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  1. Football - dawn of optimism

    I'm pretty certain Wenger's only gone for Lucas Perez coz he's the best striker he could find that people weren't telling him he should buy.
  2. RIO 16 - Best bits

    Bolt was in his first year as a professional and running injured in Athens, so if he had won or even made the semis/final that would have been something remarkable.
  3. The Prince Of Nothing series is coming to TV!

    Yeah, I was all excited there for a second.
  4. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    The problem with giving it to Budapest is you'd presumably be giving that cunt Orban politican capital. The other thing is that not just Budapest but the whole of Hungary is landlocked. They're proposing to hold the sailing events on a lake. It is a very big lake but that seems weird. I'd like to see Paris, though LA being the only bid that has actually put an effort into their bid logo makes me sympathise their way a bit...
  5. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    You forgot to mention Mo Farah.
  6. Boarders Writing A Novel: Volume 14 A Memory of Civility

    The guy's immortality is provided by some kind of internally-powered stabilising field and anything leaving it immediately decoheres to what it should have been long ago. Possible added detail: theorise that he's from another universe and the matter leaving him is anihillated on contact with our universe's matter. I was going to also suggest some kind of hyper-evolved anti-disease reaction but since she's a biologist/geneticist I don't think that's workable. It should be an explanation that's not quite from her field of expertise. p.s. you do like those fallen angel types, don't you? You should totally mythologise that this immediate decay of bodily whatever from angels is in some way behind Rastafarian's refusal to remove or amputate any part of their bodies... but if you don't I'm going to believe it anyway.
  7. [SPOILERS] The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin

    I haven't read the chapter, no. Where can I find it? If it's in the back, it's not in the Kobo ebook.
  8. [SPOILERS] The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin

    Finished Obelisk Gate. Excellent. Full spoilers to the end:
  9. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    No, the show-jumping is one event in the modern pentathlon. The others are swimming, running, fencing and shooting. The riders and the horses don't know each other before the event, which is probably why they're more skittish than for the average race/competition, but I'm not sure I'd consider it cruel. If they don't want to jump they don't make them after all.
  10. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Workprint Prototype Version

    Hopefully, but I remember even from the trailers, especially the second one, that this might have a few touches different from the average action film. This just seems different. That it's a different director isn't necessarily encouraging either (it's Ed Zwick this time). Especially when you look at your list of Tom Cruise success and realise that MI5 was also written and directed by McQuarrie and Edge of Tomorrow written by him, whereas here he just has a nebulous producer credit.
  11. Football - dawn of optimism

    They got better in the second half to be fair. Played some nice stuff and pressured Boro. They certainly need a bit more firepower in attack though.
  12. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Workprint Prototype Version

    I dunno if it's just an unconscious result of my visceral hatred for Forrest Gump, but I don't like Hanks on-screen much... On Jack Reacher, I agree with the general opinion, and I think it's a real shame that the new film looks to have dropped the smarter mystery stuff and just gone for a more generic action thriller.
  13. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    I'd be up for seeing a Farah-Brownlee showdown, that's for sure.
  14. Is genre TV more accepted by society?

    No. Eta: the 'no' is in response to 'is that true'. And to OP in general, but not to the title question.
  15. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    2nd and 4th could have gone either way I think. 1 clear for McGregor, 3 and 5 clear for Nate. Great fight but I wasn't best pleased after his criticising Aldo for that masterful performance v Edgar that McGregor spent some time in those last two rounds literally running away.