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  1. Good to know there's no point in dicussing anything with you then
  2. Lol, "correct interpretation". Get off your high horse. Your opinions aren't facts bro.
  3. About the whole Sansa and Jon situation last season and this season. I think it was extremely dumb that Sansa didn't tell Jon about the Vale. I think it was extremely dumb that Jon didn't tell Sansa about his big decisions before officially announcing them to his bannermen. It was forced drama from D&D that didn't need to happen. As for this episode, Sansa finally got some good scenes this season. However, it's still the "dumb down other characters to make another smart" writing.
  4. Or maybe, just maybe, ASOIAF doesn't only revolve around Jon.
  5. No. Unless you got some quotes backing it up. Also, the iron throne is going to stab Sansa in the belly? How exactly? And? Is that suppose to be an argument for queen Sansa? Sansa is both going to inherit Winterfell and reign as queen of Westeros for decades? This is pure wishful thinking. Bran, Rickon and Jon (thru Robb's will) are ahead of her in the line of succession for Winterfell. What have her being pretty to do with her chances of ending as queen? Got some other evidence?
  6. I found some interesting quotes I wanted to share in context of your theory. From Sansa's conversation with Olenna: Here Sansa gets compared to a pomegranate. In the chapter were Sansa's "tender tummy" quote appears, there's also some interesting pomegranate references between her and Littlefinger. I find these quotes interesting in the light of this theory. Not only do Petyr cut the pomegranate (Sansa) and its seeds and eats it in this scene, they also talk about a "hidden dagger" that is "pressed to your back". Also note the "huge blood orange" on the plate. It reminds me of the scene where Arya throws a blood orange at Sansa. Edit: Probably a little to far fetched, but I also noticed Bowen Marsh is called "the old pomegranate" a couple of times. Marsh betrays Jon and is the one who stabs him first:
  7. You really have put together some legitimate great stuff here. Well done I have always wondered what Sansa's tummy references could foreshadow and this is really convincing. I can see a scenario where Sansa and Arya expose Littlefinger without his knowledge. In the end Sansa wants to tell Littlefinger alone and kill him herself right after. She will fail and Littlefinger stabs her in the heat of the moment with her own knife.
  8. Arya and Lady Stoneherat are thematically connected. LS doesn't share this connection with anyone else. Arya will give her the gift of mercy which also will be the end of Arya's revenge plot. A turning point for Arya's character.
  9. As opposed to the other parentage theories? And what exactly is the evidence for B+L=J?
  10. It's clearly not going to as simple as fire and dragons = good, ice and WW = bad. "Fire consumes, but cold preserves." There needs to be a balance. Dany is not going to be the "one" hero of the story, because she (or her dragons at least) represents fire in the story. She is going to play a big part in the War of the Dawn, but fire is not going to "win" over ice.
  11. Jon, Bran, Arya and....Tyrion I guess.
  12. It is Arya that misremembers Lion's paw, I stand corrected. I assumed it was Sansa because I was going by this interview: But since it actually is Arya's quote, It would actually seem like it is the interviewer and GRRM who is misremembering here He has also said this about her memory btw:
  13. But GRRM never did have her learn these qualities though, while having other characters experience and learn them. If he's setting up someone as endgame ruler, then he wouldn't give that character a bunch of new skills at the last minute. He would start to set it up from the first book. Great at reading and writing she is, but a good memory? On the contrary actually, she has the worst memory of all POVs. GRRM have purpousely made her misremembering several things. She misremembered the Hound's Unkiss, the incident at the Trident, the name of Joffrey's sword. There's probably more that I couldn't think of right now. GRRM has said her "memory lapses" (as he called them) are intentional and that it says something about her, psychologically, as well as it's building up to something. He has also called her a unreliable narrator in relation to this. There's no telling if Margaery genuinely cared for the common people, or did it to win their favour.
  14. Yeah. And in order for this theory to even work, we have go on the assumption that Dayne, Whent, Hightower = Qorin, Mance, Tormund. Thats a huge leap to take to make a theory believable.
  15. Forgot to add this in my last respons. This is the quote: They also talk about Stannis and Melisandre. Doesn't OotGH also think Melisandre is Shiera Seastar? Then the "blood" comment would make just as much sense if BR is skinchanging the Raven. It could also refer to the baby swap Jon does with Gilly.