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  1. That's actually not true. From wiki:
  2. Well, I've finished it. That was a lot to process. Worthy finale, though. Some thoughts and questions for when all you slowcoaches catch up. MAJOR SPOILERS HERE ENTER AT YOUR PERIL I'ma need to do another series reread. Once my Malazan reread is done.
  3. Yeah, I'm not exactly enamoured of Tuchel - why does he think bigger clubs are going to come in for him? He did nowhere near enough of note for challengers to want to take a punt on his reputation for being an arse!- but I still find this difficult to credit. I will, however, concede that although he might have all the humanity of a mouldy hamburger, Pep is a much better manager than Tuchel.
  4. I don't see Silva moving already. He's in a good spot, has decent money, and is in a good enough position that if a vacancy comes up at one of the big clubs, in England or elsewhere, and he's still got them in form, he's in with a shot. He doesn't need the risk of Everton. I think Dyche would do you good tbh. He's very much a pragmatist, but he's adaptable, and once he'd got the problems fixed I think he'd look to be more expansive than he is with Burnley. In any case he's surely earned a shot somewhere at some point, but his percieved old-schoolness probably counts against him... Allardyce would keep you up. Not sure you can trust him to build long-term, though. Could see Mark Hughes being offered it. Of course, part of the problem is that you're now competing with Leicester for a new boss. And as much as y'all have got more money, the echo of the title and the fact that Leicester, for all their problems, look less of a mess, might give Leicester the advantages.
  5. It's a bit weird how they hyped that up given that Perry has a fight lined up already. Also, lots of boxing yesterday too. Murat Gassiev smashed Wlodarzyk to move on in the WBSS, and Ryan Burnett unified world titles at bantamweight by beating Zhanat Zhakinayov. Big fan of Burnett.
  6. The problem with Klopp is that despite his protestations otherwise he's always been shit at organising defences. This was mitigated somewhat at Dortmund by him having good defenders, and a solid keeper, but it still resulted in collapses like that not infrequently. But of course now that he's working with defenders that are shit, he hasn't adjusted at all to cover for that.
  7. Coz if it doesn't it will be a completey pointless endeavour?
  8. There's obviously some overlap of forms, especially when you take it into MMA, but I think Till's inspiration and training is more the Anderson Silva laid-back school of Muay Thai than those guys you mentioned (I wouldn't be shocked to find out that Silva is why he moved to Brazil). It was basically the two opposing ends of the Muay Thai spectrum.
  9. When is Wenger going to realise that Xhaka and Ramsey as a midfield does not work?
  10. Well, Darren Till proper flattened Cowboy.
  11. In fairness, he doesn't help himself an awful lot sometimes: his movement is quite poor sometimes. He's far better taking advantages of spaces other people make than making it himself. That's why Rashford should be playing, though with us playing this badly I don't know he's gonna make a huge difference.
  12. That was utterly utterly shocking. Honestly, Lingard's probably been our best player, if only by virtue of running around a lot.
  13. I'm about a third in and it's smashing.
  14. Jammy fuckers.
  15. Pereyra is a really good player but he's so injury prone it's silly. The good news is that when Arsenal sign him he won't have to move house.