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  1. Winds of Winter on my bookshelf, indeed. The wedding of Jaime and Brienne.
  2. I think Sandor fits the Elite Swordsmen Team, and he would choose these team, too. He wants to get rid of Gregor. 4 against 8, the Raw Power Team would win, many of them are actually quite skilled. If Sandor joined the Elite Swordsmen Team, that colud change things.
  3. The Lion of Night is actually a deity in Yi Ti. The Faceless Men of Braavos consider the Lion of Night as a representation of the Many-Faced God, like the Black Goat of Quohor or The Stranger in Westeros. Ghost grass is probably somewhat a "Plant of the Others". There is some connection, their behaviour is quite similar, both are the enemies of any life. The Others are the enemies of human and animal life, the ghost grass is an enemy of plants. I t is interesting that, in A clas of kings Danerys is told about growing Ghost Grass in Quarth, after demise of the Undying. It cannot be truly verified, because it is told by Xaro, not a really reliable source.
  4. Walder Frey enjoyed that one of his offsprings is is going to be a queen, but enjoyed being at the winning side more, and a prospect queen of a losing king surely did not delight him. Future of the Freys is rather bleak though.
  5. Riding South was usually not a clever move ( although Torrhen did the wise thing when he bent the knee for Aegon), but the southern marriage is what really put House Stark in a no-win situation. Robb could not afford to not aid the family of his mother, and Tywin perfectly knew this. He was very satisfied when the Northern army went South.
  6. Aegon I. Jaeherys I. Dareon II.
  7. What would Sandor pick: Hounds of Love by Kate Bush or The baying of the hounds by Opeth? Probably Opeth, and so would I, although the band's lyrics, attitude are not exactly my bag.
  8. What bugs me about Jon, that why did not he tell Jeor Mormont the whole truth about Craster's sacrifices? He just told Mormont, that Craster gives his sons to the wood. I think Mormont and the rangers of the Night Watch thought of some bloodthirsty deities of the wildlings, and not of the Others. They were aware about the sacrifices, but did they know who Craster's "gods" were? For the Stark family he has alwas did what was possible in his position.
  9. I think Tywin would not have suspect Jaime. He promptly accused Varys when Tyrion appeared, so he would have put a reward on Tyrion and a smaller amount on Varys.
  10. Black Winter Day by Amorphis Falling Snow by Agalloch : The snow, the bitter snowfall. You long to die in her pale arms, crystalline, To become an ode to silence. In the soul of a mountain of birds, fallen. The cascading pallor, of ghostless feather. The snow has fallen, And raised this white mountain, On which you will die, And fade away in silence. The Great Deceiver by King Crimson, it could be Petyr Baelish I don't believe in love by Queensryche, some sentiments of Tyrion f after an episode from his teenage years. r
  11. Blind Guardian have at least two songs whic are inspired by our beloved GRRM: War of Thrones A Voice in the Dark a song about Bran Stark.
  12. The Gates of Delirium by Yes reminds me somewhat of the long night and the Battle for Dawn. Génération Sans Futur by Art Zoyd could be for Cersei's children. Dance on a Volcano by Genesis would be most ideal for Gollum, but would be nice for Stannis and Melisandre in Dragonstone, One more red nightmare by King Crimson could refer to another red wedding or to a priest or priestess of R'hlllor. Robbery, assault & battery by Genesis could be for the Ironborns or Wildlings. The Dark eternal night by Dream Theater, well this is obvious. Kiss of Fire by Symphony X for Thoros and Melisandre Whatever would Robert have said? by Van der Graaf Generator, About Robert Baratheon learing about R+L=J Amused to death by Roger Waters colud be well for Robert Baratheon, too.
  13. I also think that Roose' ancestor is the Night King. He has no scars after many battles, and he said that he was not easy to kill. Maybe he is even immune to the Curse of Harrenhal. Tywin Lannister, Amory Lorch, Vargo Hoat and Gregor Clegane(well, sort of...) are all dead.
  14. It is not likely, that Aegon is a son of Rhaegar. He might be even a son of Illyrio. Illyro -as Tyrion notices - is quite sad when he bids a pleasant journey for Rolly and Haldon. It is possible that Illyrio himself is smowhat a dragon. Black or red, a dragon is still a dragon, to quote him. Aerion Brightflame (not the most intelligent and benevolent Targaryens in history) could father some children while he was in the Free Cities.
  15. Well, Prince Baelor Breakspear was is appearence more Martell than Targaryen. Jon Snow is in appearence a Stark, everyone notices this, who has seen a Stark. It is very possible, that his father is Rhaegar and his mother is Lyanna. Daenerys on the other hand has the classic Targaryen apperence. I really don't see any prove that her parents are difffent from what is "officially" told.