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  1. When Roose betrayed Robb and made a deal with Tywin, he was named Warden of the North and the North was returned to the rule of the Iron Throne. After Tywin is killed, Roose makes a deal with Littlefinger and marries Ramsay and Sansa, therefore rebelling against the Iron Throne. My question is, why did he continue to bear the title of Warden and not crown himself King in the North? You could say that Roose didn't want to piss off other houses in the North even further, but Ramsay just didn't give a fuck about such things anyway, so when he killed Roose, why did he continue being Warden even though his ties to the crown were severed?
  2. Well, I retract my comment about it not making sense, but green is still not what strikes me the most when it concerns wildfire. Yeah, it's green, but that's not its primary quality, is it? I think Trial by Fire is a much cooler name, or something that alludes to the fire rather than the color. Green Trial sounds like something that happened in a forest.
  3. That's like if you called RW the White Wedding because white is the background of the Stark coat of arms.
  4. Am I the only one who finds this so unbelievably lame? I mean, I know it follows the same pattern as Red Wedding and Purple Wedding, but in those two cases it made sense to use color as the association. Everyone associates red with blood. Purple is the color of royalty, so it fit the royal wedding, not just because that was the color of Joffrey's face. But come on, the color green is definitely not what you primarily associate with wildfire. Fire, burning, pain, destruction...yet the first thing that comes to mind is green? If this was a regular explosion, would we call it the Orange Trial? To me, Green Trial sounds like High Sparrow sued Cersei because she doesn't care about the environment and the climate change. Is he also a vegan by any chance?
  5. They already have trouble adapting the novels into 10-episode seasons. That's why so many things get cut or condensed. But why not waste more time by showing needless scenes of characters travelling, right?
  6. Right before Ramsay put a knife in his dad, he revealed his plan to secure the Bolton rule over the North was to march on Castle Black and whack Jon Snow. Roose shot it down, but then Ramsay killed him and took the power for himself. So I'm baffled...why did he give up the plan? Especially since he found out Sansa was there, wouldn't that be an extra incentive to raise your men and attack? Why did he change his mind and just wait?
  7. I felt it was very good. Much better than Season 5. The thing is, I often complain about many things, but that has more to do with the overall quality decrease (since Seasons 1 - 4 were fantastic and much, much better) than objective quality of the season itself, which I feel is great. I still do love the series, and it still gives me chills.
  8. IIRC, Benjen explains that he never actually died, but almost died. So now he's somewhere in the middle. Still sucks, though, because we have been wondering about this guy for years and years and if this is what it all amounted to, then fuck.
  9. Cersei basically only rules the Crownlands, the Stormlands and the Westerlands now, everyone else has rebelled to either Jon or Dany. She is able to claim the throne the same way Ramsay managed to convince the North he was the Warden: pure fear. Northerners wouldn't rebel against Ramsay because they knew he'd peel their skin right off if they failed. Same thing in King's Landing. Many people are probably terrified for their lives now, as you don't wanna fuck with a crazy person who bombs the whole sept and burns hundreds of people alive with wildfire because she was pissed off at them.
  10. Yeah. I mean people talk about how everyone would riot and rebel. Cersei just BOMBED the freakin sept and everyone in it, along with the surrounding buildings. The people of King's Landing accepted her as their Queen for the simple reason of BEING SCARED SHITLESS. If the smallfolk actually had any power, no tyrant woud ever rule. I imagine the conversation would go like this: " have no claim to the Throne!" "I say I do. What the fuck you gonna do about it, bitch?" "..." "That's what I thought."
  11. Many people have noticed and pointed out that characters often seem to cover great distances in seemingly little time - for example, Random Character A might be seen in King's Landing in S8E14 then suddenly show up in the Riverlands in S8E15 with the entirety of their journey off-screen. In S6E10: My question is, do we ever know how much time has passed from an episode's beginning to its conclusion? For all we know, these "teleportations" might not be teleportations at all - the show just skips the journey. For example, between there could be a week of time, or two weeks, for all we know. Not to mention that many scenes are shot out of sequence, so the fact that Scene 2 aired right after Scene 1 doesn't mean that those two scenes occurred right after another in-universe - they might have happened concurrently, or there could be weeks between them. And remember that in TV continuity: 1 season = 1 year in-universe. So if we go by simple math, each episode actually covers more than a month.
  12. I would say the popularity of a character has more to do with their "coolness" than their moral position on the black-white scale.
  13. So Lady Olenna learns her son and both of her grandchildren were brutally murdered in a single moment, completely destroying her house and the name Tyrell. This woman just lost everything. A perfect opportunity to show that even the strong Lady Olenna is vulnerable, right? Does she shed a tear? Does she put on a strong fa├žade only to break down in private? Does she show any emotion over the fact that her whole family was incinerated into nothingness? Does she show anger or fury? Lol no. Fans want some snarky comedy barbs dammit!
  14. Yeah but strictly speaking, we never see how much time one episode actually covers. For all we know, there could be a week between Varys' appearance in Dorne and his appearance on Dany's ship.
  15. Aejonsnow Targaryen