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  1. Clearly Cameron is a very big fan of Malazan.
  2. Juve still have to go to Inter and to Roma as well. Down to the wire this.
  3. Herrera is a fucking boss. Great seeing him back in form. We're so much better when other fans are raging at him. There were loads of fouls both ways that went un or under-punished. Trippier's stamp on Sanchez was at least as much of a red card as Valencia's. Then Rashford got booked for some absolute nonsense.
  4. I'ma give credit to Jose on one thing, though it's taken him fucking long enough to arrive at it: Matic-Herrera-Pogba is a fucking smashing midfield.
  5. To be fair, you kind of have to have a self-depreciating moment when the method you use to check if you've drained the tank of your car is to drop a lit match into it.
  6. 3D is the bane of my cinemagoing life and all forms of it can fuck right off. In England thankfully the trend for it has receded somewhat, meaning you can always easily find a 2D showing on opening weekends, but less so in Berlin, at least in the biggest cinemas that show films in English- I have to hope one of the indies is showing it. Which they usually are for Marvel, to be fair, but DC films and some others seem to be exclusively SonyCenter (so exclusively 3D) for weeks.
  7. No. That's one of the reasons Mourinho should leave. No player is bigger than the club, but no manager is either, and right now from where I'm looking it's Jose acting like a twat. Yes, there are things Pogba has to sort out himself too, but Mourinho's just not going about it the right way. Like I say, he can't stand a personality other than his own shining. I mean, there are other reasons- Pogba is just a symptom of the general Mourinho malaise- but on no account should we be allowing Pogba to leave at this stage.
  8. Selling Pogba at this point would be grounds for a sacking. Mourinho can't handle him having a personality (however kitsch you might think that personality is) and is trying to crush it. eta: though I do think chat that we've set our fee and all this is just clickbait from the papers.
  9. Should be Sean Dyche tbqh.
  10. The immediate favourite for taking over is Ancellotti. That'd be a terrible idea, even if in the short term it'd be fun.
  11. Yeah, but those of us with Wikipedia will know of Herbert Chapman and decide that tactically revolutionary professors are more Arsenal's roots than 1-0 to the Arsenal.
  12. Coleman is a wicked player. Unless this was during one of the many years he was crippled, that isn't bizarre at all. Fletcher was dead good for a while too before his intestines melted, though it's a more surprising decision given how hard it is for DMs to get in.
  13. Systematic might be the wrong word, but none of the others had the level of bureaucracy and governmental process of dehumanising the victims that the Holocaust involved.
  14. I don't think they should merge the X-Men into the main universe, to be honest. The way the MCU has been set up from the start just makes me feel it'd be awkward to fit them in. Their themes wouldn't work as well if you introduce mutants as a fresh thing. I don't think Rhom's idea works great either- we already know that at least two of the Infinity Gem have been on Earth for ages. Also, the Holocaust was systematic in a way that most of those others weren't, which plays into his reaction to government attempts to regulate mutants. Change his origin and you have to change his personality, and at that point you're not really doing Magneto anymore. I like the idea of him mentoring a younger survivor from one of the others, but long-term it'd still have to be handled with care. I mean, it's something Marvel are going to have to deal with eventually- at some stage it's just not going to be plausible to have a Holocaust survivor be around. Not without Captain-America gimmickry which I'm not sure is a good idea for Magneto either.
  15. I feel like not having a single Burnley defender in it is a mistake.