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  1. The only really expendable ones that don't really have a story line to finish are Thoros, Beric and Davos, but we all love Davos' accent too much, and Beric will come farewell Thoros.
  2. I guess I phrased the thread title wrong. You are all correct of course, nothing will change, but if the world knew it was Olynna at the time, what a drastically different place Westoros would have n been the past few many ripples.
  3. ...or at least it should. Because Westeros believed Tyrion and Sansa killed Jeoffry: Tyrion went on the run at great peril to himself Sansa went on the run, became Lady of the Vale, gave Little Finger a reason to kill her Aunt, was in a position to secure the knights of the Vale for battle of the bastards and retake the north kept Little Finger away from kings landing reunitied Varys and Tyrion sent Tyrion to Dany brought Jamie closer to Cersie (in spite of his apprehensions) caused the Red Viper to be killed caused the mountain to become more of a monster caused Tyrion to kill Tywin caused Cersie to take out the sept, Hightower and Dorne anything else? and NOW what?
  4. Baking tips with Hot Pie and Arya. "The secret is burning the butter before you make the crust..." "I didn't do that."
  5. Since we absolutely MUST have a Tyrion/Jaime/Cersie reunion, Jamie and Cersie will be alive until Tyrion gets to Kings landing. In fact, I'm calling it: Jamie kills Cersie to stop her from killing Tyrion.
  6. It wast to show the hopelessness of Jon and Sansa's plight.
  7. ...sounds really useful on paper, but how do you feed, shelter, and provide for them and their horses in a foreign land? And what do you do with them after the war?
  8. Probably to flush them out of the cave and make them seek other refuge (like the wall), to expose Bran, and remove him from the protection of the 3EC. Also, Benjen has some sort of deal or arrangement with the Night King. You heard it here first.
  9. Didn't Qyburn introduce him as something when Cersie got back from her walk of shame?