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  1. I believe the Faceless Men will also be with the children, and Arya may die to get Meera through them to Bran
  2. Everybody loves a happy ending, but from what Martin has told us we n't in for that. And there's a very clear reason for that, what exactly would bring a happy ending to asoiaf?? With the very clear picture Martin has painted us, we know that a happy ending is only from the side who wins. Fire wins, Daenerys, her dragons, Melisandre, destroys all the white walkers and win, and save a good chunk of humanity. Well that's the story that all of us could get behind...because we are human... But what of the white walkers, are they not living things because of some beastly qualities? If it was humanity slaughtering I feel many an opinions would change and differ in the winner. But They are white walkers you say, duh...But they started as humans and none of them were given a choice. They are kiling their enemies just as humans do theirs, except they don't kill their own. I don't think it's because they don't have power struggles, arguments or ill feelings, although they are living feeling beings. (When they get hurt, they feel it, not sure what else they feel, but probably 100× the internal pain for being something they didn't choose. I think they don't fight because they believe in their King and what he showed them. This is the only part that ties in with the show, that we have learned The Night's King can greensee and warg the dead. Both very powerful abilities and with Lands of always winter, and the WW nor their dead need to eat, it makes me wonder why did they feel the need to head south? To kill all man, woman and child alive? I'm not buying that, it wasn't humans who betrayed them. Do you think they want to be Lords with money, fame and power?? No Maybe revenge on the children? Very possible but I think it's something completely else. I think that the white walkers are moving out because, they know if they don't, then the history of Westoros will be wiped clean forever. Every man , woman and child wishes that they rewrite their own history to make a happy ending, especially those like myself who have felt real pain from real loss, I'd much rather been murdered at the time than feel that but... Almost every living being wants to be alive over dead, but even those who wish for death, still know in their hearts they would rather have been a part of life at all than never was. Well that's where the children and Bran come in. The two great plot twists will be the joining of Ice and fire, as in walkers and dead fighting side by side with dragons and the living. And why the he'll would that make sense? It leads to our bittersweet ending. Poor poor bran only ever wanted to be a knight but he ended up crippled. He was a sweet innocent boy who didn't want to live as a cripple, so he grew hateful. He grew hateful through everything his family endeared. But what kept him going? A great power he had, ability to greensee, ability to warg animals. Then he grew stronger and he could literally warg humans, and even stronger he could affect the past. It will all start out innocent enough, but as we see every time Bran gets more curious more people die. After he opens all of his power than we all know what will happen. We all know power can corrupt even the greatest man, well how about being the most powerful living being on Westeros? A God. There is nobody ever that could handle all that without it affecting them for the worse, because all living beings have feelings, and feelings are what drive us all. I believe eventually he will be so wrought with darkness that he will wish to wipe it all away, as in all of history to start again This is exactly what the children want. Before the first men came and slaughtered them, they lived happily and peacefully. Then they made the walkers to fight for them, but the walkers were so hateful for going from human to beast, that they turned on everyone. So more children died and human too until the children needed humans to survive. So now we have come to our final chapter, the song of ice and fire having to join against the children and Bran. I believe Bran will be deep under the Gods eye by the end. Nobody is absolute good or evil they are merely fighting for what they feel is right. I believe Meera will be Azor Again as she plunges her sword into her nissa nissa, Bran. She will burn away the darkness and all the children and magic will end. And we will all be told this great story by Samwell Tarley.
  3. Before Stannis and Melisandre looked in the fire,Melisandre told him that before this war was done, he would betray his loyal servant (Davos), he would betray his family (Killed his daughter and his brother), and would betray everything he ever stood for (Betrayed his honor with all of his actions , and betrayed his men leading them to death), but he would be King. Everything she has said has come true, and IMO that leads me to believe that she will be right about Stannis becoming King. Of what I do not know but I believe that Stannis will be King of something. Maybe the new Knight's King, and he will have to live forever in his sorrow of what he had done, that would be fitting. Or maybe there could be another thing!! Right now Melisandre is riding south of Winterfell and I think she will find half dead Stannis and they will reunited again. Maybe Stannis will be Azor Ahai and maybe he will plunge his sword into his one true love, Lady Melisandre. And just maybe that sword will light on fire from the Red Woman and become LightBringer. Who knows? Its all fun guessing but I just found it strange as I rewatched the series that I noticed how everything she said came true, and it just made me feel that he will still be King of something, and I believe he is still alive because that death scene, cmon.
  4. Arent you supposed to take it easy on newbies?! Just trying to spark up some convo my lord
  5. Well Mr Martell the only thing I can think is there is power in certain blood . The SOTM seems pretty powerful so maybe his blood is as well.
  6. Protecting him from his honorable uncle?
  7. Been lurking for a bit and love this forum so to all I say Hi! Sorry if this has been discussed but I cant help but think that the fighting at TOJ was for a blood sacrifice. It seems pretty reasonable that since Ned was Lyanna's sister the KG should have known no harm would have come to her. So it seems they really had no reason to fight outside the TOJ since everyone knew the war was over. I think that Sir Arthur Dayne and the others must have had an idea that some kind of bblood sacrifice was needed for the prophecy to be successful. And the fact that it seems the birthing happens right after Dayne is killed is curious. What do you guys think?