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  1. Star Trek: Beyond the 1st Trailer

    There certainly are nitpicks to be had with the movie if one really wanted to, but it's a testament to the overall fun that, unlike, say, STID or The Force Awakens, they were too small and the movie overall too much fun for people to really start digging into them.
  2. Trailer thread II

    To be fair, that's a pretty standard Wuxia thing, which this movie is basically a particularly epic and CGI-filled version of by the looks of it. In any case it's the same director as House of Flying Daggers so it's not as if he just randomly nicked the idea coz he thought it looked cool. Him as the director would be a good sign, but everything else about it in fairness to what you're saying just absolutely reeks of a movie put together by committee to make money. I mean, just fucking look at the list of writers (per wikipedia):
  3. Trailer thread II

    Watching the Hacksaw Ridge trailer and reading about Desmond Doss makes me wish, even though they're basically opposite people, that someone would make a movie about Jack Churchill.
  4. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Final Cut

    My problem with season 4, such as it was, was that while that the schoolkid stuff was excellent on its own, perhaps the most powerful stuff in the series, including it in the same show as the police work led to the latter being sidelined and simplified. I read once that Simon had originally intended there to be a spinoff focusing on the school, which HBO didn't go for, and if that's true it's a shame.
  5. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Final Cut

    I never got too far into Gotham, just past halfway in the first season I think, but John Doman was very good in that as Carmine Falcone. Probably made the mob boss more likeable than Rawls.
  6. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Having looked up what he said, it's been blown well out of proportion by disgruntled fans. He says that with all the money coming in to the whole Premier League now it's not going to be as easy for the big clubs to just financially outmuscle the small ones, and that therefore teams who can do what Leicester did and scout out talent from unexpected places will have an advantage. Which is pretty sensible. At no stage did he say they don't intend to spend big money, and he wasn't even really talking about this summer as much as how he sees long term trends going.
  7. Trailer thread II

    Sod Matt Damon, it seems a really odd film for Zhan Yimou to be making.
  8. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Good. As much of a legend as he's been in his career, he's proved to be a very poor signing for us, and we certainly don't need both him and Carrick. Arsenal supposedly getting a bit more serious about Lacazette. If they get him and Mahrez Arsenal have had a great window.
  9. Trailer thread II

    Have you seen the Korean movie War of the Arrows, also known in some places as Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon? While it has a completely different milieu (it's set during the second Manchu invasion of Korea, in the 1600s) and plot, it ends with a great half-hour-plus cross-country chase scene that's constructed rather similarly to the end of Apocalypto, and it's great.
  10. The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread

    The title suggests to me it's going to bring all the previous books together in some way... I've not read the blurb or any hype for it though, as I've still to read Last First Snow.
  11. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    Well, the fact that their closest domestic rivals have immediately gone and spent the money on a perfectly decent, if slightly risky, replacement and still have over 50mil Euros left over to strengthen with could be an issue. Especially since he is known as a choke-artist so they may well have traded a harder time in the league for a player who doesn't actually help them in the crunch CL games. If he'd been as central to Napoli as Bale or Suarez were to their teams, it might be different, but he's not. Napoli should come out of this with far more of a boost than Juve.
  12. Justice League (2017)

    Yeah, of all heroes MM would seem to be the one they could establish quite easily as having been around for a while.
  13. Justice League (2017)

    Cyborg, if they go with the version where he has powers which rather ruin his life, could be compared to Scarlet Witch. As a comic-book child of the post-crash '90s it just isn't a proper Justice League if Green Lantern, J'onn and Plastic Man aren't in it, though.
  14. It's official. Benedict Cumberbatch is Strange. The Doctor.

    How can you possibly judge this if you've only ever read Moore and Miller superhero books? Has to be clowning. While I think her casting in this particular film is an issue, in general Tilda Swinton in your movie can only possibly be A Good Thing and therefore anyone saying the opposite cannot be being serious.
  15. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    Even if you discount Suarez as not being a proper number 9, Higuain is not better than Lewandowski. Or Aguero. Or, probably, Harry Kane. He's better than Benteke, right now, but Benteke can reach his level and the price is obviously going to be a lot less.