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  1. To be honest, I think it's getting people to click on a link to bestsimilar.com that appeals.
  2. Assuming that's why they brought Boufal and that kid Obafemi on, but they don't know how to use that pace at all. Both just ended up wandering about waiting for something to get onto. Although Obafemi should have scored the winner.
  3. Although, to add to the notion, actual occupying armies are trained to far greater degree of firearm responsibility than the US police. Like the ex-marine who got fired, last year I think, because he didn't shoot someone he realised wasn't a threat. eta: to clarify, fired from the police.
  4. It's been said before, by people far more invested and knowledgeable than me, that America's police often, and increasingly, treat their job as being that of almost an occupying army rather than servants and protectors. That mindset cannot be allowed to continue.
  5. I've never understood why Ward-Prowse never seems to get a consistent long-term run in this Southampton team. He might not be the flashiest, silkiest, most complete player all-round but anyone as consistently good at putting the ball into exactly the most dangerous part of the box from anywhere up to forty yards out should be in the team every week. Maybe Arsenal should buy him, get him feeding those Lacazette runs.
  6. Absolutely. I'm not saying they shouldn't sign Aubameyang, just that him on his own isn't really an improvement for the squad. Especially with Mkhi being the other guy coming. It has improved this season, with Ozil's form and Lacazette is a willing worker, but they need more runners in, and Aubameyang imo won't be that useful in the long run unless they do.
  7. Well, on the pure goal level, but Sanchez normally (ie not this season) offers far more hustle and general all-round play than Aubameyang, who really is someone who needs to be fed. There have been times in the last few years when Sanchez was the only one trying to drag Arsenal forward and keeping them in games. Aubameyang won't replace that if it comes down to it again.
  8. I think the sensible approach would be put Ozil out on the left- he's the one leaving, so it'd make sense to play the other three in roles they are used to. All three can play on the right as well as their central role, so you'll presumably see the two forwards sharing time between center forward and wing with Mkhi drifting around no10. And then getting an actual left sider in summer to slot into a group that are otherwise used to each other will make the whole thing much easier.
  9. Well, the Mikhi-Sanchez swap deal looks set pending medicals. Let's hope both teams can get a better attitude out of their new guy than their old one.
  10. Even Pogba offended a couple of times on this score. Poor Rashford, when he came on, tried but his passing was shocking. I think that even though Jose is clearly trying to keep (unusually for him) the confidence up by continuing Rashford's record of playing in every game so far, it might be necessary to just drop him for a game or two and see if he can reboot the system.
  11. No, what I say is bullying is you deciding that people who very obviously aren't nazis, rapists, child murderers or their supporters are those things because they disagreed with you on minor points of how things should be approached or how clear some evidence is and then lie and try to gaslight the whole board into believing they are those things by pretending they said things they never said and responding to arguments they never made. I used to try to ignore you, but that proved impossible because there were so many topics I couldn't engage in because, oh look, you've made them about yourself again.
  12. And calling you out for being a narcissistic bully who can't handle even the slightest disagreement is hardly saying that we should be nice to nazis, murderers and child rapists.
  13. "But polish, this board is entirely full of people who don't agree with me precisely on every single subject and those people can only possibly be supporting rape and murder because the world isn't complicated and I can totally handle being wrong, honest!" It's not that we place an especially high value on your opinion (though as I said the other day, I admire, in principle at least, your moral stands, and agree with many of them). It's that you quite deliberately make as many topics as possible about attacking anyone who doesn't have the exact same one as you, so it becomes impossible to avoid reacting to it.