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  1. Han Solo Movie Cast First Shot

    Meh. The cast for Rogue One was better and better looking, and would have been even if it had been just Mads Mikkelsen on his own.
  2. MMA & Boxing 19: Cody Garbrandt's Dance Party

    Witness the perils of joining in Cody Garbrant's dance party:
  3. Was this the remake or the Argentine original? I remember liking the original, although I remember absolutely nothing about it apart from the epic football stadium long-take.
  4. February Reading 2017

    I have the exact same concern. But I hope Gaiman does a bit more with it because The Gospel of Loki was a disappointment on the promise of giving Loki's alternate view to the myths- apart from some snark by Loki and a bit of embellishment at the very start and end, most of the key stories were identical to what I'd read about them growing up, didn't paint a new picture at all.
  5. Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    Lazy git. Mind you, his internet presence is messy as hell when it comes to his writing so I don't blame you. He appears to be an illustrator first and a writer on the side, so not urgent about releasing books, and to have had either two projects or one project renamed on the go but not published. At one point on his website he mentions doing his next series as an online serial so you really just need to google him every so often and see what pops up.
  6. Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    I don't think a man with 36 thousand tweets can plausibly called 'vanished', tbh. He appears to be very very busy all the time, just not on novels. He wrote a few short stories and a couple of novellas (all of which I keep promising myself I'll pick up, but haven't yet), he does quite a few essays and thinkpieces (or did at least, not sure if that's still the case), he does a lot of poetry. Eta: On Alan Campbell: A quick google found a facebook post from June last year, so a bit outdated but he did give an update (I'll repost here, spoilered for length, bolding of relevant paragraph mine) Also, I mentioned DM Cornish earlier. I checked his blog again just now, and amusingly he updated it for the first time in three years two days ago. No info though, just straight into a fragment of story as is his habit when he is active.
  7. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    So Syd and David work as pretty sweet on screen, but I am bugged by the fact that David still hasn't apologised for or even acknowledged that his breaking her no-touch rule was a dick move despite them specifically violating her no-touching rule, and neither does she seem angry at him for it despite the fact that him doing so ended up causing her to horrifically murder someone. And to that, I don't buy the idea that Lenny was only ever in his head. Just don't see the evidence for it. We see her talking to Syd and the doc in ep 1, the spooks mention that she was stuck in the wall, and in this episode we see her specifically talking to someone else and Syd says 'I think I killed your friend' not 'I think I killed a random girl I've never seen before'. But I am now certain that at some point David is going to reference the conversation she and Sydney had (about getting some candy bar or something?) and that's how Sydney figures out Lenny's in his head now. Anyway, while I don't have anything really against Aubrey Plaza, watching her in this does make me realise why Summer Glau got typecast as playing crazy people. Because it's hard so you might as well hire someone you know can do it. But anyway, not quite as out-there as the first episode but nicely done and creepy. As mentioned above there's a culty air about Summerland and I suspect that what we're going to see from the leader lady is as much Magneto as Professor X.
  8. Neil Gaiman working on NEVERWHERE II (finally!)

    There seems to be a special talent among British fantasy writers of creating that kind of bad guy duo. Vandemar and Croup, Goss and Subby, Mr. Pin and Mr. Tulip... I'm sure there's more but those spring to mind.
  9. That's the one where they read all the criticism of the original comic being problematically chauvinistic in its treatment of Barbara, and decided to solve the problem by doubling down, right? To be fair, that's really the case for almost any film that's been filmed in any city. I don't usually mind it unless the geography's a specific part of the plot (like, since I moved to Berlin Run Lola Run winds me up something rotten).
  10. Football: fixture congestion

    Herrera had one of his rare poor games.
  11. Football: fixture congestion

    They were three very jammy goals, to be fair (well, the penalty wasn't jammy in the finish, but the actual pen was soft as fuck). Was a good second half though. Martial and Pogba had great games and Rashford started tearing it up when he came on too.
  12. Football: fixture congestion

    Lingard rather than Rashford but the principle of your request has been heard. We got away with a stonewall penalty, too. But we've attacked quite well, just shabby playing out the back for some reason.
  13. The Longest SF & Fantasy Novels of All Time

    Just to note: the slipcase edition of Jerusalem is three volumes. At least the one I have is. If you type 'Moon's Spawn' into Google Image you get a whole row of awesome illustrations. It's obviously one that people enjoy drawing/painting... That one's nice although I did always imagine a lot more rock and a lot less (visible) city.
  14. Football: fixture congestion

    It occurred to me recently that I can't decide who's more hateable, Ted Cruz or Piers Morgan. That's some going.
  15. First Fantasy Book or Series

    I was probably about 8 or 9 when I started reading David Eddings. Before that I'd have read Narnia and The Hobbit (plus a bunch of Polish stuff which probably doesn't apply here, plus the Moomins and a bunch of Lindgren). Oh, and Doctor Dolittle. While some aspects of those books haven't aged well in terms of racial perceptions, I loved them when I was growing up (and I think most of the potentially awkward stuff that'd come up is the type of thing you could have a conversation with a kid about). I wouldn't start him on HDM to be honest- it's not just going to be too scary which it will certainly be if Azkaban is, but there's a lot of heavy stuff in there that I can't see even a particularly bright 8-year-old really understanding or having the patience for. You'd have to be prepared for some potentially deep questions in any case. Maybe Pratchett's Tiffany Aching series?