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  1. I agree very disappointing, they made no effort to differentiate him from Viserys, or make him look regal. Either someone screwed up or they just don't really care anymore they just want the show to be over with. I heard it rumored that this guy Devin Oliver was rumored to play him but I guess they didn't go with that but if you Google the guy he looks like he could be Rhaegar. Really though the whole point of enjoying a visual adaptation is that the characters look the part and they fell on this one. Shame.
  2. I was really excited for Stark reunions to happen, especially Arya and Sansa. However I am sort of disappointed so far in how their interactions since then have played out. I know we have two episodes left and a lot can still happen, but this is still how I feel. I know lots of people are explaining Arya's attitude towards Sansa as her still holding grudges and looking at her through a lens of when they were children. I just don't like that the writers have chosen to go in this direction. If she can forgive the Hound with everything that's happened since King's Landing, certainly Arya should be able to look at Sansa differently especially since being away from her for so long. At this point they physically have each other there to sit down and explain everything that has happened to each of them, and what each of them has gone through. There should be no ambiguity between the two because they can go to each other as a source for information. Also the mistrust between Arya has of Sansa is disappointing. After all that's happened to Arya and Sansa, if I were them my family would be the only people I trust period at this point. I think Arya should be a little more compassionate and understanding towards Sansa and she should be mature enough to understand that if she isn't the same person she was since she left King's Landing why should she believe Sansa is still the same person? If it wasn't partly for Sansa, Arya wouldn't have Winterfell to come home to. I hope these developments will come forth in the next few episodes but so far I think it's poor character development if we are just getting an adult rehashing of the same relationship Sansa and Arya had as kids. It's harder to be happy about Stark reunions if they are just going to be cold or hostile to one another. It also makes it harder to feel like they learned their lessons, that you are supposed to be loyal to your family first, and not to let people drive wedges between them because that is partly why many of the other Starks died. I hope the dynamic between them changes to something more positive in the episodes to come.