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  1. At least mention Loras Tyrell in this thread. The knight of flowers. Half the maidens dream of him ... but all they can hope for is a smile and flower.
  2. Anyone else thinks this bit of aDwD makes no sense?

    He was always firmly in the friendzone, but was close and important to her nonetheless. And since Dany is a queen, she certainly has employ for advisors, queensguards, loyal friends. And him running back to Meereen of all places despite the threat should show her something, if she ever meets him again. A lot of people around her are completely devoted to her without any crush whatsoever. So is his unrequitted "love", really that important in the scheme of things? TL;DR: Friendzone can be a large space of opportunity around a queen and not as pathetic as the swarm of "still hopefuls" look around normal people.
  3. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    She started a drive to give him his own kingsguard. If anything fear for Harry.
  4. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Ned, Robb, Catelyn are dead. Robb never had a POV. Rickon is very young. Among the remaining four most people like more than one, preferences vary, plenty like all four. However, Jon is in the middle of the story, while Bran, Sansa, Arya (and Rickon) are either incognito and / or removed from the main events by location. I don't know which bad decisions Bran makes, his only bad decision was getting close to the darn window.
  5. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    That Roose and Ramsey have an argument (that frightens Walda Bolton) just before Little Walder's corpse is brought into the hall. I always wonder about stone dragons and notice that Greyscale has a lot of (stone) dragony imagery. Scales, we learn it is not healed only "sleeping", i.e. can be woken, also the stone imagery. Too metaphorical? But would suit the misinterpreted prophecies series. Or is that side-shadowing for "Reborn (Stone) Griffon" + dragon?
  6. Post your most hated POV's

    How do people who dislike all of Bran, Jon AND Dany like the books at all? For what it is worth I would read a book about the life of a porter in Braavos or a book about Sansa planning her next dinner party. I do find Slaver's Bay something of a caricature (but so are the unsustainably long winters in Westeros, that should impose vastly different social organisation, the anachronistic sentimental vikings), but I am certain the people complaining about it would not be partial to fleshing it out in more detail.
  7. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    GRRM Readers are like old people, everything reminds them of something. And with dragons, babyswaps, lemontrees and glamour magic in the story already ... I truly wonder whether GRRM ever wanted to have the authorship of the pink letter questioned and interrogated as it is. What made you people doubt the authorship so much that you started looking for a different author to begin with? What broke the camels back? The seal? The assumption he writes all in blood? The assumption he attaches body parts? Some torture and execution detail? Word counting (although preferences change depending on the word counted)? The alleged facts in the letter (and a conviction they can't be true)? What most theories do to me is reconvincing me that most likely it was Ramsey, because most of them - it seems to me - are based in some violent misreading of important characters (both Mance and Stannis theories). I ponder about the seal and the factual claims that I hope and/or think are not true (reg. Battle and Stannis and Mance and Company), but whenever I read an argument for different authors it pushes me back to Ramsey as the author (although I believe at least regarding Stannis and the battle the claims are wrong and based on false intelligence).
  8. The mystery of the Tattered Prince

    Illyrio says: He presides at ball and feast and rides about the city in a palanquin of ivory and gold. Three heralds go before him with the golden scales of trade, the iron sword of war, and the silver scourge of justice. On the first day of each new year he must deflower the maid of the fields and the maid of the seas. ... Yet should a crop fail or a war be lost, we cut his throat to appease the gods and choose a new prince from amongst the forty families. Same story is given in A World of Ice and Fire. The prince is a largely ceremonial head of state that figures in fertility rituals and is killed when failing in his magical role. And there is very little opportunity for him to be someone else since the prince is elected amongst a limited number of Pentoshi families.
  9. Preston Jacobs and the Purple Wedding

    Guess most of us don't have big experience as a poisoner, me neither. Just this: There is no reason to assume that different persons of different age and health and stomach content should react in exactly the same way down to the number of seconds til death when poisoned. You can fairly safely conduct a test about the different results of poisoning by heavy drinking on empty stomach vs. heavy drinking after a large meal - results do vary.
  10. Jaime's secret

    We completely agree, if that wasn't obvious. There is a lot of defiance and soul searching in it. The way he addresses Robb Stark the Young Wolf, not the pretender/rebell or anything. He also reiterates the promise to Catelyn to himself by writing it in the White Book. Yes. I wonder how different Ned would have reacted if he had found Jaime guarding Elia + children instead of sitting on the throne.
  11. Jaime's secret

    Defeated in the Whispering Wood by the Young Wolf Robb Stark during the War of the Five Kings. Held captive at Riverrun and ransomed for a promise unfulfilled. Captured again by the Brave Companions, and maimed at the word of Vargo Hoat their captain, losing his sword hand to the blade of Zollo the Fat. Returned safely to King's Landing by Brienne, the Maid of Tarth. Self-serving much.
  12. Does Tywin care what people think of him?

    Lannisters are associated with the Red Wedding. Most won't have heared the "Jaime Lannister sends his regards", but the fact that the (Lannister-)Frey's are awarded Riverrun, the Bolton's wardenship, and the Lannister-Frey marriages after the Red Wedding are there for the world to see.
  13. Who is more to blame for Robert's legacy? Robert or Cersei?

    Robert. Even only dismissing Varys + making Jaime change White for Black cloak would have changed a lot of subsequent history.
  14. Poor guy, did he really have to die?

    Because some people are desperate to rationalise and excuse. They could just as well keep her as a hostage after she killed Jinglebells, but apparently they didn't and they would not, because with her alive what would Roose Bolton get out of the deal? How to control the North when the widow of the Lord Paramount is still alive, and we know widows do indeed inherit. Unless the fake Arya scheme was started only as a second thought after Catelyn died, but I suppose we can rule that out since it did not happen and Jeyne Poole was broken and trained for some time. Tywin says she was meant to be a hostage, but a hostage against whom? She has limited value as a hostage. The Blackfish won't bend, and Lysa did not even support Robb when her lords wanted her to and no one else to use her against is known to be alive. While on the other hand it makes the Bolton position much less secure.
  15. Why didn't Stannis take Winterfell? What if he did?

    How does this even work with the timeline? My understanding is the whole northern gambit is initiated by Davos defending himself with the NW letter after freeing Edric Storm, which happens after all three kings are dead that were named with the leeches. I.e. Robb is dead before Stannis arrives in the North.