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  1. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Gotta say, and not just because they beat us, that Watford look very goo as well. They've bought wisely to expand the squad and brought in a real bit of creativity in in Pereyra, and the new gaffer seems to have given players like Capoue and Deeney a new verve too. They've got a run of very winnable games coming up so I could see them firmly embedded in the top half by the time they play Liverpool in November.
  2. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    West Ham look absolutely shocking. No organisation at the back and no confidence going forward. How does a team with Payet and Lanzini in it look so creatively bereft?
  3. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Is she the sole/main judge on the Oz version then? Coz that would be a bit silly.
  4. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Workprint Prototype Version

    My main problem with the Departed is the ending, which takes a lot of the moral complexity out of the original plot. It does a lot of things better than Infernal Affairs did early on, but those changes really cost it points for me.
  5. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    You're thinking of The Professionals. Regular Masterchef is judged by Gregg along with John Torode.
  6. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    I saw someone point out elsewhere that if it's a choice between Giroud up front and not playing Iwobi, and Sanchez up front and playing Iwobi, then Iwobi all the way.
  7. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    I love the BBC and really appreciate having it, and it absolutely needs to be protected in terms of freedom of programming and having a decent budget. But it shouldn't get to play by different rules in regards to show ownership. If they'd come up with, or bought outright the rights to (like they did with Top Gear), GBBO then sure, but they don't and forcing Love productions and/or all the presenters to stay with the BBC would be a bad thing. It wasn't a hostile takeover, it was a company that owns a product taking said product elsewhere. The idea that they shouldn't be allowed to do this is a pretty dangerous one imo. It's not as if they invested in it out of their goodness of their hearts, either. They thought it could be successful. Now they don't think it's successful enough to meet Love's valuation. It's a business decision from both sides. It's sad, for people who have grown to like the show, and I'm all for meeting the apparent disastrous failure of the move with smirks especially if the BBC come up with a credible alternative, but treating it as some villainy... well, I just don't see it. But my point about loyalty in this instance was specifically referring to Paul and the other presenters. (Crew might have been the wrong word, I didn't mean specifically the people working the cameras etc but, well, Love Productions as a group essentially). You say 'the BBC attracted the presenters' and all of that, but that's pure speculation and it's not as if the others are uniquely BBC (well, Mary to an extent but Mel and Sue have just as much history with Channel 4 as the BBC, looking at their past, if not more before GBBO came along).
  8. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    She's a lot closer to being an actual chef than Gregg Wallace.
  9. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Herrera as a deep-lying midfielder really works. He's doing well, holding the line and dictating, and Pogba's running off and making massive gaps in Leicester's defence (Amartey isn't helping plug them). I love the combination of power and featherlight touch. This is boss. Slow start but once we've started it's everything we should be doing. Consigliere was right that Zlatan will look much better with pace around him.
  10. Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    Yeah, but the difference is that when this happens in other professions, the police are part of the mechanism that is there to break it down and find the truth. Yeah. There was that case recently (probably discussed on here somewhere, but I can't see it off-hand) of the ex-marine fired from his police job because he didn't immediately shoot a man who was threatening no-one but himself and turned out to be holding an unloaded gun. Because he could see (even not knowing the gun was empty) that there wasn't an immediate danger and wanted to try to de-escalate.
  11. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Workprint Prototype Version

    We discussed it in the trailer thread when it first hit, but I like the look of Hacksaw Ridge. It's helped by being based on the sort of true story that is basically impossible for Hollywood to exaggerate.
  12. DCEU: The Wings of Liberty Have Lost Some Feathers

    I believe volume 2 is out next month. I assume that'll cover everything. Reading the article, the new series is a one-off six-issue mini, which is kinda disappointing but really makes sense. Hopefully, they (1) give it a decent push and (2) use it as a tester and if it does well, commission a full run.
  13. DCEU: The Wings of Liberty Have Lost Some Feathers

    Oh, awesome. I too hadn't been that impressed with what I saw of the New 52 Wildstorm treatment, but Midnighter was brilliant (I admit I didn't contribute to trying to keep it alive since I only buy trades so only got the first volume after the series was cancelled, I think, or just before. It makes me wonder if trade sales and word-of-mouth were strong, if they're commissioning this). Nailed the character and built on the work before, fit him into DC mythology really sensibly, just properly great stuff. Really fun too. I recommend it. ps: It was Warren Ellis, not Garth Ennis. Altohugh Ennis' run on Authority: Kev is pretty good. And yeah, there's probably more playroom there. Even in the comics you saw it, they could mess with the status quo. It wasn't enough to save the universe, but the apocalyptic event resulted in some good storylines, especially Abnett and Lanning's Authority run, which made top use of the team in both personalities and powers in the freaky post-apocalyptic setting.
  14. DCEU: The Wings of Liberty Have Lost Some Feathers

    I just wish the Midnighter had been a proper success, if we're talking launching new characters- his latest solo series was fucking great, but apparently just didn't sell at all and was cancelled. He'll still make guest appearances in the Grayson solo comic, I assume (something I've only read bits of but would like to read more), but it's just not the same.
  15. DCEU: The Wings of Liberty Have Lost Some Feathers

    Yeah. She has split off now but she definitely is a Joker-family character. Which makes her a Bat-family cousin too. She's not a legacy character (as in, taking up the mantle in honour of/in succession to...) which may be what red snow was talking about but she's definitely from the clan. I was very surprised to find out last year that her comics regularly outsell Superman's- the only DC hero who beats her is Bats himself.