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  1. Exactly how can Westroes survive after the best of them(Hodor has already fallen)
  2. Yes the humans in a show set in medevial tech should be able to build more advanced robotics that we can today and they should breathe fire
  3. Jon may of refused to bend the knee becuase he thought Dynerias may of ordered him to help attack Cersi. If I were Jon I would think the only chance humanity has is holding the wall. There is where my real desperate final stand to the last man would be. After that its a losing battlr. The show may go the whole Jon/Dynerias marriage route, which could be why he refused to bow the kner.
  4. I don't think a good plan without magic or at least dragons can be enough unless Night king makes very stupid choices like intentionally fighting Jon snow is one to one combat. There is no possible way you can charge through wights formation to get to others. Any formation that tries will die. Maybe if you have enough wildfire to torch all the wights in the way. Even than though Night's king can use magic and can most likely stop wildfire explosion/put it out. Another problem is the Night's king is superior to a human fighter in every way. Even Sir Author Dayne should get wrecked by him in combat. There is also the strong possibility that killing the Night's king would accomplish nothing as all others can raise dead.
  5. Movie elves get wrecked fast. Book elves wreck depending on which eves. Ie elves who fought before events in books utterly destroy. Normal book elves not so much.
  6. I don't even think the unsullied would be brave enough to hold. A shield wall would not work in real life if evreyone fearless charged the shield wall at once in a hivemind tatic. Now these wights can do that and being stabed through the stomach will barely even delay them. This does not even take into account the others giants and animals. Once the shield wall gets annialated even the unsullied will breal.
  7. I am not convinced. For starters it will be brutally cold, and stormy when the others attacks. There will be wights, animals(which include birds) and giants. Even the bravest army ever is going to not be fearless at the sight of that. In addition wights are harder to out down than men, even head shots do not nesicarly bring them down. They will mot charge a shield wall one at a time they will charge in a hivenet way. Maybe a shield wall could stop one per man but not a hive fearless formation.
  8. Even if by some miracle evreyone in westroes organized, they would need to defeat undead giants and tons of undead animals, which includes birds. I think the others would even completly outclass world war 1 calvarly with their current tech. Medevial technology is a joke in conparison. Even if by some miracle a last alliagance of men could fight the others to a stalemate all the others would have to do is keep the stalemate and evreyone would freeze to death is the harsh winter conditions.
  9. Ramsay Bolton. Has many of the same urges and desires as me. Always the good guy of the series, ends up getting betrayed by his best freinds...Honestly it made me tearbup.
  10. Who do you feel the odds are stacked for in Westroes vs the others ? I personally think the others are heavily favored even if evreyone joined forces now. 1) Others can raise dead humans or animal from the dead to fight for them and the raised humans can even use weapons. This alone makes no army ever in Westroes history able to withstand the others in the field. 2) Whereever the others go severe artic winter follows. So even if by some mirracle, Westores can fight the others to a stalemate, they will simply freeze to death. 3) Others have many many Giants. (Like regular giants are not hard enough to put down) 4) I do not even see the dragons being a problem as the others can just counter them with thousands of raised crows/birdsand that assues they dont gave ice dragons or anything similar.
  11. Isnt there a alleged "wild" dragon population on that one island way past Essos
  12. The others can raise the undead and the undead are very hard to kill. I find it hard to believe any military unit in Westroes can survive one undead human charge. If the others want to add more power they can even raise any animals to fight for there cause. In addition whereever the others go, winter comes so most people will die of starvation. It seems to me that without PIS even the dragons should easily lose to the others even without any more dragon counters (Ie Dragons couldnt beat 100k undead birds ect)
  13. Honestly I would of rather had Stannis been assassinated or tripped on his sword than watch that pathetic battle.
  14. How could any military in Westroes without dragons withstand a single undead charge ?