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  1. I was just gonna say that OP seems to be describing Dagger and Coin: it's not quite as epic as aSoIaF but other than that it hits every point. Long Price is a better series- personally I like that one quite a lot more than aSoIaF- but it's not quite as GRRM-like. On Malazan: I love it, also a lot more than aSoIaF, but it really doesn't fit the bill here. Even in world-building, it's a bit all over the shop: in small pieces the scene-setting is brilliant but the whole really doesn't come together in any kind of convincing shape. Part of the issue is that Eriksen, sometimes seemingly purely for epicness's sake, uses historical timelines that are simply too big (there are a couple of aspects where all those zeroes are probably needed, but it causes so much historical empty space for everything else that it seems counterproductive) that's not the only issue. I just re-read Midnight Tides though and I hope that once he's finally done with Malaz world Eriksen turns his hand to a slightly smaller-scale story that focuses more within a specific area, like that book does for the most part. The Karkhanas prequels kind of aim to do that already, but they're obviously still connected. On the great seasonal debate: I'm presumably not the only one who thinks it's really likely that the seasonal variations are something to do with the long-term mystical war between R'hllor and the Great Other (who is powering, you know, The Others)? Though it probably won't turn out as simple as 'R'hllor good, Other bad'.
  2. Koeman's said that even if he stays he's not playing. So he can't really do that.
  3. So yeah, started Blackwing, think I'm about halfway in, really good so far. Reminds me a bit of Robert Jackson Bennet's Divine Cities but with a Mieville-ish more horror-based styling.
  4. For clarity, continued Court of Broken Knives spoilers here: I definitely see why it's not for everyone though. I thought it was better than Godblind, the other hardcore grimdark debut written by an Anna that came out at the same time, but I suspect Godblind may have a more even reception; it's a bit more normal in its stylings, if not in what actually happens.
  5. The idea of a German 'c' is an interesting one coz it's pretty much only ever used, standalone, for words of foreign origin. Kind of odd that that sound even came to exist in the language. While not familiar with Bosnian specifically I'm gonna assume, by the way, that the reason Pjanic is pronounced with the English 'ch' sound whereas Kolasinac isn't is that in reality, the 'c' in Pjanic is a 'ć' whereas the 'c' in Kolanisac is just a regular c, same difference as it would be in Polish. But I'm sure the resident local lads can correct me if I'm wrong there.
  6. See, that's what I would have thought (well, the 's' thing isn't a 'sh' but the z-ish sound it really is isn't viable in English) but he introduced himself differently? Either he's trying to be polite to the English fans or his family have decided to Germanise it even more than saying it 'ch' at the end at some point.
  7. I was fine that sorta-twist because it all played into the artful, theatrical hysteria that the later part of the novel descended/ascended into.
  8. In fairness, while City's squad seems disgustingly good when you look at their bench yesterday, it's still very forward-weighted and I can see them having issues at the back as the season goes on. Our squad looks a little less loaded with special but it's also a bit better balanced, and we have two keepers better than either of City's. Spurs have the best team, though. But they are very shallow and really need to add some depth in the next couple of weeks. Especially if they want to make a run for the CL and challenge in the league.
  9. Oh, that was a lovely goal, the fourth one.
  10. Sure, but what he really is is a no. 8 and a no. 10. Having Matic alongside him releases him from defensive duties but having Mata there means he's still pretty limited about when he can actually get forward. That's why I'd rather it was Matic-Herrera-Pogba. Since Herrera is also a box-to-boxer with some number 10 in him, it gives them both the chance to do all that they're best at, and offers a real defensive solidity at the same time since both are defensively responsible. Plus, it just seems both really stupid and really unfair to drop our best player last season. And now Fellaini's on instead of him too. Fuck's sake. I can't be too het up about this particular instance, we've played well. But it's just the whole thing that bothers me.
  11. Herrera isn't really a holding player, though. He's a box-to-boxer at heart. And while in theory Matic-Pogba-Mkhitaryan/Mata is a more attacking midfield than Matic-Herrera-Pogba, I think Herrera's shown he can be plenty attacking when let off the leash plus I thought the whole idea was to give Pogba a freer hand, which sitting him back behind Mata doesn't really do. Matic is a good player, though I think Herrera is the better, but my problem isn't with him, it's with the mentality he indicates in Mourinho.
  12. For fuck's sake I fucking knew Herrera was going to be the one getting shafted by Matic's presence. At least the overall shape of the team is attacking.
  13. What the fuck was Shelvey thinking? He wasn't even angry!
  14. Yeah, although I do suspect Huddersfield will surprise a few teams early season with how composed their midfield is, judging by yesterday. Philip Billing looks really good, they really had control of the middle of the park.
  15. It certainly happens that refs get a bit power trippy, but equally to do their job properly they need respect and the culture for it just isn't there in football. We need some Nigel Owens to come in and sort shit out.