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  1. I think "Lightbringer", "The Lion", "Nissa Nissa", "Salt and Smoke" etc are all metaphors. Dany and Jon, together make Azor Ahai "wielding" Lightbringer. Many elements seem to alternatively apply to both of them. Note that the prophecy clearly mentions that the PTWP would come from the line of Aerys and Rhaella Targaryen. So we can pretty much do away with Jaime, or Tyrion, or Gendry, or the Hound, or Bronn(?!). Its either Dany or Jon (or the alleged Aegon son of Elia, which is unlikely since he has been omitted from the story) or both. Also, expect all these prophecies to never be clearly explained like some Young Adult novel (remember Harry Potter taking a 30 min time off from his final to explain his whole history to his nemesis? ROFL). This will be all left to interpretation by fans and characters of the show alike.
  2. I think the Targaryens (may be all Valyrians) are descendants of Azor Ahoi. Its their ancient dynastic mandate to keep the Blood the Dragon strong until the White Walkers rise again, and then bring Ice and Fire together to defeat them. Too many quaint co-incidences - 1. Valyrian Steel of all things happens to destroy White Walkers 2. The biggest repository of Obsidian just happens to be under the ancient Targaryen Stronghold 3. Aegon unites the seven kingdoms a relatively short time (compared to the thousands of years of Valyrian domination) before the White Walker invasion 4. Dragons and White Walkers both happen to come in to the picture at the same time. Aegon V also tried to use fire to hatch his Dragon eggs earlier, but failed miserably. Perhaps it was forgotten due to all the violence of the Dance, and manipulation by the Septons and Maesters,until they were reminded by people like the Ghost of High Heart and Brynden Rivers / Three-eyed Raven.
  3. Its currently ruled by a feudal monarchy.
  4. My friend, you have dedicated your forum presence towards hating a fictional character. Its probably not wise for you to go around labeling others. In any case, the point is Jon Snow is an honorable fool. He died once. And almost died again along with his entire army by charging foolishly at a bait. People like him die in the world of Ice and Fire, and get their friends and family killed in the process. He is not the standard by which one should judge "good" character in that world. His is not a recipe for success. But yeah, I root for him as well, for what he is. And Daenerys, and Tyrion, and Jaime, and the Hound, and Brienne, and the Stark sisters - despite the good, the bad and the ugly things all of them have done. You know why? Because I do not have double standards. It makes the story a lot more enjoyable.
  5. You have no idea what you are talking about. Read the books again. Read the World of Ice and Fire. I could give you a summary, but unfortunately I do not have the free time to make 4400 posts. Thats why Jon Snow died.
  6. No. You yourself are a practical proof the irrationality and double standards. "the show makes her look much better" "let me give you examples from the show about how people hate her". Yup, totally rational. Yes... this is a FEUDAL medieval setting. Not a pacifist communist utopia. Look up what feudal means. Then you were not paying attention. Stannis burns his enemies, and even friends and family, alive. Tywin has entire armies and houses annihilated to every man, woman and child, without a choice. Boltons go around killing wounded soldiers after the battle. Robert Baratheon and Aegon I gave their enemies the same choice after his war - "bend the knee or die". The rulers who tried to play "honorable" with prisoners, did not rule for very long. But why let details get in the way of double standards.... I am curious.. who are you rooting for in this show? Hot Pie? Seems he is the only who will satisfy your PG13 Gandhian ideals. Perhaps you should stick to children's cartoons.
  7. Daenerys is the most irrationally hated character by (some) fans of the show. The internet exhibits massive double standards when it comes to Daenerys. By GoT standards of "rulership" (Aegon I, Robert, Stannis, Tywin, Robb, Cersei et al) Dany is one of the most calculated and benevolent rulers in the story. She has the right balance of mercy and ruthlessness, trickery and honor. In my experience the hate is almost entirely limited to people who have never read the books. Her PoV chapters make her thought process and rationale very clear, and it has remained consistent throughout the series, including these two post-book seasons. If Dany is mad, then so is every f*cking character in the series. _________________________ That being said, expect both Dany and Jon to die by the end of the story. It will not be A Song of Ice and Fire otherwise.
  8. Yes they should have shown every second of the weeks-long trip to the wall, with Jon Snow brooding and Jorah daydreaming, until they finally reach their destination in season 31. Because like in every TV show or movie in history, unless they show it happening, it did not happen.
  9. He is handy with a hammer because he is a blacksmith. He also has a talent for fighting and natural strength as highlighted in the show. Its not inconceivable he has acquired some mastery with a Warhammer in the past few years. Of course this will play out differently and in more detail in the books, where he is already anointed as a Knight, and is oblivious to his heritage, if I am not mistaken.
  10. "Lets ignore what the warriors and generals that actually live in the world of Game of Thrones are saying, because of course we nerds know best, and are experts on military matters after playing Age of Empires and Total War sitting in a basement."
  11. Davos looks at Gendry as a son-like figure. And he is last known person of the blood of Stannis Baratheon. I am pretty sure thats a big f*cking deal to Davos, especially after the death of Stannis.
  12. Yes you are right. This is the show and not the books. Anything can happen. Samwell might turn out to be the Night King in disguise. A meteor might strike their planet in S8E2 and destroy everything. And the next four episodes are just black screen.
  13. That's not how Dany operates. She never acts out of paranoia. If you have read her PoV chapters in the books, you will know this even more clearly. She might in fact apologize to Sam, offer recompense, and explain how conquest invariably involves some brutal decisions.... as long as Sam does not actively act against her or do something cruel in her knowledge (in which case he will burn).
  14. You are wrong. Just google "war hammer weapon". However the physical depiction of the weapon in this episode of a fantasy TV show may not have been 100% similar to the war hammers from our history. I will give you that... for whatever that's worth.
  15. Its a desperate and optimistic plan to avoid more bloodshed from a person who evidently abhors war. A Hail Mary. Winter is here. You should look at the new "Inside the Episode". One of the D's touch on this subject. Depends of "presentation" lol. The Stargaryens will no doubt share your concern and present accordingly. Well this might well turn out to be the case. Its quite possible she already has a "wight" serving her in the form of Ser FrankenMountain. Her agenda seems quite similar to the White Walkers - "Anyone who isn't us is an enemy. (KILL THEM!! KILL THEM ALL!!!)". Its not far off from there. This is why she is an antagonist.