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  1. The commentary regards the attacks the other day has been painful at times today. Our game management is good but Ajax were pony and we could definitely have gone up the gears. Hope if Jose gets the players he wants (reports in France this week that we've put in a silly-money offer for Bernardo Silva) he'll start trying to be attacking again, because this sort of thing gets grim. Though in today's case you can offer some praise for Ajax's one really good performance, from Davinson Sanchez, who snuffed a fair few of our attacks.
  2. Well, we're doing the job. Can't help but feel we could push the pace a bit more though...
  3. What's the odds on the new young hotshot being Chris Pratt?
  4. Anyone watch any of the boxing this weekend? Very much a 'future of boxing' collection: Terence Crawford won handily, Gervonta Davis smashed Liam Walsh, Naoya Inoue laid a beating and 20 year old David Benavidez smashed through Porky Medina, who went 12 hard rounds with DeGale a year ago.
  5. I'm not 100% convinced that it does make sense but nonetheless that was really good.
  6. Of course, next season instead of a winter break we're going to see even more congestion with 6 rounds of fixtures played in the last 16 days of December to bring forward the end of the season for more prep time for the World Cup.
  7. I'm a little unsure about where they've gone with Laura. It's great that they've made her a much bigger part and told her side of the story much more, and much of it was done really well, particularly after she died and stroed into Fuller territory, but the route they've gone makes their connection seem so tenuous, so far. Like they've deliberately made her a bit disconnected from the world but they've gone too far and thus her following and protection of Shadow is now justified by a rather uncomfortable literalisation of a 'light of my life' metaphor that really doesn't ring true from what we saw of them together in life. Love what they've done with Aubrey though.
  8. I liked the Gameshouse books- nothing mindblowing but love the premise, and the first novella did the election games thing way better than the last Locke Lamora book for example. For the rest, Harry August is by far my favourite- both Hope and Touch were well written but it felt like Touch failed at really having a point beyond the premise whereas Hope had too many; the forgetting thing and the app thing could have been a book each and the ideas clashed. The End of the Day is a real shame. It's a brave book, and all of the individual bits are well written, but it feels like an unfinished pitch for something much much bigger. Really strange. I hope we see some more Kate Griffin work from her sometime.
  9. Until you learn that he organised it himself. What an absolute fucking state of a man.
  10. Josh Harrop wondergoal. And Pogba. We're doing good...
  11. Well, if it was applicable then it's applicable now. But the point is that asteroids make no more sense for the patterns they've seen so far than anything else anyone has come up with. Even if it is asteroids, they're doing something weird.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's set in its own 'verse just to give them leeway with the whole 'he was around in the early 2000s' thing. Anyway, I'm not hugely familiar with the character, so is it just me or have they drawn almost as much from the John Henry Irons Steel as they have from Black Lightning himself in the comics for this? Certainly the tech-focused suit, even though he has his own powers, and the prominence of his daughter give that impression.
  13. To be fair he'd almost certainly be a big upgrade on Mata, and Mkhitaryan hardly ever plays in that role anyway. We certainly can do with creativity- apart from Mkhitaryan and Rashford neither of whom have hit consistent form we don't really have anyway who can turn defensive lines just by dribbling and trickery, and James would help; it's just that a Griezmann would help more. I mean, if we ended up somehow with Griezmann, Hamish and a CB, plus possibly some more cover in midfield, I wouldn't object, But that's a lot of spending.
  14. Yeah, I'm with Consigliere on this. I mean, I love Rodriguez as a player, but he's not what we need. You could play a midfield of Herrera-Pogba-James but under Jose at least that seems like a formation that would shackle Pogba- he could do the more traditional box-to-box, but if you want the best out of him, you give him the free role. And Jose isn't going to give two free roles in one team. Not that I am especially convinced by Kroos or Morata (although I haven't paid him the attention I should this season). Griezmann, or someone like him, needs to be the priority.
  15. I'm curious about how the story goes from here, compared to the book, because (spoilers for both, but I'm keeping them vague)