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  1. I never said we don't know who the stallion is. Daenerys united all the khalasars into a single one in Vaes Dothraki(as the prophecy said) and will conquer the world. Some quotes from AWoIaF
  2. The stallion who mounts the world is an ancient prophecy of the Dothraki. The hero that will unite all the khalasars into one and ride to the end of the world. I think a Dosh Khaleen(the older maybe) just thought that this child would be tSwMtw..
  3. The name of Daenerys' heir would be "Democracy"... Now that she is with Jon..if she manage to give birth to a child..idk.. Maybe Drogo..he would return when the sun rises in the west and set in the east..etc..
  4. Do you think Cersei's conspiracy was bad? It was sensible to think that if Daenerys big army and her two dragons cant beat them then her armies wouldn't make the difference.. Ofc this is not certain..maybe they could.. If she had helped them then after the WW were defeated she would have to fight Dany and Jon and die.. Ofc there will be no kingdom if they loose..soo... Was it sensible or was not? He is indeed... But is he fit to rule?
  5. Of what I remember he left the capital.. I have always considered him to kill her...idk.. Maybe the Valanqur(I used to know the spelling) is the youngest child(son - she will have twins) that she will give birth too........Well...... I just realized that she won't give birth to her child... She was told that she would have only three children...
  6. Jaime is not a ruler.. He is a nice soldier but he can't rule..
  7. If Daenerys win the War nothing else would be needed to get the support of the Westeros. She has the North now, she hasnt lost the Dorne.. only 3 of Oberyns bastard daughters..(show dont hhave time for the Dorne right now). Anyway, if Daenerys win the Great War then she will be the saviour of Westeros so ppl will like her.
  8. Will Mel come back from Volantis with Kinvara and other followers of R'hillor to help Daenerys in the Great War (in the next episode)?
  9. I dont know whether Essos is in danger from the WW... But there are many people who know about the Battle with the Great Other. The followers of R'hillor knows that the Great other is R'hillor nemesis, and there will come a day after a long summer when the cold breathe of darkness will fall heavy on the WORLD. They also know that in this dread hour Azor Ahai will be reborn drawing Lightbringer from the fire, and the darkness shall flee before him. The Red priests and priestesses are preaching that Daenerys is the one who was promised. From the fire she was reborn to remake the World. We heard Kinvara, the First Servant of the Lord of Light, say "Daenerys has been sent to lead the people against the darkness in this war and in the great war still to come." In the next episode we might see Melisandre coming back from Volantis with Kinvara and other followers of the Lord of Light to help the Mother of Dragons fight the darkness and bring the "endless summer".
  10. Guys the Wall isn't just Ice.. It's the spells that keep the White Walkers out.. Many claim that this is not true.. But I think that what kept them out of the place where the Three eyed Raven lived is what keep them north of the Wall.. Will the Wall fal? I used to believe that..(horn of Jorhamun) but I don't think such a thing will happen. When the NK touched Bran he marked hi. So he was able to pass in the cave/tree. Is it possible that Bran will have sth to do with this.. Possibly..Many even believe that Bran is the Nights King.. So of he has a part of himself south of the wall he can pass.. Maybe will will fly above the wall and when he pass it the spells will be broken.. Maybe the Wall's magic is gone because the Nights Watch isn't true.. Old Nan know things that not many ppl do... "The monsters cannot pass so long as the Wall stands and the men of the Night's Watch stay true", that's what Old Nan used to say.
  11. What if Daenerys is the dragon that woke out of stone. Read her dream, after the "birth" of Rhaego..
  12. Melisandre: You should kneel before your brother.. He is the Lords chosen born amidst salt and smoke Renly: Born amidst salt and smoke? Is he a ham? I wish the had focused on Renly's personality and humor instead just showing him with the blonde rose of Highgarden...
  13. What about Bran warg in non-living animals?
  14. I have to say, you are...generous.
  15. I even hope that Dany is not fireproof but her immunity of fire is some certain event like the birth of the dragon, the death of the khals, and once more.. (Three fires you will light one for life, one for death one to love)