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  1. Littlefinger thought it was logically for Jon and Dany to marry which meant they were a threat to his plan to take throne for himself. In that scene he tried to turn her against Arya and Jon. He over played his hand.
  2. I think the Starks are happy to see each other but they all have PTSD of some kind. Every single one of them but in the end they will stick together.
  3. Its not like Jon is Sam. He's a competent fighter and their leader for the mission. Tormund respects Jon has risked his life for him a number times now. Yes the Hound is an ass and probably would take the sword if Jon wasn't competent
  4. It would have been nice if they meet Benjen on the way to get the wright. Jon loved Benjen but that's what we got. Maybe we will get a scene when they talk about Rickon, Robb, Ned, Cat and Benjen. Their family has been decimated and Bran is about to rock their world some more.
  5. They did release the letter where Jon calls himself Warden of the North. Sansa didn't bring up to the lords at least on screen. And Arya and Sansa were in friendly terms so I don't think Sansa is planning a coup against Jon. Arya would kill her if she went against Jon. He's part of the pack. I think the Stark family will stick together and eventually accept Dany because she is Jon's aunt (future wife?)
  6. That just shows Jon is selfless. And the group respects him enough not ask for his sword. Plus we really needed another Stark reunion so Jon had to stay on the ground.
  7. Arya after returning seems to support him as well. She made that clear to Sansa. Bran knows he isn't a Stark/Snow hasnt said a thing to his sisters but plotted to take down Littlefinger. It seems with their house destroyed the Stark kids are just making stuff up as they go. Jon is the oldest member of their family and they are following him damn the rules. Plus yes its a sexist society.
  8. True but legitimacy puts him in line which is something he didnt have before. Jon could have easily been the brother to Queen/Warden Sansa Stark and he would still be going around doing his white walker thing. She could have made him the commander of Stark forces or her Queensguard. But the showrunners wants Jon in the position of power. A non King Jon would have no business going south for alliances. They are thinking endgame.
  9. Yes but the justification that lords used. Jon is the Bastard of Winterfell. As far as they know he's a Stark child which he is. As legit Targ of Stark descendent he can inherit if all his cousins died. No? As a bastard he had no legal right to the inherit. Either the lords are a-holes and will blame him if their rebellion fails or they believe he is Stark enough to lead them. He's the same amount of Stark either way. One parent is a Stark and the other is not.
  10. The lords swore to House Stark. Jon is still a member of House Stark. He just doesn't have the last name. "We know no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark. I don't care if he's a bastard. Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins. He's my king from this day until his last day." He was made king because he is a Stark descendent. The lords still care he's a "Stark". Presumably they won't care he's a legit Targ because Stark blood still run through his veins. The lord effectively made Jon head of House Stark over Sansa. But Jon has kept Sansa as Lady Stark because "I'm not a Stark". Plus Jon made House Umber and Karstark swore allengence to House Stark not him. He said you will be our banner men and not my banner men.
  11. That puts her in charge of everything not military. But it seems Jon is Lord Paramount and Warden.
  12. Being Lord of Dreadfort would make sense. But Dreadfort would be Sansa's too. She is or was Lady Bolton. They made it a point to talk about the Umbers and Karstarks but didn't deal with Bolton land. It could been a throw away line. "As King, I'm keeping Dreadfort for myself. and will make that my vacation home". You guys are right he is soon to be Prince Consort (:P) and Warden of the North anyway. I will stop with the logic now.
  13. I'm just curious since Jon is not Lord of Winterfell or King where his ruling authority come from now. And everything I looked at says Warden is the supreme military authority. Does Jon even have lordship to be lord paramount? I thought Sansa was head of House Stark and Jon was operating outside of it because he's still a bastard. Since the kingship/Wardenship is now completely separate from being Lord Stark or Lord of Winterfell I wonder how this all works. Sansa and Tyrion would be interesting too.
  14. Yes. That is true. It's probably the first time he will take her advise. I think it would be great if Sansa and Dany ask Jon to leave so they can negotiate the marriage since they are currently the heads of the houses. I have a question for you. Warden is just a military title right? If so isn't Sansa now the official ruler of the north.
  15. She's my pick too. She will see that's it's in her family's best interest. And I think she will push for the Dany/Jon marriage too.