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  1. I write things too. Here's my latest:
  2. No word on how much Littlefinger will get? (He's very important, you know).
  3. Ramsay's dog (the one that ate him)
  4. Hmmmmm - I don't really get that impression - in a pure sexual way. I think she keeps Daario around for more than his combat skills. Quite simply put - she needs it.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to answer. It HAS to be. I am a writer too (and therefore - like any writer with pride - an editor too - as in I edit my own pieces until they are worth submitting). That surely wasn't Martin's mistake - but an oversight in the printing. Although a good editor should have spotted it. I'm surprised Mallory Rubin hasn't contacted George to have that corrected in future editions.
  6. Yeah, I think that's where the real conundrum lies. If - in this world of each event having a specific meaning and purpose - like Bran having to become "broken" to find his true calling (greenseer - and arguably - savior of the entire world) then yes its true that Jaime pushing Bran out the window was a necessary part of the whole "divine" plan. But - people get killed and slaughtered every day in this world. Jaime and Cersei deserve their turn with that.
  7. In a middle Bran chapter - on page 501 of the paperback (I know the hardcover version has slightly different page numbers) it says: "Bran did want to be married to a tree . . . . but who else would wed a broken boy like him?" Shouldn't that word be "didn't" (want to be marred to a tree) ? Otherwise, it doesn't make that much sense in both intent and content. Does anyone know? (Or am I finding "mistakes" where there aren't any)
  8. Well - I suppose. If you call getting slaughtered by being outmanned offscreen as "winning." I can't wait to see Jaime die. And Cersei. In fact - all the Lannisters. Expect Tyrion. He's the only decent one. Anyway - this weeks episode (No. 9) was so good - that I hardly care about this anymore. Though I suppose we'll see some kind of resolution regarding the Lannister army and the Freys and whatnot.
  9. Agreed. What an utter disappointment. A waste of time watching this filler episode. I still don't get why the Tully's just gave up. Because Edmure said so? To get his son back? What a pile of crap.
  10. Loras is in no condition to fight. Even at his best, he wouldn't stand a chance against the Mountain. Only if they were mounted and using the long spears, tournament style would he have any shot. Too bad Jorah wasn't around. He seems to have good luck on the battlefield. (Just not with stonemen).
  11. Ha, ha. Me too. I get the whole trash and thrash and poke holes in the show - but I think making a book-accurate show is near an impossible task. Some of the social media threads are pretty funny (the MTV one for instance) - but then they go off on silly tangents too. Or, simply show their ignorance of the actual story - by saying things like they thought Benjen and Blackfish were the same person. That just shows you really didn't read anything. Got all your info from the just the show.
  12. Yes, that was promised. A "better" wife too.
  13. Good to know. Apologies if I struggle to keep up. There's a lot to keep track of. (But I'm up for that challenge)
  14. Fascinating theories, Angrivarius. Since we know already that GrrM studied a lot of ancient history to design his story of Westeros, you have to figure he drew from these mythologies. The parallels you make here align rather well.
  15. Ah - there it is. (Didn't realize that was an actual link). Reading it now . . .