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  1. So he could have a binary sunset moment that mirrored the ANH shot. Or so he could outsmart Kylo rather than fight him, in true Jedi fashion. Both of which are pretty weak reasons. @Relic - as I said earlier, this was my thinking exactly. In fact, I think the throne room scene was where the movie started going completely wrong. I, too, thought Rey and Kylo would switch places as hero and villain, starting with that scene. That would have been original and ballsy. Then, when they teamed up to fight Snoke's minions instead (which was a cool compensation), I thought they would decide to form a kind of truce and somehow try to mend the galaxy together (with Rey trying to keep Kylo in line, kinda like when Jessica Jones tries to harness Kilgrave's powers for good). That would also have been interesting. But instead, they parted as hero and villain and stuck to those roles. The special connection between them isn't based on anything now. They have no relation, there's no romantic connection between them, and they have no reason to care about each other at this point. It won't make any sense for Rey to go all-in on trying to bring back Kylo from the dark side, like Luke did with Vader. But I'm sure that that's exactly what they'll try to go for anyway. If Episode IX turns out to be good, it's going to be a miracle.
  2. Huge space battle (with a suspicious lack of lightspeed ramming), everyone goes home to their families.
  3. After 12 hours of considering the movie, it really only becomes worse. Not only did I only just realize that Finn's portion of the movie was for nothing, but also: How is firing a pilotless ship off at lightspeed not going to be the answer to all space battles from now on? Fair enough if Holdo was the first one to think of it, but in the inevitable final space battle, what's going to prevent all the big ships from getting insta-ganked at the expense of smaller ships? Because that's the logic that's been established now. Well, the only time we've seen them was in Rey's flashback sequence of the rainy night (another element that doesn't make any sense now). In that glimpse, they didn't look at all like in the throne room, so ...
  4. While I was entertained enough to sit through this movie, they made some terrible, terrible choices with it that'll likely capsize the trilogy as a whole. Ask yourselves: What is the one thing that will make you most excited to see Episode IX now? Whatever your thoughts about TFA (I loved it), there were a lot of reasons to go see TLJ next. Off the top of my head: To find out how Kylo Ren and Rey would end up on the two sides of the Force. To see Luke's part in the new saga play out To find out who Snoke was, where he came from and what he was up to To find out what Rey's secret backstory was Well, all of these have been completely resolved now. Yes, they can twist things as much as they like in the last minute, but TLJ told us very clearly to expect that all these four issues have been dealt with. As in: Kylo is the established bad guy of the series, Rey is the hero. They've had their moment of crisis, and they've made their choice. I was so sure we were going to see something original happening here, with the hero and the villain trading places, but TLJ places them very solidly in the hero/villain role at the end. Luke's part is now played out except maybe some Force ghost appearance Snoke was no one in particular Rey had no secret backstory Any one or two of these resolutions by themselves would have been welcome in this movie. Finding out that Rey is really a nobody is fine by me, given that every possible theory has already been floated anyway. I was also okay with Snoke's surprise demise. But right now, there's nothing that really excites me about a third chapter. The only card left to play is a final conflict between the Resistance and the First Order, and I'm really not invested enough in that conflict at this point. We know that the Resistance will win out in the end, and the characters simply aren't interesting enough that a simple who-lives-who-dies war movie will be enough. So yeah. They overplayed their hand here. 3 of 6 stars. Liked the lightsaber fights, liked Luke, generally I like Rey, but she was better when she kept me guessing about her past and future. PS. Bonus nitpick. What the FUCK was up with Yoda? There was audible laughing in the theather when he appeared, and for good reason. Not only did he look insanely weird, but the tone of his appearance was also impossible to read. He called lighting down and set fire to the library and giggled like some insane clown puppet, and I was sure that it was supposed to be some weird horror scene where it turned out that Snoke was actually fucking with Luke's mind. I was so weirded out that I had a hard time settling into the nostalgia scene that it turned out to be in the end. PPS. Wtf was up with the scene in Snoke's throne room being a play-by-play of Luke in the Emperor's throne room? I get the idea of creating the parallel, but I swear that half the lines Snoke said were exact repeats of the Emperor's lines in ROTJ. I was absolutely sure this pointed to a reveal of Snoke having a relation to Palpatine because it seemed so over the top. This is not how it works. If there was still a mystery there, the movie would have hinted at it. Revisiting a settled mystery one year later doesn't work because it seems tacked on, but keeping a mystery alive is great for selling tickets. So no. This mystery is settled.
  5. Just to keep the sugar high going, there's a really interesting Monmouth Trump approval poll out today - mainly interesting because of the Monmouth trend throughout 2017: March: 43/46 May: 39/53 July: 39/52 August: 41/49 September: 40/49: December: 32/56 Gotta wonder what's going on here - if this is the tax bill working its magic. (Their GCB was +15D, no trendline to compare to.)
  6. Heh, I forgot all about it, but there was an Iowa state special election yesterday as well. Republicans won it by 8. Fly in the ointment, you say? Trump won the district by 41.
  7. Moore HQ now united in singing a very subdued version of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness". No one has actually acknowledged the loss from the stage yet.
  8. Damn, Bannon's name is being mentioned by everyone right now. Fox, Drudge headline, Flake, even some of the Breitbarters ...
  9. There are 25k uncounted votes, all from Dem strongholds. Jones is ahead by 10k.
  10. Moore Election Party still hasn't called it. Emcee is completely absent. Audience looks lost, befuddled. More to come.
  11. Just had a thought: Exactly how much does Trump regret picking Sessions as his AG now?
  12. Moore HQ still hasn't called it. Frail-looking MC hasn't been on stage for 15 minutes. Probably afraid to come out in front of 500 gun-toting rednecks and calling the race for the pro-abortion Dem.
  13. Moore giving a speech on Fox now.
  14. The importance of this cannot be overstated. This will really give the non-Bannonist Republicans a reason to speak up, which will splinter the party.
  15. Fox News: "What does this mean for the great Steve Bannon? He was supposed to be a master strategist ..." --- --- Bannon is having the night the rest of us had November 2017.
  16. My browser crashed, too many comments. But I can recommend the Moore Election Party video I posted on the previous page. Some frail-looking dude keeps coming onstage and telling people they're still winning, after which he calls on the band to play some bluegrass and disappears. He hasn't been seen for the last 10 minutes.
  17. Seriously, I want you all to go to Breitbart and read the comments section. They're hating on Bannon, Moore, Trump and each other in equal measure.
  18. It's over. He fucking did it. What the fuck.
  19. You do know Jones is winning this, right?
  20. You just missed the dude with the mic trying to get the crowd riled up. "We're still up a couple percentage points! I think I'm gonna call it! You want me to call it?" Crowd doesn't respond at all.
  21. I give you the Moore HQ livestream. This should be good:
  22. Another bellwhether: Fox now saying that "Trump never said he liked this guy, he said that he needed the Senate seat."
  23. NYT is catching up too, now. This *definitely* looks like a Dem win at this point ....
  24. So if 538's vote input is correct, Jones is probably the winner. If not, it's still open.
  25. Yes and no. 538 has more votes counted and Jones AHEAD. I have no idea how they're getting the numbers in a different order from NYT.