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  1. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    I agree with you that we don't have that many Sansa chapters pre Kings landing, so you have a point. And I also don't think Sansa is selfish character pre Kings landing. I should have expressed myself clearer, but I meant that her self centeredness was supposed to be part of her characterization in the first book. I also think her thought about Arya was caring, but at the same time Grrm is pointing out here that Sansa did forget about Arya. So I definitely agree with you that her though about forgetting to ask about Arya also represents a turning point towards her later character development
  2. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    Her lack of second thought of what happend to her best friend (and Arya) always bothered me. But like you say, Sansa might have assumed Jeyne was being taken to her father. But I wonder if her lack of thought about Jeyne is intentional on Grrm's part, or that he simply didn't think it was necessary to write it on paper. But on the other hand, he did make a point about Sansa forgetting to care what happened to her sister. It is supposed to be part of her characterisation. So from that conclusion I agree with you that Sansa pretty much concentrates on Sansa in the earlier books. That's debatable, because if that's the case then you could also assume anything could have happened to any POV "off page". If Grrm wanted to have Sansa show concern for Jeyne I think he would have put it on page. Since Grrm choose to point out that Sansa forgot to ask what happend to her sister, I think having Sansa not sharing a second though about Jeyne is supposed to be part of that characterisation as well.
  3. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Yes, I know he/she's doing that. I responded to him/her about it in another thread. I just found it kind of funny how many extensive and long arguments the poster made about Dareon's supposed "innocence" in the other thread and now this thread as well, considering how many people have been killed by other POVs. Apparently Dareon's death was much worse and more unjustifiable than all the others.
  4. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    The same to you. And kudos for always supporting your arguments with plenty of textual evidence.
  5. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    Yes this is so true .And don't forget when Gendry and Hotpie got captured by the Mountain and co. She watched it, hidden and from a safe distance, but decided to let herself get captured as well. She did this knowing her capture would mean an uncertain future, that she could get killed and that the Lannisters were looking for her. All because she thought she couldn't abandon "her pack". She could easily have gotten away and continued towards Riverrun by herself, but their well-being was more important to her than her own. A lot of readers seem to only focus on her "bad" characteristics and completely ignore her other sides. I don't like all her actions, but I don't see how it makes her worse than the other main characters. She's truly a prime example of a grey character. She have done unselfish things that could be considered heroic, and she has also done very questionable things.
  6. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    True. But random acts of bloodthirstiness won't wash away the fact that she's empathetic and kind either.
  7. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    I disagree that she lacks empathy. There are many instances where she shows a lot of empahty, especially towards the smallfolk. Out of the Starks I would say she and Jon are the most empathic characters. Do you mean she lacks empathy towards the people she have killed?
  8. I believe Melisandre and Val will be involved and they will sacrifice Shireen. Mel and Val would represent fire and ice in his ressurection. And Val already likes Melisandre and thinks Shireen should die.
  9. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    For being such a small background character, you seem to have a lot of interest in defending Dareon's actions of all people. Is he your favorite character or something?
  10. Arya will become Queen

    Sorry you feel unwelcome, but have you been on an internet forum before? Everyone here have different opinions and interpretations of the books. Your arguments will be met by counterarguments.
  11. Arya will become Queen

    You could argue a lot of points about morality in Asoiaf, but it all comes down to our personal opinions and biases of what actions are more right or wrong than the others. I don't think we are supposed to see Arya's actions as a "good thing", nor do I believe anyone suggested that here. Arya, as well as all the other caracters, is a grey character in a series where the author has made a focus of problematizing the complexity of morality and good vs. bad. Also, now you're basically saying you single out Arya's actions as more unforgivable than actions you consider as "worse things" made by other characters, because you find her more boring to read about. By doing this you made all your previous arguments in this thread insignificant, since your whole point in your arguments was about disliking her because of her moral choices. Why even argue about morality when you find worse actions less condemnable because the characters are more entertaining? It really just comes down to you disliking her mainly because you think she's more boring than other characters, which is fine.
  12. Arya will become Queen

    Where have anyone here suggested it would happen that way? Or that any potential non-platonic feelings for each other would be an easy and happy process for them? Of course they would be grossed out by their own feelings and try to suppress and ignore it, even if they know they are only cousins. No one is saying Arya and Jon falling in love going to be some great romance. It would be uncomfortable for both the characters and the readers.
  13. Arya will become Queen

    The woman took all her money, which was all Arya had. It was also her only safe way out of the Riverlands at that point. Then the woman treathened to kill her. Arya didn't think about killing her because "she was inconvenienced" by her. More things were at stake here for Arya. She thought about killing her because the woman stole her only escape plan and hope to get back to the north and to Jon. When Arya left Sandor, her only goal was to reach Jon because she thought she literally had nowere else to go. From Arya's perspective, the woman stealing her money also ment her stealing Arya's only hope that drove her forward at that point. Of course she would think about a way to get her money back.
  14. Arya will become Queen

    As opposed to all the killing Jon, Dany and Tyrion has done? By that logic I guess their arcs won't end well either.
  15. Arya will become Queen

    I agree that this interpretation fits as well. But why I think it will also mirror her fate as a leader is because the names Grey Wind and Summer isn't really mirroring Robb's and Bran's personalities. Wouldn't you agree that the name Grey Wind represents Robb's fate? And we have Jon who probably died and will be ressurected, who have a direwolf named Ghost.