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  1. Any update on this? Some sources say not available until Spring 2017, but others are already listing it as available? Fellow wino needs help!
  2. Any scene with Stannis. It's got to be hard to make such an unlikable role ALMOST likable. Up until he burned his daughter alive, I didn't even hate him. I really liked the small scene Meera had with Bran about Jojen. GOT is set in such a harsh world in which only the strong survive and sometimes I feel like that still applies today. Anyway, she says, quite matter of fact, "Some people will always need help. That doesn't mean their not worth helping." (Or something like that.) And it got me thinking about mental illness in today's society. Not sure where I'm going with this, but I really liked that scene. Tyion's scenes seem to require the most skill, IMO. Specifically the one with the dragons. He's trying to be funny with CGI dragons and is probably talking to a potato in their place so to pull that off is a win by me.
  3. LOLLYS!
  4. Just finished (re)reading this chapter. I think he just wants to save her. Kind of like the Hound, but I don't think he actually loves/loved her. In comparison to him, she's weak. She doesn't have any family, money, or intellectual skill to survive and I think he feels like he's capable of taking care of her.
  5. I get that there isn't enough time to include every little detail from the books on the show. However, I'm re-listening to ASOS and there's a lovely moment in Arya IV(ish) that I wish could have been incorporated into the show! It's when Lady Ravella insists Ayra be dressed proper. She even calls her beautiful after all of the scrubbing and it definitely has an effect on Gendry. I think it would have been lovely if Arya could have been given a "pretty" scene, even if it didn't last. A lot of Arya's spunk is that she is who she is (i.e. not a lady), but I think it would have added another (brief) dimension to her character. What's your excluded moment from the books you wish was incorporated into the show?
  6. Tom Mison! (Sleepy Hollow.) He's masculine, but has sharp features. Natural blue eyes, too. Just needs a wig!
  7. My city does have a Comic Con, but its' a sad affair so I'm looking for a decent GOT exhibit. Doesn't matter if there's a panel of guests or not. Toronto had something like this a the ROM a few years ago, but I can't find anything new. I'm close enough to Detroit that I'd travel there. If anyone can help me out that's be great!
  8. She lost. Cersei was summoned to that sept as well. She said F you! Margery smelled something a little too late. She either needed to bulldoze through or slip out - with or without her brother. She's been charming enough in other situations if she really wanted so sneak away she could have. I am glad, however, that they didn't let her blow up like some poor sap, though! She knew something was coming and she just didn't act quite quickly enough.
  9. I just deleted it. I skimmed the rules, but I still find it confusing as to where to post because there are some things on the show that is true to the books that aren't considered spoilers and some that are. I guess I do more reading, lol. Thanks Mac!
  10. I always found Essos more appealing than Westeros. Not the cities she's in exactly, but Volantis, Shadow Land, Quath, etc. They just seem more magical whereas Westeros seems well... Westernized. The cities she's in, however, have NO appeal to me.
  11. No name calling. I think we can all agree that at one point or another someone has said or thought something that seemed so ridiculous, but I'm sure we've all said or thought equally ridiculous things. (For the longest time I thought sandwich was spelled sandwitch so you catch my drift, lol.) Someone can have a far out theory and it doesn't have to be dumb... Can't it just be far out? ;). Old Nan would not approve of the direction this thread has taken...