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  1. Do we have any information on the earthquakes in the Westeros history? Where did they happen, how devastating they were, did they cause tsunamies for both sides of the sea...etc.?
  2. Good points. In this case I see that there are two options. Option 1 is that most of the history and background of the world is either fake and false or just half truth and this is the most likely option. And the Option 2 is that something is wrong with the history. Not in terms of the writer's mistake, because I do not want to include that into the discussion, the falsehood of the history comes from another source. I am a believer in the Maester's conspiracy theories and I think there is something going on with the real history records and maesters. But if we say the option 1 is correct and that the timelines are not really that long or real. Then what about the Night's Watch having almost 1000 commanders? Do you remember anything from the part where Sam was researching the history of the Watch? Did he make any remarks about the history at that time?
  3. For a long time I have this feeling when I read about the history of the world and westeros that something is quite not right. I can't put my finger on it but just some dates feels like they are wrong to me. For example GRRM says Brandon the Builder, the founder of House Stark had lived in a time that is so past to the novels that it's like how we think about Noah or Gilgamesh in our world. So the Stark family is around for like at least 3500 years. These dynasties outlast thousands of years, have heirs, continue their lines against plagues, wars, invasions and magical monsters etc. And it's not just the House Stark, there are many families like this. And the development of the land is just stagnant. Nothing really changes or happens. How can a land with such stable families ruling it not develop? I think it all comes down to Winter. Because of the catastrophic winter cycle many, many people die, the population almost comes to an end....and then they recover, hence no development. Yet let's look at this with some similar events from our world. I think the Black Death in Europe would have similar effects to the Winter in Westeros. Okay so the first quote, more populated Western Europe fits more to the Southern Westeros. I know in terms of effects the South was better than the North yet in terms of population this fits. So with a high populated land suddenly getting depopulated the feudal power of the Southern Lords should diminish. While the North, already having a small population and being ruled by a single house I think will consolidate around their feudal lords. Now for this effect, we also have the negative effects of the Winter in Westeros. The domestic woodlands will be also lost in Westeros but also most of the animals should die. Especially the big ones. The farms should be completely destroyed. In Europe this lead to innovations for labor savings. I think this should also happen in Westeros. There is very small amount of people left to take back the wilderness and create farmlands again. So with also the horses and bulls and cows etc big labor animals dying, you need some inventions to help you. There are also other aspects like religion and stuff but I think just with this information it looks like very weird that Westeros stays almost exactly the same for thousands of years. There are also other things that bug me, for example the date of the Aegon's Conquest. It was just 300 years ago. Yet when I am reading the books I always had the impression that it's way more earlier than that. I mean in 300 years the world forgots the magic and dragons and such. How is this possible when we have almost perfect records from 1700 even for trivial matters? I will put more detail in this post later when I have the time and clarify more how I feel something is up with the dates. In the meantime what do you think?
  4. will the Knight of Seven Kingdoms released in paperback? I find hardcovers difficult to hold and also read while commuting. Plus it's expensive.
  5. Is there a sauna or similar hot bath in the Castle Black?