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  1. Other books similar to The world of ice and fire?

    It`s a fictional natural history book about the Skull island used in Peter Jacksons 2005 king kong movie, about all the animal,s humans and such on the island. The premise is that after the movie, ad bunch of expeditions set out for the island to do some reseatch on it, and the books describes their findings. Here is a short preview of the book: https://books.google.no/books?id=JtdI-BuTEhgC&printsec=frontcover&hl=no&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false The art in the book is outstanding,
  2. Dany will never be queen (Theory)

    Not sure what happens after, maybe she and Jon hooks up? But that seems too plausible.
  3. Other books similar to The world of ice and fire?

    After years of searching, I finally got the "World of kong: A natural history of Skull Island" It`s perfect!!! That and the world of ice and fire are some of the beest wolrd book there are!
  4. Dany will never be queen (Theory)

    COuld be this simple as well. But seems quite pointless to add the visions in the show if they have no future impacts. The only other visions we have seen (Maggy the fog and the bran visions) have all had significant impact on the show.
  5. Dany will never be queen (Theory)

    Definetely a possibility. Myabe the seven kingdoms will revert to 7 independent realms united under some sort of loose confederation or council? Who knows?..
  6. Dany will never be queen (Theory)

    It could be. But then again, that`s what everybody wants to happen, and knowing GrrMartin I think that is a too happy ending. In Danys dream the throne room is destroyed, So it might be that she actually "breaks the wheel" somehow by burning Kings landing to the ground? This is just speculation but imo clues are that She will not rule. But anyways, if the white walkers are not stopped there wont be anyone or anything to rule at all.
  7. Dany will never be queen (Theory)

    This is my first theory posting on these forums, so it`s going to be a short one. My theory is basically that daenerys will never be queen of Westeros. Why do I think so? Based on the visions she has in season 2. The first of these visions see her walking in the throne room in kings landing, reaching out for the throne, but never taking it. The 2nd sees her walking through the wall up north. The last sees her reunited with Drogo and her stillborn son. I think that these visions shows us danys future. I believe the visions tells us that Dany will come close to the throne, but will never be queen. I also believe that she will never take the throne because, as the visions show us, she will instead travel north to the wall to help fight the white walkers. And as the last visions shows us, she will be reunited there with her family in the form of Jon Snow. I know this has most likely been posted a thousand times, but I still think it is a plausible idea.
  8. Where does Danny land?

    I would assume Dragonstone. Seems like a good place to start. Though if she has taken the role of a certain dude from the books she might start somewhere else.
  9. As others have mentioned, the "Thre eyed raven/crow" is not a positions that has existed for a long time, it`s just Bloodraven. Think of it like a nickname, nothing more. I assume that he dabbled in some magic, or had the gift of greensight, and seeing how he is mentioned to be the last greenseer maybe the cotf decided to contact him in some way so he would join them?
  10. I think that the master who wrote the book assumes that "Bred for battle" ment that somone believed that the ancient valyrians tokk wywerns, experiementet upon them with magic and did some selective breeding to create dragons. But as I said, he dismisses this based on dragon skeleton remains that predate valyria.
  11. The book more or less says that dragons cannot be "trained" or modificed wywerns caused by valyria or ghis, since there are evidences of dragons living in Westeros long befire the rise of those civilisations. THere is however still the mystery of that lost, long forgotten civilization that existed on the jungles of Sothoryos-
  12. Other books similar to The world of ice and fire?

    This. Any and all lore/ world books are welcome, but as he said, I\m not asking for fantasy books in general.
  13. Other books similar to The world of ice and fire?

    Just looked the wow chronicle up and It seems it`s right up my alley. Lots of lore and beatiuful art. Definetly getting it.
  14. Other books similar to The world of ice and fire?

    Isn`t that the book GrrMartin called the big book of ugly art or something?
  15. The world of ice and fire really got me into these sort of fantasy lore/universe books, telling me all about the history and places of the world. I LOVE twoiaf, and I recently bought The world of the witcher and the world of thedas, which are also very good. Are there any other books like that that you would recomend? Maybe some lore books for the lord of the rings series of warcraft maybe? I know this is a repost but I accidentaly posted the first time on the wrong forum and don`t know how to delete a post.