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  1. Fever dream they weren't at kingslanding because of a vow and that Areys would sit the thrown if they were there: “I looked for you on the Trident,” Ned said to them. “We were not there,” Ser Gerold answered. “Woe to the Usurper if we had been,” said Ser Oswell. where you were.” “Far away,” Ser Gerold said, “or Aerys would yet sit the Iron Throne, and our false brother would burn in seven hells.” “Then or now,” said Ser Arthur. He donned his helm. “We swore a vow,” explained old Ser Gerold. Examples of the vows: we never got the official vows on either mediums. Jaime has a dream where the dead KG and Rhaegar confront him
  2. Question for you? Why are you being dismissive? Nothing I mentioned was solely mentioned in the show. The point of all this speculation is there is little evidence from the book because we all have read it multple times by now. I find it sad that people are intolerant of others theories that are based in the text. I came here to discuss ideas because I love the complexity of ASOIF. You may disagree but just about all of the examples came from worldbook and or the books. I mentioned nothing strictly from the show and don't need you attempting to moderate my post. Thanks!
  3. @Prof. Cecily there is evidence Rhaegar was making moves to take over. Rhaegar told Jamie to stay with the king. He said he was going to call a great council once he returns after the trident. If u analyze that statement. He was going to call a council of lords to legitimize his coup d'etat. By kings guard oath Jamie should have arrested the crowned prince for treason or at the very least told someone else. So you can argue Jamie supported Rhaegar > Areys. Yes Rhaegar died prior to the TOJ but he left instructions to all three kings guards who were present. Their words said that they were not at the trident because of a vow. They stated that Areys would still be king if they were at kings landing however they weren't there. They swore a vow. The most fundamental vow kings guardsmen have is to protect the king but they weren't there. Let's look who were at the tower, Whent who threw the tourney that was suppose to be the initial meeting to sow the seeds of Rhaegar's ambition. Dayne who was Rhaegar's best friend and confidenant. Hightower whose family have a history of king making as well as him being the lord commander of the KG. Varys states that kings landing hasn't been this that divided since the dance of the dragon. So there were vocal people in court who supported Rhaegar and his ascention to the iron throne. My point is if the most hallow vow is to proctect the king above all, Hightower tells Jamie we are to protect the queen but not from Him,Areys. Why were they there and not with Areys, or Vicerys because they knew the future of the house was with Rhaegar and his line. The kings guard made a choice of which vow to follow.
  4. Things aren't that linear in war. Kingslanding was split between Rhaegar and Aerys. When Rhaegar died the future of the targaryans died. Areys could have named Moon boy his heir it wouldn't have mattered. Once Rhaegar died, Areys dynasty was over. So was Vicerys the official heir maybe, but the way the 3 kingguards were acting I feel that they felt that Rhaegar was king. If you go by that their behavior makes sense at the tower. Their king gave them order and they followed it to their death. Regardless the minute Vicerys died the next monarch from houe Targaryan would have to earn the thrown by conquest not by blood.
  5. Your answers are interesting, it's funny to me who hate on R+L=J the books are 20yrs old but there is so much evidence that it is true. The show which is the cliff notes for the show hinted it. Like ygrain, said George brought in polygamy with Aegon, Maegar and Daemon attempted pologamy for a reason. But the great thing about the series is that you can believe what you want until it is disproven.
  6. Just echoing what others are saying people have called Jon pretty. Men aren't usually described as pretty unless they have softer features. Brandon is described as tall and handsome,Ned was neither. However Jon is the only male of stark heritage that we see described as pretty. Even though Jon has typical stark phenotypic features with his brown hair, grey eyes (so dark they look black) and his long stark face, one can argue that Jon has softer features than others of his bloodline leading to the influence of his valyrian blood. However like purple eyes stated Jon personality and loyal he commands is very akin to Rhaegar. He is basically good at everything he does just like Rhaegar.
  7. Agree 100%
  8. So this is where we defiantly disagree. It was said that there was definitely 2 factions in kings landing before the rebellion where you have several people who were loyal to Rhaegar and those who were loyal to Areys. Dayne was Rhaegar's closest confident so close that both connington and Selmy are jealous about that. Whent whose family threw the harrenhal tourney is speculated to be on orders by Rhaegar and possibly Tywin on the prize for the Knights competing in said tourney. Finally, Rhagaer tells Jamie that when he returns a great number of changes will occur and even a great council. So it sounds like to me that Rhaegar has made a decision to userpt the crown. The fact that he traveled with Went and Dayne, his closest allies in the kings guard and alerted his old squire that changes were going to occur he had begun the process. The strangest part is the White Bull and house Hightower. Now here is the tin foil part. I think that Hightower stayed because he supported his new king in Rhagaer. But that's my tinfoil. Regardless we know that the white bull came to the tower on the orders Areys to bring Rhaegar back to take control of Royal forces but stayed after interacting with Rhaegar. Why did he stay? did Rhaegar order him?, did he flip sides to the Rhaegar's side? We don't know. But we do know that 3/7 of the strength of the kings guard were at the tower not guarding Rhaegar, wife or his children, or his mother or siblings. Only Jaime, Rhaegar's former squire who has had instructions to stay put from the crown prince himself remains with the king. It seems like there was a faction of the kings guard who were following the orders of Rhaegar and not Areys.
  9. The real telling piece of the story is after Hightower was sent to The tower he stayed. Why would the White Bill stay when his king was about to be under seige. I can see why Whent and Dayne would be there, they are close with Rhaegar and probably support him to take over the thrown. Having Hightower stay and "protect" Lyanna and her child tells me Rhaegar has possibly userpt Areys and if he were to win at the Trident he was going to take over the throne. Either Hightower played a similar role as Lord Commander Cole as being a king maker. Or Rhaegar convinced him that Areys' time was over.
  10. If you look at most of targ children with non valyrian features seems to stem from the 1st child who is born of the non targaryan woman. E.g. Baleor Breakspeer, Duncan the Small, Rhaynes, Jon if r+l=j. To my knowledge most of the dominant features those of dark phenotypes are the 1st child.
  11. In pure comedy maybe Varys was never cut and Ellia helped Varys give Ashara some of his man juice. So it's actually Varys + Ashara= J/D/ everyone. Bottom line GRRM needs to write the next book. A lot of these conversations will disappear. As for Dany too many people witnessed her birth and it is doubtful she isn't who she has been told. Lemon trees and red doors are small part of the mystery. I feel people just don't want to believe R+L=J because it doesn't follow their desire but majority of the evidence is there. From character development of Jon to Ned's thoughts, to Selmy's words all lead to R+L=J. George has beat us over the head of "promise me Ned", "Jon is of my blood","hoping Jon and Rob grow up as brothers",trying to protect targaryan children. Ned never thinks of Ashara he debates if Rhaegar would be hanging out in brothels basically comparing him to Robert as who would have loved his sister better. The only promise we see from Ned is to Lyanna and Robert ironically on his death bed. He never has been shown to promise Ashara anything, any evidence is speculation. Once winds shows what the show has already showed we will change these arguments to something about Doran's plan or northern or southern ambitions.
  12. Rhaegar and Ned in a parlay would be amazing to see how they would have interacted
  13. It was Rickard right to demand a trial by battle. In this world that is a knight/noble person right. Cersi, Tyrion twice, Aerion Bright Flame/Darian Tarygaryan, The knight of the pussywillows all requested trials of combat instead of other judgement. So Aerys voided the feudal contract by not allowing a true trial by combat. Thus you can argue his lords could revolt because he no longer is definding his vassals.
  14. Where did u get this info. There is absolutely no proof that Ned and his vanguard fought on horseback at the tower. Nor do we have any info that dayne, whent, and Hightower didn't have horses to mount as needed. The only slight evidence we have is that reed did something unhonorable to help sleigh dayne. Other than that we have no evidence.
  15. Marrying of great lords is to put checks and balances on the king. A weak and crazy king. No different than something like demanding king John to sign the Magne Carter. Aerys voided the feudal contract to his high lords and a rebellion followed. There is no treason restropective because the rebels who wanted change won. Aerys vassals wanted to check him and he responded with killing them without true respect according to their customs, Rickard demanded a trail by battle. If Aerys had one of his kings guard fight Rickard and Rickard loss there wouldn't have been any rebellion. Aerys' madness lead him to void the feudal contract when he made wildfire his champion and then asking for the heads of Ned and Robert because he was paranoid.