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  1. In my Opinion I'm going to say John has: 1000 Wildlings 500 Cerwyns 3500 Mandelrys 30 Mormonts 100 Hornwoods 300 Boltons (from the Dreadfort and botb) 200 Umbers (from the botb and there keep) 200 Karstarks (from the botb and there keep) 2000 from all the other smaller houses that didn't play a part in botb So by my reckoning around 8000 Men at his command. Anyone think I've got any numbers wrong or missed anyone out?
  2. I hope Jaime is unaware of his capture and the fate of his men, however, I think Jaime would have an interest in what happens to him. In my opinion he was recaptured but his men were allowed to go... Ready for Sansa to pick up the reigns in the Riverlands
  3. John entered the botb with between 2500 & 3000 wildlings and Northerners, he must have lost at least a thousand men in that battle, easy. With his new status and Manderly support,if he called in his banners how big of an army could he raise against the undead??
  4. As the title says... Would the hs, King and Kevan Lannister allow this??
  5. So the 3er has been sitting in a tree for a thousand years waiting for Bran... Bran shows up, prematurely enters a dream on his own, cuts his training short and inevitably leads to the 3er's death. Why isn't the 3er even just a little bit pissed off? Would be a bit like going for lunch with a friend but they are running late... They show up an hour late and spill your dinner all over you! Wasted.
  6. That's interesting... No mention of the Manderlys!!
  7. **POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD** We assume John marches south with the wildlings... 5000? Let's assume Davos can muster some Northern houses, Mormonts and who else? How many men do these house command?? 4000 in total without the manderlys? Can't be many after the RW! If LF marches North he must have at least 10,000 Knights of the vale with him... I reckon 8000 good men could swing the battle in Johns favour and beat the boltons. what do you predict the strength of each army and which houses will join john/sansa?? will ramseys dogs join the battle?? Will they face ghost?? Questions Questions