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  1. On bullying in school

    I met a guy who was one of my bullies a few years ago when he came to fix my neighbour's boiler while I was babysitting. Our conversation was awkward as fuck, I'm one of the luckier ones, my bullying was never as intense or pre-meditated as a lot of people. It was still horrible, but there was never one (or a few) people singling me out, more a broad enjoyment of causing me to lose my infamously short temper - but at the same time (1) that very temper - which unlike other people, who'd just freak out very broadly and be more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else, would often result in me punching the nearest target in the face and (2) no one person did it constantly (well, one, but he was such a dickbag that not even the other real dickbags would get on board with him, so he never got anything going), and I got on well enough with most of them the rest of the time, weirdly, so it's not as if I had no friends, even at the hardest times. It did leave me socially nervous for a long time, still going on in some senses, so I'm not saying I got off free, but I am aware it could have been much worse. This was, as I mentioned above, in large part as a result of a head of year who was really, really good at defusing the situation. Our whole year-group's social scene was fucking weird, come to think of it. A lot of the things that normally get singled out - being smart and a nerd, being bad at sports- didn't get used as ammunition at all and in fact were more a mark of respect (my reading speed got so well-known at one stage that when new teachers gave us worksheets and then gave me funny looks when I finished them that I didn't actually have to explain - the class would pipe up with 'he's really finished miss'. 'well read it again'. 'he has miss'. People would time me reading pages of the Silmarillion, ffs. The only subject that would be regarded as 'outsidery' that actually got picked up on was having no TV at home, for some reason. Anyway, I'm with all the people passionately decrying the notion that kids should be left to sort it out between themselves. Fuck that shit. It's 'character strengthening' - ie horrible- enough when you have good help. And anyway teaching kids that what adults do is bear everything by themselves with no help is a terrible lesson, that's not how being a grown-up works* so why should it be how we make kids work? *Well, it can be, but generally only if the person has, for example, learned some bad lessons from childhood. It shouldn't be.
  2. Guess Rashford's going, then.
  3. Cantona says he's ready to take the United job. I don't care that he has no experience whatsoever and has been out of football for two decades now- take him up on it! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssssee!
  4. A Forum I Follow is Making the Same Upgrade as AFOIAF

    The new quoting system is fun!
  5. Star Trek: Beyond the 1st Trailer

    Fair enough really. I do feel for the old-school Trek fans having their franchise fucked with, but it didn't start with Lin and I don't think he's gonna take it any further in that direction than Abrams did. And like I say, with Pegg on script, it could come back a little towards what the TV shows were- we know Pegg certainly intended that to start. And hey, Universal once conceived (I'm not sure why since they have F&F already) of adapting a certain book into an F&F-like franchise-starter and ended up giving it to Nicholas Winding Refn. And it was awesome. Albeit not a franchise starter. So I guess I'd be okay with that.
  6. I dunno why you're turning this into a dick-waving contest- not everything I say is intended as a slight or call-out against City or you. It was a pure observation- it's an odd signing for City to make in their current context. I said exactly the same thing, albeit for different reasons, when we signed Schweinsteiger. It's not actually illegal to make or accept criticisms of your team, you know. But if you insist, the situations aren't really that alike because United already had a pretty full midfield and Schweini was just another part (that was my main reason for wondering about it- we'd already just bought Schneiderlin, into a midfield that already had Carrick, Fellaini, Herrera and it turns out Rooney in it, did we really need Schweini when we had other areas in more urgent need of fixing?). He was already going to be fighting hard for a spot- him being injured just made it more likely he wouldn't play. If City make more signings it could look different, but for now it looks like Gundogan could be Pep's key, marquee signing and that would be strange. @ Sept Sev: cool. Should be worth looking out for their friendlies then.
  7. It's not just about this season though. Gundogan has only twice played over 25 (league) games a season in his career, and in both he made 28. And we already know he's unlikely to better that record next season, since he's going to be out till mid-October at least. They already have serious problems from their best striker and their best CB being seriously injured all the time, why would they add midfield to that list? What does Schweinsteiger have to do with it?
  8. I don't think I believe the email anecdote mostly because of the 'installed a tracker' allegation. Even if it's possible to have a program to do such a thing, it seems neither likely nor legal. Is El Shaarawy going to be in the Italy starting line-up? He's had an excellent run since he went to Roma, seems to have finally remembered what he's good at.
  9. Star Trek: Beyond the 1st Trailer

    I resent being referred to as 'the wrong crowd'.
  10. Such a strange one. Even accounting for the fact that 25mil was peanuts by City's standards even before the new TV deal, why would you make your apparent key midfield signing, into a midfield that desperately needs fixing, someone who has just now yet again proved that the chances of him going a whole season uninjured are a whole lot less than even and that when he does get crocked there's a good chance it's serious?
  11. I'd be pretty surprised if United academy graduate Danny Drinkwater went to Liverpool if I'm honest. Also, the bid being reported is £14mil, which is an insulting amount from a team who just finished 8th for one of the key players of the team who just won it.
  12. On bullying in school

    Okay, to expand on my previous comment: What I mean by this is that sometimes, school authorities intervening immediately directly won't help because all they'll do is tell the bullies off in a manner that doesn't actually dissuade or teach them in any way but makes it clear that the victim told someone. A good teacher, in that sort of situation, might start paying attention and find a way to 'find out' themselves. It also depends a lot on the bullies- it's easy to paint them all as inhuman monsters, but I've certainly been in situations where a talking to - from a teacher very good at this- not only got some to stop doing it but I ended up having them on my side in other confronts. But then in other situations a talking to would result in reprisals whether the victim told anyone or not- a lot does depend on the authority figure in question having a reasonable relationship with the bullies before the incidents happen. Makes it so much easier to talk to them as people rather than dictate at them. And that's hard, of course, and in some cases probably impossible for a given teacher. What about where girls bully girls?
  13. Feeling like the worst parent ever

    I was agreeing with you before, but ...what? Do girls bully differently? Oh, kids absolutely should be encouraged tell their parents. Where the tricky part comes is between the parents and the school, and what the school should do. Maybe we should split off to a new thread? It's probably a conversation worth having, but we don't wanna hijack this thread entirely.