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  1. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    Yeah, Rothfuss said that when he went back to what he thought were complete, editor-ready drafts of the second and third books, they were a lot rougher than he remembered. WMF was 250,000 words compared to the final 400,000, and a couple of what became major characters weren't in it at all. You'd think he would have taken some time to look at those drafts before making "It's done!" a selling point, but whatever. GRRM at least sounds like he regrets how long the books are taking. Maybe he's just saying the right things (though I personally think he's sincere), but at least he bothers to say them.
  2. Amazing Book Deals V.2

    The sale lasts through the 20th, according to a Facebook post by an Open Road employee. I was at 277 "bought" by the time I got through the full list. Some other authors with at least one book, and sometimes a dozen or more, included: May Sarton, Fritz Lieber, Hortense Calisher, Pat Murphy, Iris Murdoch, Greg Keyes, Mary Gordon, Rick Moody, Francine Prose, Fred Kaplan, Denton Welch, James Jones, Tariq Ali, John Shirley, Barbara Hambly, Tanith Lee, Jane Yolen, Carol Shields, Andre Dubus, John Ashbery, Alice Walker, John Brunner, Bel Kaufman, Poppy Z. Brite, Anne Perry, Paul Monette, Frank O'Connor, Joe Haldeman, Peter Dickinson, James Beard, Lawrence Durrell, Clifford D. Simak, Patricia C. Wrede, Mary Renault, Theodore Sturgeon, John Gardner, Roger Angell, Harlan Ellison, George Steiner, Alison Lurie, and Samuel R. Delany.
  3. K.J. Parker (a.k.a.Tom Holt) - Part II

    Looks like it has-- I just got an Amazon notification moving it to March 2017. Which means almost a full year between installments.
  4. Amazing Book Deals V.2

    The US Kindle omnibus of the Harry Potter books is $14.99 (about $2.14 per book) at Amazon right now.
  5. Any have recommendations for good, recent (past 5 years) non-fiction books?

    Adam Hochschild's To End All Wars is a nice general history of World War I, with an emphasis on peace activists and war opposition. Margaret Macmillan's The War That Ended Peace is a dense but accessible account of everything that led up to the war; possibly a little biased in favor of the British but generally very astute. Karen Armstrong's Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence is a sweeping riposte to the familiar suggestion that religion causes violence. Inevitably her thumb is on the scale in some ways, but the book makes for a nice way to approach history of religion as a general topic. Jill Lepore had two interesting books about gender and history: Book of Ages is a sort-of-biography of Benjamin Franklin's sister, and The Secret History of Wonder Woman is a neat look at how the idiosyncrasies of the character's creator were reflected in the early comics. Sheri Fink's Five Days at Memorial is powerful if you're into recent history; it looks at the life-and-death decisions made in a New Orleans hospital during Hurricane Katrina. Helen Castor's She-Wolves is just a bit over five years old, but it's a compelling narrative history about female rulers of England prior to Mary I and Elizabeth I. Sadakat Kadri's Heaven on Earth looks at both historical and contemporary uses of sharia law.
  6. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    He's continued to do quite well sales-wise, actually, as far as I can see from the data available. The Omen Machine debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list, The Third Kingdom debuted at #5, and Severed Souls debuted at #4. (For comparison, the last three main Sword of Truth books debuted at #2, #1, and #2.) The more recent books do have somewhat less staying power on the list than the original sequence, but it's still a level of success most writers would kill for.
  7. Amazing Book Deals V.2

    Gregory Maguire's Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West is free at several US e-tailers for the day. Here's an Amazon link:
  8. His sales are much more than respectable in the long term, but they're not the kind of thing that's going to make Penguin clear the decks and rush to meet or approximate a date that was given to a few thousand fans on the Internet. Two years would be unusual, but since we're in August and the manuscript isn't quite finalized yet, we're actually talking maybe a year and a half, which is not shocking. It's on the long side, and it is quite possible that the last six months or so is purely because of whatever this vague-but-hyped announcement involves, but not really unusual. It takes someone who's going to make the bestseller list to get a real rush to publication, and Williams hasn't done that in over 20 years. A return to Osten Ard could very well change that... with the kind of full promotional cycle the book is now getting.   Edit: another factor, of course, is lead times. If Williams were likely to be delivering the series for one-per-calendar-year publication, there'd be more incentive to get book one out ASAP. But since he's more a one-every-two-or-three-years writer when it comes to epic fantasy, delaying book one a little will, as someone noted upthread, only reduce the gap between later volumes. By then, one hopes, there will be even more anxious, anticipatory readers than there are now.
  9. A publisher as large as Penguin is going to have a very busy schedule, so it's not really surprising that the soonest they could give the book the promotion and distribution it deserves is Spring 2017. A year and a half from a largely complete manuscript to publication is pretty common in the industry, and despite being a huge seller overall Williams doesn't have the kind of immediate fanbase hunger that causes other epic fantasy writers to get rushed to publication.
  10. Amazing Book Deals V.2

    Some Robin Hobb e-book deals, presumably to promote Fool's Quest. I imagine these will be US-only, but it can't hurt to check. I've linked to Amazon, but the deals seem mostly to be good at multiple sites:   The Rain Wilds Chronicles are discounted, to $0.99 for the first book and $1.99 for the other three. Amazon links: [url=]2[/url] [url=]3[/url] [url=]4[/url]   Also, the e-omnibus of the entire Soldier Son trilogy is $2.99:   And, while this isn't a new discount, Assassin's Apprentice is still $1.99: [url=]Amazon link[/url].   Edit: OK, no idea why two of those links wouldn't format right, but I've left them in as plain text.
  11. Fool's Quest

    The question isn't whether it's plausible within the fiction for Fitz not to put things together within a certain timeframe; the question is whether it's satisfying in literary terms to make readers wait hundreds of pages across two books for characters to discover things the readers already knew. In small doses dramatic irony can be potent, but when overplayed and hammered home it can also frustrate, especially in a series that is, ah, not exactly fast-paced in other respects. I enjoyed Fool's Quest very much-- it reactivated my enthusiasm for the setting and the characters, which Fool's Assassin had failed to do-- but structurally, it has some real issues.
  12. Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves.. SPOILERS

    Lynch has confirmed that The Thorn of Emberlain will not be released in 2015:  
  13. Amazing Book Deals V.2

    Ken Liu's The Grace of Kings is $1.99 in the US Kindle Store for the month of August. Not matched at other e-book sites so far.
  14. Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves.. SPOILERS

    I think a publisher date is more likely than a retailer date to be one that was real at some point. But that doesn't mean they're always current. The rights guide linked above listed a September date, with a note that the manuscript was due in May. Since we're now two months past that due date and the manuscript is apparently not finished (unless it is and Lynch just hasn't mentioned that on social media), I'd say both September and October are unlikely, and we're fast approaching the point where the book will be bumped out of 2015 entirely.
  15. K.J. Parker (a.k.a.Tom Holt) - Part II

    Part Five of The Two of Swords is out today. It's the shortest part yet, but it does a lot for the overall story, and ends on a vicious cliffhanger.