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  1. I have already saw him and he is so good.. That's a gift..
  2. It seems like you are not alone
  3. I I really don't get it.. Do you know what is an orator is. Is someone who manage to inspire and convince people with speech. Jon inspire people, but he is not the best orator. Maybe it's because he never talked to thousands of people yet.. I just can't think he is good at words. He is a warrior, a ruler, a person that can inspire people, but not with his speeches. Jon Ofc has good speeches too.. The ones you mentioned are no bad at allon any way. Daenerys had more chances to speak in public... An example is the speech to the Unsullied. She truly got the trust of Unsullied when she gave them a choice. Her speeches in Valyrian and Dothraki are better in my opinion.. An orator is also a person who can answer to other people opinions and change the view of the audience to his side..(we haven't seen a debate in got yet though)
  4. Yeah, many will not believe that he died and then he came back to life. In the same way many will doubt that Daenerys stepped into the fire and stayed unharmed. But Dany has her dragons and it's kinda a proof. Jon is not interested in ruling... He is not bad at ruling but he is not the best...
  5. Yeah, but the king chose another for an heir.. Things like this lead to the Dance with Dragons
  6. Kinvara was my first thought after Daenerys, but we didn't really saw her talking to people so I didn't include her. High Sparrow is really good too..(forgot about him)
  7. + the fact that Jon would stink north, in the same way Rhaenys stinked Dorne..
  8. Yes, she is Other very good public speakers are: Melisandre Margaery(not sure) Ned (I didn't consider him to be an orator, but when he sentence Gregor Clegane to death, and denounce Tywin, he made me think again). Cersei(she did well when she was talking about the foreign savages that Daenerys brought to Westeros) Lyanna Mormont Asha (books): I liked her speech at the Kingsmoot Euron: The Ironborn chose him, so his speech wasn't bad at all
  9. I agree that Daenerys would be a better ruler than Jon. Even if they marry!, Daenerys will be the one who rules.
  10. Many will support that Dany is the heir of a King, Viserys. If you have the power to take the throne then you can support your "claim"
  11. I don't think Aegon and RhaenysAenys are Aerys children.. He wouldn't even touch Rhaenys..she was stinking Dorne. Ofc if Jon was named Aegon and it's not just a show think to add to him some of the Young Griff storyline, then it would make more sense to name his child Aegon.
  12. Viserys was crowned because the King chose him to be his heir. According to the Westerosi tradition Aegon would be the heir, since he was Rhaegar's son. During the dance of dragons there was a similar situation. The King chose another heir(Rhaenyra) than the one the Westerosi tradition would choose(Aegon) and that brought war. I agree that the one who can rule on the Iron throne will have to conquer it.. The right of conquest..
  13. I agree with you.. But many disagree... And that is something that would happen in Westeros in such a case. King Aerys named Viserys his heir, but he skipped Rhaegar's children. He didn't think that they are dead.. Viserys heir is Daenerys so many can say that her claim is stronger.. Was Rhaenyra's claim stronger than Aegon II?
  14. Yeah I know it is.. This topic is for fun. Daenerys has three dragons. If a dragon find a rider, who is opposed to Daenerys, will the dragon fight against his mother?
  15. Well, I know that such a thing would never happen since Jon is not interested in power, and even Daenerys will agree to stop the War to fight the White Walkers. I just wanted to see what ppl think of this.. In my point of view, Daenerys can do two things: -Support her claim as the heir of the King's heir. As many of you said, Aerys name Viserys his heir skipping all Rhaegar's children. Daenerys was named Princess of Dragonstone and Viserys heir, so her claim is stronger. -Support that the marriage of Lyanna and Rhaegar is illegal