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  1. How would you rate episode 201?

    It seems like I am supposed to give the episode a 7. I dug it big time and thought craster's Keep looked about right but I always imagined him with a big wooley beard not an R & B singer's shadow. I watched the show with my buddy's Dad who has never read the books. He offered up that Gleeson has a punch me face. Ha! 10 seconds of Arya was not enough and Daenarys got only slightly more time. It kind of bugged me how little screen time each character got but what can they do stuck in the hour long format with an ever expanding plot and cast? I still can't wait to see Ygritte and Brienne.
  2. [ADWD Spoilers]Question about a vision by Moqorro

    So if Moqorro's vision is referencing Euron, what does it say about his role in the coming books?
  3. [ADWD Spoilers]Question about a vision by Moqorro

    On a closely related note.......I have a lot of trouble figuring out Euron's likely role in the story to come. Victorian is going to Dany and will likely fold into her story arc. Theon is in the North. Where is Euron and do we all suspect he will die fighting Dany/trying to take her Dragons or is it likely he is up to something else. If he is appearing to Moquorro I would think (and do anyway) that his story is of importance yet.