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  1. Arya and Lady Stoneherat are thematically connected. LS doesn't share this connection with anyone else. Arya will give her the gift of mercy which also will be the end of Arya's revenge plot. A turning point for Arya's character.
  2. As opposed to the other parentage theories? And what exactly is the evidence for B+L=J?
  3. It's clearly not going to as simple as fire and dragons = good, ice and WW = bad. "Fire consumes, but cold preserves." There needs to be a balance. Dany is not going to be the "one" hero of the story, because she (or her dragons at least) represents fire in the story. She is going to play a big part in the War of the Dawn, but fire is not going to "win" over ice.
  4. Jon, Bran, Arya and....Tyrion I guess.
  5. It is Arya that misremembers Lion's paw, I stand corrected. I assumed it was Sansa because I was going by this interview: But since it actually is Arya's quote, It would actually seem like it is the interviewer and GRRM who is misremembering here He has also said this about her memory btw:
  6. But GRRM never did have her learn these qualities though, while having other characters experience and learn them. If he's setting up someone as endgame ruler, then he wouldn't give that character a bunch of new skills at the last minute. He would start to set it up from the first book. Great at reading and writing she is, but a good memory? On the contrary actually, she has the worst memory of all POVs. GRRM have purpousely made her misremembering several things. She misremembered the Hound's Unkiss, the incident at the Trident, the name of Joffrey's sword. There's probably more that I couldn't think of right now. GRRM has said her "memory lapses" (as he called them) are intentional and that it says something about her, psychologically, as well as it's building up to something. He has also called her a unreliable narrator in relation to this. There's no telling if Margaery genuinely cared for the common people, or did it to win their favour.
  7. Yeah. And in order for this theory to even work, we have go on the assumption that Dayne, Whent, Hightower = Qorin, Mance, Tormund. Thats a huge leap to take to make a theory believable.
  8. Forgot to add this in my last respons. This is the quote: They also talk about Stannis and Melisandre. Doesn't OotGH also think Melisandre is Shiera Seastar? Then the "blood" comment would make just as much sense if BR is skinchanging the Raven. It could also refer to the baby swap Jon does with Gilly.
  9. Because they were following orders. If Rhaegar ordered them to not let anyone in, then they wouldn't let anyone in. The kingsguard might have known Ned wasn't a threat, but they still didn't know him personally. There was no guarantee. Imagine what someone like Tywin or Randyll Tarly would have done in Ned's place. And let's say they did know Ned wouldn't hurt the baby and would keep the secret. What about Ned's 6 companions then? There's no way the Kingsguard would let 6 men they did not know or trusted come close to the baby. That's why they fought, because of Ned's companions. That is logical. And why they would stand in the open: Becasuse that's how they have learned to fight all their lifes. Why would the choose to fight where they can't swing their sword properly? What proof is there even that fighting in a narrow tower would be an easier way to defeit your opponents? Even if there was, you already answered your own question. They were "the most honourable dudes in all off asoiaf" as you put it. It would be illogical if they didn't fight honourably then.
  10. I'm sorry, but what exactly is narrow minded about R+L=J? And circlejerk, really? Because we find that theory much more likely and logical than the others? Instead of getting mad at everyone that disagree with you about the Val video, post some textual proof here why you think it's convincing. You keep tellig people to point out what they got wrong. Post the qoutes that could count as evidence instead, then we can have a discussion about them. Simply posting a video is not going to start a deep discussion. We need physical book qoutes to work with.
  11. I've always got the impression that Barristan meant Ashara went to "Stark" as comfort after someone dishonoured her.
  12. Wait, Illyrio knew about her as well? So basically everyone around her knew, even people that wasn't involved in her upbringing? The people who were supposed to keep it a secret weren't doing a very good job at it then. No, Cersei are not the same at all. Ned hates her. In that conversation he accuse her of murdering Jon Arryn, and Cersei admits it was her and Jaime who pushed Bran. He has no emotional interest in her safety. As for the bitter cup/cup of ice parallel, yeah I guess that parallel could work. But there are other bitter/sweet "cups" references: I've never reflected on all the sweet/bitter "cups" references before actually, but now you made me discover a new theory, which made me consider Dany as Lyanna's as a possibility. Ned's, Dany's and Arya's qoutes seem to be matching "bitter cup" with hardships and bad experiences. But the biggest theme these qoutes actually seem to be referencing are lies/truths. Stannis not being the real Azor Ahai/PtwP, Tyrion's Sansa quote, Theon feasting with alive people at first (but they're really dead), Arya not really loosing her identity to become a faceless man, Mirri's betrayal to Dany (or Dany's "choice" to sacrife Rhaego, blaming Mirri and lying to herself). Ned's quote could then be connected to his "mask" he has presented all these years, while holding his deep secret close to him (Jon and maybe Dany then). I must say, with these lies/truths connections, Cersei's "bitter cup" qoute about exile becomes even more interesting. Especially when in the next sentence there's a "sweet cup" reference to Rhaegar's murdered children. Did GRRM foreshadow fAegon/Aegon here? And Jon (and possibly Dany)? If this has a connection to Dany's "drink from the cup of ice...drink from the cup of fire", it would translate "Drink from the cup of lies, drink from the cup of truths". Will she discover lies and truths? About herself? This would actually support the idea that her childhood is a lie. Very interesting. I do definitely still believe without a doubt that Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's child. But now R+L=J&D became more likely in my mind. What do you make of all this?
  13. Ned could have taken her to the neck. He could also have passed her for his and Ashara's bastard. The other Daynes in the story have silver or blonde hair. I have a much lighter hair color than my parents. But the color runs in my father's side of the family. You don't have to look like a copy of your parents. So did he trust Dany to people he knew? If he would make that decision, he would have to know them well. Who were those people and how did he get to know them? So someone else than Darry decided to pose her as "Daenerys, daughter of Rhaella and Aerys". For what reason exactly? What's the point? Illyrio has a lot of personal interest in getting Aegon/fAegon on the throne. They wanted to make sure it would be Aegon who reqonqured the throne, not Viserys. That's why Dany and Viserys didn't get the same treatment. And if Aegon is fake, then they would have a even stronger reason to do this against Viserys and Daenerys. In Dany's memory maybe. There isn't any holes in Dany's official story. It makes sense. Cersei and her children isn't equal to his beloved sister's child in Ned's mind. Ned didn't care what happened to Cersei. Why would he send a child half a world away, were he had no way of knowing if it was safe or no way of protecting it if needed? He did promise Lyanna something, and I doubt it was to send her child away as far as he could. If he promised her to protect the child, sending her away would make him a lousy brother.
  14. Yes, this! This is the main problem with the theory. It could work if we only take Dany's memories into account and nothing else. But people believeing R+L=D forget to take into account the character's motivations and the logic in their actions. Like you brought up, most of it comes to Ned's motivations and the logic of his actions. Taking that into account, R+L=D does not make sense. Why in the world would Ned send away Lyanna's child to people he barely knew? Why would Darry pose her as another Targaryan? That is stupid and completely illogical. It makes no sense.
  15. Haha sorry, I didn't read your other posts before