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  1. A Single Country in the World

    Did you just list Russia as a democratic country? For fucking real? Democracy, fuck yeah! Overthrown by whom?
  2. Nap Rooms for University Students - Good Idea?

    Pretty sure UK universities have prayer rooms too. Certainly some workplaces do. The idea is that you can take a moment to pray without trekking all the way over to church/mosque/synagogue/whatever. They're particularly useful for Muslims who can use them to perform their daily prayers without disturbing everyone/being disturbed several times a day. It's really got nothing to o with the secularity of the institute as a whole.
  3. A Single Country in the World

    These three seem either astonishingly optimistic or naive. Even within a nation not every problem or conflict that pops up becomes a national thing that is easily solved (and even when it does that does not make it more easily solved), and as for the equality thing again, even the most developed nations in the world have massive divisions of wealth by both class and area. The idea that applying a concept of global statehood would automatically change any of that is I'm afraid fantasy. If the concept of nationhood ends it's either going to be replaced by smaller divisions of identity again (something which obviously exists and has throughout history anyway), or by corporate entities and the identification of self with who you work for/whose products you use etc. You can entertain an end to the idea of nationhood but overwriting humanity's tendency to tribalism is an entirely different matter.
  4. The Young Pope (Sky/HBO/Canal Plus)

    Can't wait to watch this. Sorrentino is awesome.
  5. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    You're gonna get mugged by Chadli you are.
  6. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Doubt it. If it did Dance with Dragons wouldn't have been so shit.
  7. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    He played okay, but I'd suggest that between himself, Mata, Lingard and Pogba he was the least impressive. Martial was quiet.
  8. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    That was a superb third goal. Both the assist and the finish. The two penalties put a gloss on a performance that really hasn't had too many clear-cut chances despite dominating play, but it's been a decent game.
  9. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Southampton just lost to Inter, but they really shouldn't have done. Poor finishing.
  10. Another relevant xkcd. I mean, he's not wrong. There's not a great deal of difference between Deinonychus and a cassowary.
  11. That's a great shout. Has a symmetry to it too.
  12. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    I'm considering starting a UK Parliament petition to have them make him legally change his name to John Stoned.
  13. I forgot to respond to this coz I was at a Polish wedding over the weekend, but I'm glad I wasn't the only one having similar thoughts about Kellhus. I also like the distinction between his aim and the Consult, I hadn't picked up on that somehow (I confess, beyond 'stop the Consult' I hadn't thought on what Kell's plans might be) but it makes total sense. ps: did Ishteribinth, and the Boatman, somehow remind anyone else of (a massively epic'd-up version of) the Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time, and particularly the boat? Although sadly giant Nonmen and mad kings can't measure up to Bongo Bongo as a finale.
  14. 2 things disappointed me there: first, that it used music from the first film instead of introducing us to mixtape vol.2 and second that it says 'this summer' when it means 'next summer'.