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  1. The episode is written by GRRM himself https://i.redd.it/evfyyuzufehz.png
  2. It is clear for me that the NK was fully prepared from the beginning (he even brought some spears to hunt the dragons), I think it was a trap : the hound got a vision from R'hllor telling him where to go, got encircled by the NK army to force the dragons to come, the dragon came and one get killed and tranformed. Mission accomplished, R'hllor and NK are on some shady business and I think that the NK is a soldier of R'hllor like the red priests. The twist is we believe that R'hllor and NK are enemies but they are not and the red priests have a hidden goal.
  3. Ok, my advice : stay away of youtube please until sunday, people already uplodad scenes from the episode there
  4. See your message box
  5. Youtube streaming but they cut the transmission (surely youtube police)
  6. I'm watching it right now
  7. I deleted my comment I was telling you that HBO spain aired episode 6 by mistake 3 hours ago to your message "?"
  8. For me, touching a dragon was never an indication that the person is a Targ When I see Tyrion or Jon riding a dragon then I will call them Targs
  9. She handled extremely well the revolt of the northern lords, no burning like Daenerys, no beheadings like Arya suggested and no secret service killings like Cersei
  10. Me too, I was so disappointed in that plot, I understand it : they need every man and woman in the 7K to know their real enemy but the storytelling was so awkward
  11. I saw the distinction between Sansa and Arya personalities this episode : the margaery way (diplomacy) Vs the mad king way (beheading every opposing voice), good thing that Lady Stark gave Arya some logic. I'a also worried about the new Arya, she looked super septic to everyone even her sister, she sees enemies in every corner I think also that Sansa became something between Daenerys and Cersei from prosonality perspective
  12. You are right, I think maybe he want Arya to believe that LF is hiding the letter of Sansa and that those two are accomplices and traitors, I'm sure if he gets in in such situation he can save himself
  13. He was hiding it, it is a treasure to use it in later time, whe the time will come he will say to Arya and the lords of the north that Sansa is a traitor and that he found the letter