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  1. So you have to be an adult and not be a felon and wait five days for a background check on top of their being a state level AWB? Is that somehow unreasonable and not enough gun control? And there were counties that were harder to obtain a pistol permit and other where it was easier? You do know that none of the above is the case in alot of US states, including the very idea of a pistol permit right?
  2. I'm clearly enough of a presence on your radar that you came here to post this. I mean the last time we spoke you ran off back to your safe space after profiling me! I believe the term you used was "my kind."
  3. You haven't shown me anything that contradicts what I said. The federal tit dried up and now there aren't any rich liberals willing to step up to the plate and fill the void? What happened to Michael Bloomberg?
  4. It looks like they blocked federal funding for search research. There is nothing stopping independent groups from doing so.
  5. As much as I wish I were, I am not a gun-toting, NRA card holding American. I am not sure of what they do and do not do on capital hill.
  6. I am glad to have made your day rather or not you meant this sarcastically. I also appreciate the comparison to the God Emperor. Love!
  7. By that logic isn't it fair to say there is no evidence to say gun control laws do work?
  8. I realize that you and others are used to these threads being left wing safe spaces, and that I am a particularly bruising debater, but I am not on trial here and there is no need for me to 'go on record' about anything. But no. There is little to no evidence that gun control reduces gun related crime, or even violent crime in general.
  9. Are you going to present statistics that support your assertion that it does work, or deflect more?
  10. And again, what effect on gun violence did the NFA and GCA (whom have a far broader focus) and state level gun control measures do? I know pro-gun control arguments are hard to come by in any form that isn't "B-B-BUT AUSTRALIA!" but at least present something.
  11. Because gun ownership in and of itself is not a crime, despite the fact many want it to be.
  12. Here is a fairly neutral article on the matter. Please note how minimal of an impact the AWB had.
  13. The National Firearms Act. The Gun Control act. The Federal Assault Weapons ban during the 90s, and the local ones that still exist at state levels. How effective have those been? The answer is obviously not very. But by all means keep holding gun control up as a cornerstorne of the democratic party. I love sitting up here in Canada and watching the 'crats get crushed because of it!
  14. You do know that the Sandy Hook shooter had to commit a murder to illegally seize the weapon he used to commit that atrocity, right? It didn't magically appear from Texas. And by the way most of, if not all, new england has very strict gun control laws. Gun control doesn't work. You refuse to acknowledge it.
  15. Sandy Hook took place in a state that had strict gun control laws. Columbine took place during the height of the old AWB. It's not me that has the critical thinking issue. Sad!