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  1. no, not logic if him cutting a face with many blood at floor on hall of black white, maybe arya real kill waif and jaqen happy with complete train from him
  2. Arya have been die, If D&D created death false more, series game of throne same with telenovela romantic and love like drama love kissess, no no .... the fact is arya die and never come back, goodbye arya
  3. how with jora mormont ? he broken too
  4. if it must weigh the services, then Jora who sidelines Dany even before dany not be anyone who, Jora was the one who was always there for Dany, I've been hated dany when he expelled jora after conquering meeren, dany jerk hurt the feelings of jora, and now know how much it means his jora, "I love you, Always love you, goodbye Khaleesi" ah this scene where I sank as a gentleman, he was a hero, I hope jora cured or jora would commit suicide, jora is a knight true
  5. Oh course, and common objections to the “Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon” theory and brief responses to them: (From Faq “It’s obvious”: There is extensive anecdotal evidence in the form of individuals new to the fandom expressing surprise when first introduced to the theory, because they themselves did not “connect the dots” that this is not true. Moreover, some alternative theories, that Ned and Ashara or Ned and Wylla are Jon’s parents are clearly far more “obvious”, since they are the ones explicitly put forward in the series. If obviousness is a factor that matters, then we can rule those combinations out. IMO Jon snow... maybe not like your think, forgive me
  6. No another word on scene about "Blood my blood", dany is blood my blood, blood and fire.... let's burn westeros
  7. But what wylis reason about "Hold The Door"? one word to spaking everytime and die with that word.
  8. We can see on thrailer if ser gregor trying to kill militan member the sept and scene someone thrust him from back (scene shaddow maybe that momen death of ser gregor) IMO
  9. Ah come on bro, theory R+L=J is fake, jon snow is bastard son ned stark, enough!! why anybody cant accept reality about series, hey wake up...
  10. No no no, Jon not have power, not sansa jon will lose
  11. I hope Ramsay kill rickon quickly, I wanna see big battle a winterfell
  12. So, lets burn westeros
  13. Let's burn westeros Let's burn westeros
  14. How many warrior on dothraki ?