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  1. I think you need to do either one or the other in full before attempting the other. I don't think it matters which one. If you love the books you'll still love the show. I rarely say that about any adaptation of any kind, but that's just the way it is with GOT. The casting is fantastic. I'd read the books, first, though. There's just so much material and so many little Easter eggs concerning what may or may not happen in this plot or that plot it's just more fun. You really cna re-read them more than once and enjoy everything. My current phase is to read 3 of the same POV chapters in a row.
  2. I believe Amazon bought the rights to a LOTR television series. It's coming. I'd like to see Xena RE adapted. We can leave the cheesy 90's fight scenes and dialogue in the 90's, but there's good stuff to work with there. They could adapt it like GOT and make it much more gory, political, etc. I really want to see a GOOD adaptation of the Clan of the Cave Bear. Mostly, I'd like to see spin offs of sub plots I want more of.
  3. I've never read anything by Stephen King before and I've just started his Bazaar of Bad Dreams collection. I love it. The first story (Mile 81) was scary AF, IMO. The second was sad. But like a "that is terrible" kind of sad. I don't think this collection qualifies as scary in the horror sense, though (apart from Mile 81) and is more creepy and disturbing and sad. The Forest of Hands and Teeth scared me. YA, but still a good read. Luke Duff's The Dead Walk the Earth scared me as well.
  4. So, I've just finished Book 1. It did get better for me in that things happened I actually found interesting. My biggest issue is how all of the characters just seem to be so f-ing special. It's annoying. I'd just like to read about some basic character that's NOT able to channel the One Power. If this ever became a TV series, they'd group Egwene and Nynaeve together the way they did Euron and Victarion because they seem like the same character: They're both head strong stubborn and tough women. I guess I just wished there were very different characters. I already need a break from teh second book, though, lol.
  5. I think she was being as cruel as possible by NOT killing him. It's like she wanted him to suffer. Killing him would only have given him what he asked (begged) for and her lack of mercy was meant to demonstrate how cruel she has the potential to become. I think it was meant to continue foreshadowing the "great darkness" in her.
  6. I'm so sad. He made me fall in love with Audio Books.,
  7. I find a lot of the main character/hidden hero is boring AF. Frodo, for example. I know a lot of people say that about Jon Snow, but I loved that particular character. What's the Witcher series about, if you wouldn't mind sharing? I know I could read a summary online, but I like getting them in people's own words if they're recommending it. TY.
  8. Now that I'm further along, I'm starting to see Perrin and Matt as more than just comedic relief or supportive characters. Matt is getting a little greedy with his dagger and the WolfBrother thing going on with Perrin is more interesting than Rand's over all weirdness.
  9. I could not get through this book! I actually asked Audible to refund my credit I found it so bad.
  10. I know what you mean, but a lot of the series I'm ready aren't finished so I didn't want to invest in a hardcover until the series was done and delux collector's editions were released. I spent hundreds of dollars collecting the Clan of the Cave Bear series in hard cover only to have new cover editions released before the next book was finished so I stopped.
  11. Explain? Do you read for Audible? Legit my dream job. Willing to invest in a small sound proof studio in my home so I can do this properly.
  12. This post is me! I started a job in which I was by myself doing monotonous work for a solid 60 minutes every single day. I'd read GOT and knew I wouldn't have the time to re-read so I said F it and bought the books. Roy Dotrice is fantastic. Now, like yourself, I can't get back to regular books for the same reason: NOTHING feels like a waste of time. I can do ANYTHING and listen. yes, I re listen to chapters a lot, but it's the same when I used to re read a passage for clarification. Try Audible. Therre are a TON of books there, including self published authors.
  13. NEW QUESTION/DISCUSSION: So, is everyone related? When i read summaries I've noticed there are a hell of a lot of last names in common. I feel like everyone in the main group is somehow related.
  14. About the same place as me - I'm on Chapter 15ish. Feel free to PM me if you ever want to discuss