it's pretty fucked.
  11. It's pretty easily answered by not assuming that people do what contributes the most or what creates the least problems, but instead what makes them feel best in the moment.
  12. I would love to see some data on this, but it's pretty likely that it can make a lot of difference in fundraising efficiency in the weeks after, especially on a small-donor level. For example, after a race like GA-06 which was such a dramatic (and expensive) culmination at the time, it must have been difficult to keep selling the idea to Dem supporters that pitching in $5-$10 for the next special elections was worth it. It's obviously less important now, with so many special elections behind us and the blue wave pretty well established, but I imagine that the thrill of an improbable victory and a dealing a black eye to Republicans will be worth some dollars for other candidates down the line.
  13. Dems flip Kentucky HD-49 by a 86-point swing (not a typo).
  14. Watched BP. It's decent, but nowhere in fuck a 100% or 98% or whatever movie. I'd say 3.5 / 5 stars. I'm getting sick and tired of reviewers' need to praise popcorn movies as thematic masterpieces. BP is "a political movie about the corrosive influence of power and the responbilities of ruling" the same way that Iron Man 3 was a movie about PTSD. Meaning that a couple of characters make some predictable statements a la "you need to figure out what kind of king you want to be" (yes, a character actually says that, in a Deep kinda way), but that's it. And forget whatever praise you've read for the villain. He had a single funny, one-word line, and otherwise not a single memorable scene in the film. Kept waiting for it after all the praise, but it didn't happen. He's strictly in the Aldritch Killian / that-bald-dude-from-Antman ballpark, with no motivation but wanting to rule and do a shake-and-bake worldwide revolution in 2 days. Enjoy this as another Marvel movie with zero actual depth and a lot of unintentional Lion King references, but also some cool action sequences and show-stealing actresses (Danai Gurira as Okoye is GREAT) and some really good set and costume design. Apart from that, it primarily serves as formulaic, but effective representation and escapism for someone other than the usual white male audience. Yeah, I liked it. But barely.
  15. Depends on your parameters. Special election dynamics and everything, but the OK one came close to setting the record for biggest election-to-election swing ever. So if you start by accepting that we were never going to win it, you can't ask for much more.
  16. Man, there's a big difference between keeping 51 out of 51 senators in line and keeping 216 out of 220 reps in line. Not only because of the numbers, but because you also have a lot more batshit lunatics and weird caucuses in the House. EDIT: To be honest, that's more of a gut feeling than based on data. Could be interesting to compare how often slim majority parties failed to muster majorities on big issues compared to in the Senate.
  17. Once the hour of the first results draws near, will have a live thread up which posts data, relevant tweets etc. as they come in.
  18. So, hopes and dreams for tonight's special elections? If we flip the Oklahoma panhandle, I'll buy everyone on this forum a shiny new pair of binoculars so we can all watch the Republicans running for the hills.
  19. How do you see those two as connected?
  20. Adobe has been working on a program for a while now that does text-to-speech in any person's voice, if you have a sample of a couple of minutes of that person speaking. I saw a demo a year or so ago, and it was rather convincing, although it's hard to say how much of that was the usual Adobe presentation fluff that ends up being underwhelming in practice. They said the program would leave a trace in any sound file produced with it, but seriously? That might be good for court cases, but it's hardly gonna matter for fire-and-forget pre-election propaganda. Yeah, the 20'es are gonna be a fun, post-factual ride.
  21. Anyone following the PA redistricting case? It has gone completely off the rails now, as Republicans are now floating the idea of impeaching the Democrat-led Supreme Court. That's right, they're discussing the notion of simply removing five Democrat judges over a decision they didn't like, and what makes this really interesting is that they have the votes in the Senate to legally do it. Down to the exact number, in fact, with the R-D split being 34-16, giving Republicans the two thirds required. I swear, if the next thread title isn't "Fun With Constitutional Crises" ...
  22. man, Scandinavia can't catch a break. When something isn't right in the lands of Odin, it's because we're too socialist. When something works, it's because we're actually capitalist No, but seriously Scot, I'm not really sure what you're saying here.
  23. So now you can spend the rest of your life rebutting Holocaust deniers and all other sorts of whitewashers instead. Good on ya!
  24. I have no idea how we ended up with the prevalence of sexual violence as the main indicator of whether US capitalism beats Scandinavian socialism in a cage fight (thank god we didn't pick mass shootings, press freedom, political corruption, poverty, persecution of minorities, drug abuse or access to education and healthcare), but alright, sexual violence is your pick. So, next question (and beforw you answer, keep in mind that this is what you've decided to build your entire argument on): Do you think that sexual violence is statistically more prevalent in Sweden than in the US on average?