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  1. The monarch controls the lands in classic feudalism. Lords and fighting people who have given valuable service are given land by the king. Land is power because it is the source of income and only those so granted by the monarch can own land. The lords give oaths of loyalty and service to the monarch in exchange for continued right to hold and draw income from the lands. The oaths are important because it is what gives the monarch the power to call people into battle. Oaths are important and most lords will honor that oath when the monarch calls them into battle. Oath honoring is more common than oath breaking. The more honorable the nobles are the stronger the king. The more honorable the common folk the stronger their lord becomes. Honorable people in feudalism do what they swore to do.
  2. Jon is worse than Arya and Sansa. He had a duty to put aside family concerns and put his job first. He chose instead to screw with the Boltons even when he knew it could cause problems for the NW. Sansa and Arya are nobody who no longer have a duty to anything. Arya is a cold blooded murderer but how is that different from Bron? They should both hang but what they do is trivial compared to the lord commander who betrayed the NW and tried to steal the bride of a nobleman. And to respond directly to the topic author. I am not so sure that one skinny rapier will be of any use against the white walkers. Were it not for Martin's leaked letter, I would expect Arya to die before the end of the books. Like soon. Because of that letter and only because of that letter, I think Arya will not die until near the end. She will die but not until close to the end.
  3. Vaes Dothrak - Dany eats the heart of a horse. Foreshadows the future because Dany will win the heart of the Dothraki. Dothraki Sea - Last chapter of A Dance with Dragons. The Dothraki riders find Dany and Drogon consuming a horse. Foreshadows Dany using and thus consuming the Dothraki to fight her war with the slave masters and their harpies. The Dothraki horselords were masters of Essos. They were the stallions who preyed on everybody. These two events are important because they herald the coming of the dragons who can prey on the horses. Daenerys the dragon lord at the top of the proverbial food chain will "prey" upon the horse lords. Essos will have a new master/Emperor or in this case Mistress/Empress. "and all that lived and breathed fled before the shadow of her wings"
  4. It depends on who you ask. Thoros of Myr had no need to kill anybody to bring Beric back to life. But Beric is just Beric. He's not the big deal that a dragon is. Maybe the phrase only applies to dragons. Yes, Drogo's death was the Nissa Nissa that brought the dragons back. The picture fits perfectly. Dragons were awakened from stone. An undefeated Khal Drogo, Prince of Dragonstone Rhaego, and King Viserys 3rd of His Name were sacrificed for the dragons. I think the phrase is misunderstood within the story. Getting back to Thoros and Beric, the sacrifice was not needed. But the funny thing, the body has to be dead before you can bring it back to life. Common sense, right? Sometimes common sense is lost when it comes to deciphering a story told over a thousand years.
  5. Good answer. They don't have to like each other. But they do have to bend their knees, swear fealty, and not make further trouble. It doesn't matter how you look at it, Rickard Stark, Robert Baratheon, and Hoster Tully were making trouble. A loyal lord does not build alliances that could topple his king. He puts the interests of his king ahead of his own. Rickard, Robert, and Hoster were selfish bastards. They were power hungry and tried to set themselves up above their king and the Targaryens. But as long as they don't do that again things can be worked out for the better under Targaryen rule. The people have now had a few years of tasting what it's like to be under Baratheon rule, under the mercy of the Starks and the Lannisters. It's not good. The realm has never gotten in this bad of a state under the Targaryens. The Baratheon regime,propped up by Jon Arryn and the Starks, is a failure.
  6. This is it. Rhaenys was the weakest of the three Targaryens and she is not a born fighter like Visenya and Rhaegar. There is wisdom because a people willing to die can't be conquered.
  7. A threat to anyone's heredity right to rule anywhere is a threat to everyone's hereditary right to rule everywhere. We saw the consequences of that with the Baratheon transfer of power. Renly was thinking exactly as his older brother. He thought right to rule is not absolute and got the notion to challenge Stannis. Robert set a dangerous precedent and he ended up paying for it.
  8. It's possible to relate to someone without having the same personality. I can completely understand wanting to help the less fortunate and do it in a big way. That's what makes her a hero. She is the best written character in aSoIaF among the females and that is saying something because the author has done an awesome job. People, whether female or male, basically want the same things and where they differ is not due to gender.
  9. Dany's bond with her dragons is very special. It's not the traditional way because they see her as their mother. Drogon was always looking after Dany from the beginning. He protected her from the undying without having been told or trained to do so. I don't think any other person will experience this kind of bond with a dragon.
  10. Yes. Asses exists in every family. The Targaryens' just smell a little nicer than any others'. I would not trust any other family to rule over the realm. For a family that had so much power they actually were quite moral.
  11. I don't think even Rhaenyra could have hatched dragons from petrified eggs. Only Dany could do that. She is azor ahai, the one prophesied to awaken dragons from stone. That she did. There were "hatchers" in the family in the past but they were hatching freshly laid eggs. What Dany did was something else. Beyond what Rhaenyra could do. What Dany did was the equivalent of bringing dinosaurs back from fossils. To me, Rhaego is the best candidate to be Drogon's spirit. Dany and Drogo lost their child, the stallion. But in some way, the prophecy is still fulfilled because Dany will be the khal of khals, the entire world will be her khalasar. She will do this with the help of the stallion, Drogon, her own child. If the crones had been Valyrians they would tell of a prophecy of the mighty dragon who will unite the world, but since they are not, we got a horse instead. Because they're a male dominated peoples and are sort of sexists they assumed a male horse.
  12. And someone is trying very hard to deny the truth. And that someone is you, Samwell_Tarly. Most definitely. Dany will rule Westeros.
  13. I too believe Dany will rule Westeros in the end for all of the reasons you mentioned. You might want to add these other items to the list. Dany has three dragons. This is a clear sign that Dany is the three headed dragon of House Targaryen. She is what Rhaegar mistakenly thought he was. Dany is fireproof on the show. Which is as close to a god as a person can be. What an interesting observation. You're right. Dany always expresses herself using proper words. She doesn't spout off profanity. And that elevates her above the other characters. It shows she has elegance and class.
  14. I love the Targaryens. I look forward to every new information about dragons and Valyria.