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  1. I googled it, and only found that something like this has been going on for at least three seasons now. But I hadn't heard about it and it does seem like one of those rules that pretends to be evening the playing field but will only actually benefit... well, us.
  2. Yeah, but he's not better than Schneiderlin. No idea why we sold him if we were going to make this move. Utter stupidity by Jose imo.
  3. Well exactly. He's not gonna make the team worse or anything. He's just underwhelming compared to who we could get or indeed who we already had.
  4. It seems to be. Honestly, looking at it from here the summer looks to have been another complete Woodward clownshow. Once the Griezmann transfer fell through, he had no idea what to do regarding getting another forward in, and our search for another DM has been a similarly undignified scooch round every vaguely available player. Was hoping for better once we signed Lindeloff so quickly but no.
  5. I seriously do not understand why we sold Schneiderlin only to apparently buy Matic for 40mil six months later. It's not that I think Matic is a bad player but how is that a step up?
  6. I'm not defending what Vettel did, because clearly any deliberate bump is a risk of causing a huge accident, but there's really no comparison between what he did here and Schumacher trying to put Barichello into a wall (or indeed the time he tried to smash Villenueve off the road when the latter overtook him- failing miserably in that instance and putting himself out).
  7. That was awesome. Was absolutely not expecting that from Baku, or any street circuit really. Combination of skill and havoc makes this the best race for ages. Eta: the irony of that last part of that last post.
  8. Really? I didn't think Force Awakens was amazing but it didn't include those cutesy elements to any great degree, and Rogue One wasn't camp at all. Where are you seeing this supposed focusing on kids stuff? ps I've always wondered, why is it that you finish every single fricking sentence with an ellipsis?
  9. It's amusing me that it seems like by far the most anticipated act of Glastonbury this weekend is Corbyn's introduction for Run the Jewels.
  10. All this talk of Miller and Lord's past movies, and no mention of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? For shame! I liked the Lego Movie fine, but Cloudy is a fair bit better imo.
  11. Well, unless Theresa May fucks up the Northern Ireland thing.
  12. Possibly, but he does have other projects on the go and don't forget, he's 74 now. He isn't necessarily going to want to work all year round...
  13. If it's about the Continental itself, then surely the potential presence of Keanu Reeves is less important than the potential presence of Ian McShane.
  14. Freedom of speech is obviously a broad concept which varies from country to country/society/person, but for me it's surely got to be about the freedom to express opinion. Surely it cannot cover threat, bullying, coersion, or other attempts at personal manipulation? You take it to too much of an extreme and suddenly there's no legal way to stop harrassment.