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  1. I guess ten hours for season are not even close to be enough to have the depth in characters the books have...they just can't have as many plotlines...
  2. That's exactly what I thought,they just omitted a few parts from the books...
  3. I thought they might twist a little the prophecy from the books,forcing show Cersei to accidentaly kill Tommen herself trying to get free from the HS and the Faith Militants.
  4. After last episode am I the only one who sees Tommen as the Valonqar?Cersei was basically betrayed by her own son who happens to be a little Brother...The theory about Cersei and the wild fire and Bran's vision on KL burned to the ground,I think all the pieces might fit...
  5. I think Euron doesn't know of good ol' Moqorro and mainly of what he told Victarion about the horn...
  6. I agree on the part that we still don't know her,but it's the part about her long shadow that gave me pause...The fact that the long shadow of the high tower has been explicitly brought out in the books made me think of her...Certainly Daenerys would suit the role better,we know she's on a path that might bring her to a new and Wilder version of herself,she has just remembered her words,Fire and Blood,and she's sick(as the all of us) of the Meereenand everything that it represents...As to Cersei...I don't see her living for long in the books,she's on her path to self destruction,and I don't think she'll be here for too long...The description given in this new chapter doesn't give away too muche about this woman,so even if we don't know what Malora looks like or what she's up to,it's still a possibility...Thank you for sharing your ideas anyway!
  7. Isn't it in that same chapter that someone talks about the possibility that lord Hightower and his daughter are doing something with a glass candle too?
  8. I thought of this but there's no evidence of any tie between Euron and BR yet...And no one can say Shiera Seastar is alive,so I just thought of a character that is alive and might fit to the description...
  9. Reading the description of the new TWOW chapter read by GRRM at Balticon,I had a thought of who this woman might be:Malora Hightower,lord's Leyton's daughter. The reason that brought me here is that I put together a few hints that might telle us who she is: in the vision the woman is dressed in white and we know Melora is called the Mad Maid.In one of Cersei's chapters in AFFC Cersei speaks of the maid day (or something like that) regarding Margaery Tyrell and her companions,saying that to celebrate this particular day,all the maid ladies will dress in white. the long shadow can be easily connected to the shadow of the High Tower,and,though I can't recall if it was maester Aemon in one of his memories,or Pate in the epilogue or whoever else,there's a reference about the shadow of the tower being useed to tell the hour of the day,basing on where the shadow falls.So the long shadow is there in the books. in the books,I don't remember correctly what book or who said that,someone speaks of lord Leyton and his daughter working some magic from the top of their tower,so,given Euron's clear acquaintance with magic,it's not impossible that the two of them might be brought to one another. Old town is known for having probably the largest books collection of the world,and for sure there's that famous book of dragon's lore that we heard of.Euron would be interested of such book,'cause even if his horn works as intended,somebody might find in the book a way to undo what he did or to kill the dragons right away.Of Melora we know little or less,but as far as we know,she could even be the "most beautiful woman on earth",meaning that sending Victarion on search of Dany was just a ploy to get to what he really wanted.At last we have the reference to both Euron and Melora as mad,nothing too strong but certainly a tie nonetheless... Tell me what you think about it,folks!
  10. And anyway,wouldn't being able to effectively hatch three dragons'eggs give anyone a high opinion of his/herself?As to the dothraki,they follow strenght,and if they could accept following a leader seated on the back of a horse I'd say they would go to hell and back for a leader screaming her commands from dragon's back...whatever Dany will ask them to do will be done,no matter if it goes against their history and least until someone will be able to kick her in her royal butt
  11. I wouldn't call them innocent,they nailed innocent babies on the road to their town or at least didn't stop whoever did it...
  12. Thank you,I read long time ago and could not remember...
  13. He gets thrown in a lot of times when people talks about Jaime,and it was cool to see the kingslayer slaying a king...
  14. I think the Jaime's memories are brought to Bran because they're linked to his fall...Even in the books he tries to remember how it happened but he can't make out the face of the man that pushed him,he just sees a shining figure(or something like that) As to your prediction,I totally agree,KL wil burn to the ground for wildfire or dragonfire or both...
  15. Me too,I guess he'll play part of Victarion's role from the books,with Theon and Yara acting the whole "ships to take the most beautiful woman in the world home"