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  1. If only! But she was very thankful for the paper! They were so lovely. Did I mention that the notebook lights up?! What a wonderful way to start the week. Wrapping paper isn't so bad... It's the tree that this one terrorizes. I've given up trying to get the baubles back on
  2. I received a box today FULL of gifts. I have absolutely zero willpower and gave in straight away. i absolutely love them all! The notebook is the coolest thing ever. I have no clue who it could be from. Thank you secret Santa and Merry Christmas to all xo
  3. I finally got my prelims in! Not confident at all.
  4. I'm so sorry everyone. I had a little crisis that involved me going back to Canada. I currently live in lovely London and I am happy to say that I am home again. Crisis averted diverted! apologies for messing up your game TCat.
  5. Thanks Julia! That should be plenty. Happy thanksgiving everyone
  6. 1) 5 - Kismet is sailing on cursed seaward itinerary. 2) 8 - Kingdom is suffering oppressively. Caution! Stay incognito! 3) 2 - Kindness indeed scarce. Overreaching causes sadness inevitably.
  7. I'm not sure who Ed is or why he needs classes
  8. 1) 3 - Light alone neither guards nor yields extra lances, visionary. 2) 4 - Listen, another night gathers. Never yield, eventually Light's victorious. 3) 6 - Laboring away? Nuances getting neglected? Your eyesight's ludicrous...VIRAGO!!
  9. Congrats @Julia H. ! Such a smartie-pants Well played everyone. Those clues nearly took my sanity. Luckily it was nowhere to be found. Great game, @"Dolorous" Gabe. Thanks for hosting. @Castellan your clue killed me. I didn't think of Richard Horpe at all. I had Jon Connington cause of Young Griff and the fact that the was "chopped" as hand of the king. Plus his sigil. It fit so well, but I just knew it wasn't right.
  10. That was exactly my thinking! See above To be realistic, we've been together for 20 years and we're in our 40s. Anything gutter-worthy was done and dusted before midnight
  11. That's it. I'm throwing in the towel, packing up shop, cutting my losses, and blowing this pop stand. I cannot look at these clues anymore . The 3am theme searching while on my romantic anniversary weekend also didn't do me any favors My list is in. There will be no further changes... unless I change my mind.
  12. so, do we have a deadline yet?
  13. 1) 6 2) 5 3) 10
  14. I think the programming changes were to broadcast a signal (voices?) to the hosts. Also perhaps changes to their personality matrix to increase paranoia as Felix mentioned. All the better to build a religion around. found this:
  15. I think something happened to Ford's family on that trip to Cornwall that is so creepily preserved. Perhaps an accident that resulted from his father's drinking. Maybe Arnold was a wealthy benefactor who adopted and trained Ford. Or maybe Arnold is Ford's imaginary friend, the voice in his head. What if Arnold is nothing but a piece of "old" code?