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  1. Hap and Leonard - SundanceTV's darkly comic swamp noir

    I just watched this. Good stuff. I do have to agree that the final episode was a letdown though. For the most part, the resolutely non-episodic structuring was laudable for me- it's basically a three-act story over a season, just as much as something like True Detective - but they really did need to manage the pacing so that either the entire final showdown fit into episode 5, letting 6 just get on with the wind-down - something I've never been opposed to, although a whole hour of wind-down on a six episode show is a lot- or stretched things a little earlier so that more of it was in the final episode, for example so that 5 ended when Soldier discovered the box was empty. As it was, there was just enough conflict left that it was unsatisfying and they had to manufacture a bit extra to fill it out. And the deliberate vagueness over who died and who didn't was awkward as fuck. Episodes 4 and particularly 5 were really good though. In fact the entire sequence of Soldier trying to find out where the money is was one of the better scenes I can remember watching on TV in recent years, very Tarantino-esque in the way the tension builds and tips from moment to moment. Also very impressive in how the threat and actuality of violence doesn't overwhelm the characters in it. Just really, really well written, directed and acted. The show as a whole was quite impressive anyway, but that part was different class. If the whole thing was that level we'd be looking at a classic, but obviously that's an ask.
  2. Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    Nothing. He just took ages to write book three. It's coming out soon though. He has a twitter, so he didn't really vanish. I assume his blog stopped updating because of said twitter, though he did post to announce that the manuscript for book 3 was delivered.
  3. May 2016 reads

    Yeah, see, that was the thing:
  4. Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    I don't think Steph Swainston counts, coz she announced she was doing it. And did she disappear from social media in any case? She just stopped writing. She's already well into writing the next Castle book so the next wait probably won't be as long. DM Cornish, of the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy, appears to have vanished completely since the release of a couple of novellas in 2014. His blog last updates with an apology for previous long silences and delays to the serialised story he'd been putting up (but also an implication that things were coming together and he'd post more often soon), his other official website (as an illustrator) is dead altogether, he doesn't appear to have a twitter or anything, and there's been no kind of noise I can see on any further work. Does anyone know anything about what's going on with him? He mentioned depression so he might be dealing with something privately, understandable, and also a baby, so that might explain things too, but I do hope all is well. I enjoy his work immensely.
  5. May 2016 reads

    The ending was what made it worth it.
  6. Not necessarily. Worldbuilding's broader. If you set a work in one room or a tiny village or something, and never venture outside, you might have a good setting, but you've not done much worldbuilding.
  7. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Spurs have just completely lost their cool. Can't do that with Chelsea, who live on that level. Hazard's been fantastic the second half. ETA: Fuck yes.
  8. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Spurs could conceivably have been down to eight men. Nine for sure. Lucky boys.
  9. I thought it was ossum. I'm completely on the side of those that considering how many characters it was juggling, it actually did a really good job of giving nearly all of them something relevant to do and a fair motivation.
  10. May 2016 reads

    Definitely don't. I enjoyed Rainbows End quite a bit (per williamjm's thought- I read it last year and while some ideas are obviously innaccurate it hasn't really dated - but then it's only ten years old. The most glaring thing in it was not his technology but his attempts to invent then-future additions to the Discworld, which made it painfully obvious that he'd never read any Pratchett) but at the end of the day it's quite a good techno-thriller whereas A Fire Upon the Deep and particularly A Deepness in the Sky are imperious space opera, so it's not representative really. I think the ideas outstripped the execution, but I reckon it's worth a read. I'll pick up the sequel, maybe not immediately when it comes out.
  11. May 2016 reads

    I read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children this morning (well, and yesterday evening). Not mindblowing, but pretty entertaining. Before that in the week, which was April but oh well, I read Career of Evil by Robert Galbrowling, which was entertaining but had some irritations, and Four Kings, the boxing book about the Duran/Hagler/Hearns/Leonard rivalry, which was interesting to read but, because except for Duran the boxers involved were more interesting as fighters than personalities- they were basically normal, basically- the book was less interesting than other boxing books about less successful but more eccentric personalities.
  12. Stupid Questions: The Triumphant Return

    If I understand it correctly, an anti-bark device is really just a way to train the dog - it barks too much, it gets an unpleasant consequence. That's pretty much how you train a dog to not do anything - bite, shit wherever it wants, dig up the roses. It's a bit impersonal and seems like it should be a tool of last resort if it's your dog, but if your neighbour's dog won't shut up, I can think of worse ways to deal with the problem. Mind you, I don't know about these thingymajigs, but at least some anti-cat 'ultrasonic' devices give me a headache, so I wouldn't be too confident that these dog ones are inaudible to all humans anyway.
  13. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    All the more annoying because otherwise he's been displaying the best of his freakish ability to get his head or chest on absolutely everything today.
  14. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    I've never felt so conflicted about us scoring and playing really well. Leicester's fullbacks aren't handling our wide play at all. Martial has Simpson on toast.
  15. The Richard Morgan Thread III

    As exciting as a new Richard Morgan release is, the most interesting news in that catalogue by far is that Ronnie O'Sullivan has written a crime novel. I confess I didn't see that coming.