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  1. Something about Missendei is bugging me, too! However, I don't think she's a traitor. I think the perfect attack was just a result of the way the script had to go. I think they're repeating the arc Cersei had with the HS. She was on top in a SECOND then fell just as quickly. I think the authors are just trying to give us more screen time with other characters.
  2. I don't see his charge at her while she was distracted as controversial. She still had a dragon by her side. i thought it was brave. i actually thought what Howland did was more cowardly. I genuinely loved Jamie in this episode.
  3. I enjoyed it. I didn't sense Arya did it because she was trying to show off. She wanted to practice with the best person available and that person was Brienne. When she delivered I think her smirk was more about person satisfaction. Also, there was some magic at work with the FM and their training so I think we need to observe Arya's behaviour from now on as more than just a trained warrior... She has other (powerscaliing - I like that description) skills at her disposal.
  4. I just assumed it was because the majority of the great houses are dead so who's buying the stuff that's being traded? Silks and stuff seem only to fit a certain class.With war in full swing it makes sense no one is really trading with Westerosmuch.
  5. Agreed. It was one of the first lines, whent hey found the direwolves. I remember that chapter because itw as Bran's POV and Bran picked up on how Jon only said as such so there'd conveniently be enough (before Ghost popped up) for the Stark children and I remember thinking that was pretty observant for such a young kid
  6. So true. Sam doesn't care about the politics or the must haves he just wanst to find information and when he found out who Jorah was I think he just wanted to help.
  7. I was a little underwhelmed about how "easy" the procedure was too, but then I remind myself I'm probably quite ignorant thanks to modern medicine and what Sam did was probably very advanced. I was hoping the cure was Dragon's Breath/Fire and he found Dany again and Drogon sensed his need and lit him aflame or something and all of his greyscale crusted off, lol.
  8. It's almost as bad as Dany's wig in the first season...
  9. I'm torn. I want to believe what you believe, but she became so likable that I wonder if she's going to do a 180.
  10. Anyone else curious as to how she'll respond to Bran'd return? Technically, he has more claim than her. I doubt Bran will want the position (he's got his own agenda), but I wonder what her reaction will be?
  11. The fact that he fled suggests to me that he wants to survive. This doesn't indicate a reintroduction of Reek to me. I see more Theon now. He did what he had to do to survive. Reek would have just... Sat there. Also, I didn't see any real shock on Yara's face. A little disappointment, but you'd think she'd be devastated. I think she told him to flee if she ever got caught. She was never selfish and she adored her little brother. She'd want to see him survive so I think his feeling was at her command.
  12. And merely circumcised? HERE. ME. OUT. When I was reading the books it was always unclear (to me, anyway) if the Unsullied are actually castrated or not. There's enough mention about them having their parts removed, but I was never convinced they were done so entirely. Given the fact that Essos is on the other side of the world they obviously have different practices and I always wondered if the Unsullied were exposed to some form of circumcision and not castration? If their parts were removed entirely, why are they never referred to eunuchs? I don't recall that word ever being associated with them in text or on the show and I always wondered... The sex scene with Grey Worm wouldn't have been put in their unnecessarily (unless HBO needed to meet their Titty Quota) so I feel like there will be a twist: Surprise, GW is just circumcised, but everything still works. Maybe the initial procedure was made to think it won't work because it's different? I'm sure someone will have some supporting text, :).
  13. Characters need to be somewhat consistent. Or evolve. She's doing neither. Nothing more annoying than an inconsistent character.
  14. So true. He's more aware than most men concerning womanly ways, but I don't think that makes him immune to them. I think he would have been flattered if she tried to play the seductress. Even if he saw right through it he would have thought he had her and that could have been Sansa's angle: Making him think he has her when really he doesn't. She could have got all naked and then slit his throat the way Osha tried to do to Ramsay. There's so much power in passion and sex. GOT is built on those relationships. I think Sansa should have Or, like you said, she should have played the "silly" little girl. Basically, she needed to play SOMETHING other than how she did it. Basically, I don't like this... inconsistent character she's turning into. I adored her when she was just a silly little girl despite making atrocious decisions because they were consistent and so "Sansa" like. Now? She's just so... Wrong.
  15. So glad I asked, :).