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  1. Isnt there a alleged "wild" dragon population on that one island way past Essos
  2. The others can raise the undead and the undead are very hard to kill. I find it hard to believe any military unit in Westroes can survive one undead human charge. If the others want to add more power they can even raise any animals to fight for there cause. In addition whereever the others go, winter comes so most people will die of starvation. It seems to me that without PIS even the dragons should easily lose to the others even without any more dragon counters (Ie Dragons couldnt beat 100k undead birds ect)
  3. Honestly I would of rather had Stannis been assassinated or tripped on his sword than watch that pathetic battle.
  4. How could any military in Westroes without dragons withstand a single undead charge ?
  5. In the show its confirmed the giants are gone, it doesnt mention any children of the forest anywhere else only they were almost extinct.
  6. The humans also had thoussnds of children of the forest, giants and magic on their side. This time they have no giants, children of the forest and there are so many more others. How exactly are they going to stop the wights from enterering Winterfell ? If they cant stop them how will they defeat them ? If he tries to defend winterfell it will surely be surrounded. Which will mostly likely lead to the dead of evrey single Northener inside. The wall has lots of fire fortifications. Winterfell doesnt Maybe only the others can get past the wall just like at the other place until they bring it down so maybe they would just have to engage the others.
  7. How are you suppose to attack if you can't even defend against them ? If you attack them the only diffrence will be the rest watched from a far and let the dead do all the work in a defensive position, while we attacked them, then they did a counter attack and almost no one was able to escape. The rest of us are being chased by wights that never get tired.
  8. The problem is there is no defensive position they can have or can have that can compare to the wall. How can they even expect to hold any defensive position besides the wall for longer than a few minutes ?
  9. He should send evrey man he can to the wall. He has 0 chance of holding anything but the wall. If the wall falls jon will not even be able to delay the other long anywhere. The others are simply to powerful. Originally few others were driven back by thousands of children of the forest, thousands of giants and men the vast majority of them died. Now the children of the forest, and giants are extinct and there are likely thousands of others(the others have been recieving baby sacrifices for thousands of years)
  10. If Jon and Sansa fight even though they know the others are coming I hope they all die. The others are starting to look better than the humans.
  11. I think it will be more intresting when Dynerias takes king landing and hears "Mythical creatures of ice than can raise the dead of legend have returned and are killing evreyone in the north. " I hope she thinks its fake and a trap rather than saying well it must be true an evreyone just accepting it.
  12. To be fair the soldiers also somehow didnt break when they were quickly being torn apart by calvary
  13. Men can not win this battle they are dommed. Originally Thousands of gians and thousands of children of the forest along with men drove the white walkers back. The giants and children of the forest are now dead. All that Dynerias army will do is add men to the army of wights. The others probaly even will have an ice dragon to counter the fire dragons
  14. An ice dragon is the embodiantment of ice it will fight for ice. If white walkers gets a hero who rides the ice dragon the forces of fire will lose, which could be a good GRRM ending.
  15. Actually I would just give him really thick.armor than have him roll over evreyone. He could crush evreyone and they couldnt stop him