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  1. Well of course he doesn't. 'There's no evidence against Firmino' is a whole different kettle of fish to 'Holgate heard nothing from no-one and maliciously made up the rumours to get Firmino in trouble', and the last thing the FA want to be doing is telling black players that if they hear something and report it, but there isn't evidence, they're the ones who are going to be getting into trouble. Liverpool don't want to encourage that climate either, especially with the Rhian Brewster situation. I don't know about the homophobic remarks, but a quick google says the FA started an investigation but nothing that they've finished, so for all we know that's still ongoing.
  2. What might be more of an issue if they're planning to be accurate is the look of the thing. Inside, a GSV can look like whatever the hell it wants, and that design of the Sleeper Service, scale aside, is on the more conservative end of some designs, but from the outside, they generally look like big silver oblongs. They might actually stick with that to save a little budget on the wide shots, but most likely they'd keep the shape of the shields intact but make them be just a shimmer.
  3. Well, that was inspiring.
  4. For me it's not so much that he can't play in a midfield 2 because he can, and when you do that and ask him to play the Sergio Biscuits role he'll do that fine. It's just that playing that role is a complete waste of his talent. He's played in a midfield 2 in the games where we've not been tasked with sitting back though and he's fine then. Also, he's had the odd bad game this season, and he isn't consistent in big games at all yet, but for the majority of the time he's been absolutely brilliant and Mourinho throwing him under the bus for the Spurs game in which no-one played well and Mourinho's tactics were dreadful again is pathetic behaviour. And no, he played the same role in the Newcastle game. He didn't need to be sitting as deep though so he had a bit more freedom, but that was one of his bad games. I'm putting that down partly to confidence though, since that was after Mourinho singling him out.
  5. That will probably be the official explanation but it's been very very obvious recently that they've had a falling out. #JoseOut #GetHimGone #FuckOffYouStupidWanker
  6. Will be a bit embarassing for Barca if 11 men can't beat Willian.
  7. Or even in this one, so he can be in Infinity War.
  8. The guy with him in that scene was the 'real Omar', Donnie Andrews.
  9. Nah. Cap 1 and Ant-Man are both much duller. Then again, I am one of the few people remaining who actually likes Thor 2 (on release, opinion seemed much closer, but it hasn't gone down well in history). I'm not sure what you thought was so interesting about Doctor Strange that it's unarguably better than Guardians 2 tbqh. It didn't break the Marvel formula nearly as much as I thought it could or should have. Could have gone a lot more weird than it did.
  10. Yeah, he's always been this way. See also him trying to cripple David Luiz on two separate occasions. Aguero probably won't get banned for as long as Cantona because the fan did get on the pitch and in his face but he should be out for a while. Unless it's true he spat on him, because anyone should get a free shot at a man who's gobbed on them, even Sergio Aguero.
  11. No-one said The Wire is a comedy. We said it was funny.
  12. The Wire was always low-key hilarious in places. The most consistently funny not-actual-comedy in the timeframe has to be The West Wing though. Or Firefly, I guess, what with having Jaynestown in. As for more recent shows, I have heard consistently great things about The Good Place but have yet to take the plunge. Anyone got an opinion?
  13. Aguero got into a fistfight with a Wigan fan, too. Granted, we don't see what set him off but he could be in trouble. Ugly scenes all round though.
  14. Yeah, but in both cases that was the third installment. So plenty of time for T'Challa to go that route potentially.
  15. Both those shows are on my List but the List gets gone through veeeeeerrrrrrrrrrry slowly at the moment.
  16. I mean that Westworld is a show that wants its viewers to turn our brains on and think about it and puzzle out what's going on and as a result people are going to notice more, and sometimes have more issue with, nitpicks and minor flaws than in a less ambitious show.
  17. I think there's a bit of a difference though when a show or film is structured to invite viewers to analyse every detail. If you're aiming for a higher standard you're gonna get held to a higher standard.
  18. West Wing >> Westworld. Just saying.
  19. Depends what I'm tolerating. #FuckMourinho #JoseOut
  20. Well...
  21. Well yeah. If you can VAR it, there's no doubt to give the benefit of. Assuming you can VAR it with straight lines and everything.
  22. Yeah. The timeline at the beginning isn't entirely clear but the majority of the movie takes place after CW, pretty obviously, because of this exchange (plus Bucky being in the final scene of course), and the exchange between T'Challa and Everett Ross about how BP gave Ross Baron Zemo and in exchange Ross kept quiet about T'Challa being Black Panther.
  23. He's quite a good footballer, but I'm not sure his house is necessarily somewhere that'd be difficult to break out of. So probably just leave, go pay a visit to my family who live fairly nearby, and try to scrounge enough money for a plane ticket back to Berlin from where I've been inexplicably kidnkapped. Sports questions go in the 'Entertainment' section, though.
  24. Saw it, it's excellent. Probably challenging for the best Marvel film with Winter Soldier, with Ragnarok in there too and GotG2 just behind. It does to a really good job of not losing its characters in the inevitable Massive Smackdown but basing it around the personalities, so that helps it. Plus, Coogler is just really good at spectacle moments. Okay, nothing here quite beat Tony Bellew's rinwalk in Creed for sheer swagger, but he really knows how to make characters look cool/threatening/awesome.