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  1. The new Justice League trailer

    Yeah, but the problem is that they introduced the characters badly, not that they introduced them at all. No-one watches at Ocean's 11 wishing there was an origin movie for Linus, or demands a Lettie boot-up for The Fast and the Furious. Sure, the Marvel model works and worked for them really well, but it's just as possible to mess that up, as DC already managed when they tried Green Lantern. The problem is that DC aren't thinking it out at all, apparently. Like, I dunno if you've read Geoff Johns' introductory Justice League post New-52, but it's exactly the sort of thing you'd need for this. Essentially a new bunch of characters and a new League, introduced all at once, and it works fine. Obviously different mediums but the concept and potential pitfalls are the same and Johns handles it fine. That story, with a bit of tweaking, could easily have been ported over to be the backbone of this story here.
  2. The new Justice League trailer

    I've never really been behind this argument: when fitting this many characters into a two-hour film some of them are going to take priority over others whether they've had previous films or not, it doesn't really matter if the other characters get their room to grow before or after. It's not as if ensemble films don't happen in other genres all the time without setup, why are the rules different for superheroes? I'm just not at all convinced that this film is going to do it right.
  3. The new Justice League trailer

    I didn't know about Goyer's stance on MM. What a dickhead. I also miss Plastic Man: I'm aware he's not an original member but I grew up alongside Grant Morrison's run (and later Mark Waid's) so he's a big part of it to me. Anyway, one hopes that Geoff Johns can mitigate Goyer-and-Snyder's more annoying tendencies (the hiring of Reeves for Batman and the rumour of Matthew Vaughn for MoS2- please oh please let that happen- suggests that WB are looking at directors more consistent with the kind of thing Johns writes, which could well be his influence being felt with the supposed increase in his role after BvS/Suicide Squad). Anyway this looks a bit of a mess and I'm not sold on the idea of Steppenwolf as a lead-in to Darkseid- I'd much rather some other part of DC's vast cosmology ran into Earth and it turned out they were running from Darkseid, I'm not writing it off yet- Snyder's not a bad director, and the seeming relative simplicity of the plot could play to his strengths- but it's not an awesome start.
  4. 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri Trailer

    I look forward to watching anything Martin McDonagh puts out. He comes off like a mixture of the Coen Brothers and Shane Black. Looks very interesting indeed.
  5. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    I'm aware. That doesn't really change what I was saying.
  6. Seems unlikely. If you were planning a more major attack why would you put the entire nation on high alert before you did it?
  7. Were Mao and Stalin Actually Socialists? (No True Scotsman)

    Is it worth pointing out that, apparently, in order to pay the taxe percentages Buffet said she was paying his secretary had to be earning at least $200k a year? I'm totally for taxing rich people lots more than poor people but I struggle to categorise her as a poor person.
  8. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Well, there are. They aren't as good, or as proven good, as Suarez (apart from arguably Alexis Sanchez, who I can't see signing for Liverpool), but then neither was Suarez when he signed for Liverpool. Especially if they do hang on to the CL spots, but they do have money and allure even if not, cheeky bids for the likes of Lacazette, Mauro Icardi or hell even Dries Mertens who's proved a revelation in the striker spot this season wouldn't go amiss. But heck, even a player in the mould of Giroud would improve Liverpool greatly. Someone who can play with his back to goal, but with his feet (mini-Lewandowski, basically...).
  9. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    In defence of Pep, I always thought he was a 'can never change his style' stubborn guy but, while true to an extent, his time at Bayern proved that's not entirely true. He initially tried to turn them into Barca obviously but when he realised what he was wasting in Lewandowski by doing that he not only re-organised the team to be more direct and attacking down the wings again but bought players, against his usual strategies, that could replace Ribery and Robben in playing direct down the wings. So he can adapt to his players to an extent. Haven't seen the same from Klopp though. Liverpool badly lack the focal striker they need to be able to play his style against more defensive teams, and he hasn't been able to compensate for that.
  10. MMA & Boxing 19: Cody Garbrandt's Dance Party

    So Golovkin/Jacobs was waaaaaaay closer than anyone was anticipating and while I didn't properly score it (was way too tired in the night and haven't rewatched it yet) Jacobs could easily have a case that he won. Razor thin margins, great performance from Jacobs. In other news, Roman Gonzalez lost! Tough, close fight that could also have gone the other way, but a shock nonetheless. Essentially what we saw was a great little man hitting the limit of how high he can move up- despite the loss, his performance in the face of being physically badly outmatched and two serious cuts from head clashes during the fight was brilliant, and so was the fight as a whole. Seek it out, definite FOTY contender.
  11. MMA & Boxing 19: Cody Garbrandt's Dance Party

    Diakiese's KO of Packalen was the business. He looks like a great prospect him. Didn't see any of the rest of the London card but I'll have to catch up on one or two of them. Golovkin and Jacobs should be good, coming up soon.
  12. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Just wanna say that every single player on both teams in the Leicester/West Ham game has shown more balls than anyone in an Arsenal shirt did earlier. Admittedly, Leicester in particular need to be ashamed of this and the way they shafted Claudio, but... It says how much about how gutless I think Arsenal are that I think they'd be seriously improved as a team just by signing Antonio.
  13. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Tbh I don't see any reason to believe the varied visual era stuff going on is anything more than just subtle brainfuckery from the showrunners to us. Still reasonably sure it's modern day or near enough. On the song: there's no reason he had to hear it when it came out. For starters, although this may just be a rick by the showrunners, he couldn't have been living in a house at Potsdamer Platz in the 80s because there was a great big wall through the middle of it (not that there are any actual houses there now, it's all shiny office blocks and modern flats and shit, but you can live there at least) so if we're looking for clues in that scene for the timescale (rather than assuming 'showrunners naming famous German stuff at random' which I hope is not the case) it has to be in the 90s. Also: yeah, David's father is Xavier but I don't think it'll become relevant any time soon. I wanna know what's going on with the Eye. Has Lenny let him off the leash on purpose or has he loosened his own bonds? Also does he have any powers besides being able to look like other people? Because the show plays him as far more terrifying than just that.
  14. Were Mao and Stalin Actually Socialists? (No True Scotsman)

    In fairness it would be no true Scot thread if he didn't.
  15. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Could really have done with Lingard and Rashford on there, taking players on and taking chances. Though I understand why he'd want to save Rashford for the weekend (Boro have just sacked Karanka, btw which isn't a shock at all really). Slight worry over the injury to Pogba especially given Herrera's out for the two games. A Carrick/Fellaini midfield is not what I want to be seeing.