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  1. This is an interesting thought! Btw, the link to that other post was interesting too:)
  2. Is there mention of sulphuric odour in Winterfell in the books? If there is, it is very plausible that there is volcanic activity underground at least!
  3. You are right! My mistake, I am sorry. It is the walkers that can be killed with obsidian. EDIT:This comment was in reference to a discussion earlier on this forum, concerning whether normal weapons can kill the Wights. I thought obsidian could kill both Wights and WW, but I remembered wrong
  4. I've made a thread on some speculations of Obsidian in the lower crypts, based on the fact that obsidian is volcanic glass, and that the hot springs warming Winterfell could stem from volcanoes. LINK: On the other hand - could be anything. Another crackpot thought of mine is that Azor Ahai might be one of the Stark kings, and that he is buried in the crypts with his sword lightbringer. This would certainly be a reason for Mances apparent interest in the crypts, and Jons dreams. But then again, it could be anything, but I am fairly certain that they will contain something important
  5. Yeah, Knight of the seven kingdoms is such a great book, and the novellas are giving really different types of stories from Westeros. And I love seeing the ASoIaF-world through different eyes and in different times, with a way lighter mood and tone!
  6. Yeah, I've seen different threads on the cloth dragon or the mummers dragon as a sign that Aegon is fake. But these threads may not be representative for the community as a whole. Anyway, I'm not sure about the mummers dragon - could be referring to Aegon, but it could also be other characters or things. For example in Dunk and Egg. I'm so sorry, could not get the spoiler code to work, so I could not get into detail. But I think there might be a paralell to The Hedge Knight. The prophecies could also be a red herring. So I really don't know, but I like reading theories about it.
  7. Well, I could have gotten it wrong, this is just the impression I have after browsing the forums.
  8. I think the reason people connect "mummer's dragon" with Aegon being a fake is Dany's vision of a "cloth dragon swaying on a pole" (which we take as a metaphor for fake dragon). This is later connected with the mummer's dragon, because of the theatre-metaphors. I agree that there might not be enough evidence to prove/disprove this link, and I think it is great that you are questioning theories that are so common and widespread that they have become "facts" to us. At the same time, I agree with @jrod - there is no way to know for sure yet, all we can do is to examine clues.
  9. Interesting thoughts Why do you believe that they do not know about her skinchanging abilities? And why is her status as highborn a burden? Not asking to be rude or mean, I am just interested in why you think what you think!
  10. Varamyr knew Jon was a warg, even though Jon did not. So, if @MaesterSam is right in the idea that FM are skinchangers, it may be that they knew. Another point to remember is that Jaqen was close to Arya, and might have noticed something about her changing skins while asleep (edit: while having her wolfdreams on the road to the wall or at Harrenhall)
  11. Wow, I've actually never even considered the fact that they might knew that she was a warg/skinchanger before! But that makes som much sense. Her being able to skinchange is good enough reason to recruit her on its own, since they probably could use a person who can kill without even leaving the house of black and white. I think your theory is quite interesting, but I'm not sure if all of the faceless men are wargs. However - when I read your post I started to think about whether they took her in to steal her skin, so that they could use it themselves and get skinchanging abilities. As you say, kind of crackpot, but I think it is a cool theory!
  12. To me, this seems like a likely explanation! I never got the impression that her training was that effective either, and that she would have to stay with the faceless men for many years if she was to become one of them. If they aren't really training her, the whole "training"-bit seems more understandable, and it is also a good reason for them to choose her over all the other kids with an interest for weapons and fighting in Westeros (I bet there are a lot of other kids who dream of becoming fighters and are naturally "good" at it)
  13. Thank you so much for nominating me! Only saw this today, and I became so grateful I know my theories are not as grand and developed as many of the others that are nominated here, but more like afterthoughts that have come up after rereadings, but I appreciate this so much
  14. This is a cool theory! a bit crackpot, yes - but the main reason I started this topic was to hear what people thought, and maybe find some alternative explanations, not just that she has proven herself as a killer or that they "just met and he wanted to help her"
  15. No, exactly! That was why I wondered if anyone else had any good answers to their motivations, because i don't think it is enough that she is really brave, does not have a family and has proven herself to be a killer. I've always thought that there was something more behind it, you know? But this is a good theory