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  1. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    @WSmith84No its still pretty cruel and horrific, not apologizing for Tywin on that count. And if Tysha didn't choose this then the act is vile and evil in ways that cannot be stated - all outrage is due. There is a lot of stuff in the books that are misdirects and only speculation, this is one where I think there is something more. Just my opinion. I get real defensive though because questioning the details of this act usually gets one labeled as a rape apologist. There are good arguments on both sides as to what was Tysha's real identity and story, and I don't blame anyone for taking the text at face value - i often do. But this seems too critical ans character forming tragically not to be something where the unreliability of the narrator is in play. I empathize with Tyrion the character for all of his trauma, both inflicted by the cruelty of others and self inflicted.
  2. @Clegane'sPup if Tyrion is telling it true then there is no exaggerating how evil vile and atrocious the act was. Tywin telling Jaime to lie if Tywin had proof Tysha was an opportunist doesn't make sense. But weighing all information about the incident I cant say we have enough hard facts to say it was as Tyrion described.
  3. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    He should have never come back from Dorne... just gone straight to the RL or wherever. Gosh it is so confusing, especially Cersei's taunts to Tywin at the end of S4, Jaime's S6 discussion with Edmure and Cersei's S6 taunts to Unella. I didnt really get that Cersei loved Jaime, just used and depended on him. Ugh pour another shot out for book Jaime.
  4. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    No one is apologizing for rape. In other threads I have acknowledged that Tywin told Jaime to lie and say she was a whore he paid for. I am suggesting it is possible that she consented to taking all the men and the gold instead of taking a beating and being thrown out empty handed. I abhor rape, I abhor Varamyr Sixskins ans Ser Gregor and all of that. I am just saying I don't believe we know enough facts about this incident that clearly was the biggest impact in a major characters formation.
  5. Actually I change my mind, least moral act is anything Varamyr Sixskins did, especially warging into another human and sending his shadowcat to coerce women into sleeping with him or being killed.
  6. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    That's what I've been saying. There was a thread on why Tywin didn't let Tyrion visit the free cities a few weeks back where I go into more detail. It is still too convenient that a woman, almost raped and presumably traumatized, climbs in bed and feels so free and loving with the imp mere hours later. And since Tyrion, as much as he tried, clearly didn't understand Shae's actual motives and character until he found her in Tywin's bed, why should we believe he at 13 understood Tysha's or understands them now after all these years to romanticize and brood. Tywin might very well have been right except for the part where he told Jaime to say he paid for her.
  7. Most: Ned warning Cersei to leave with her children. Good call @Endymion I Targaryen Least: Everything the Mountain and his gang did, especially the rape of the talkative inn keepers daughter. I am not including the Tysha incident because we have a very one sided look on the event that happened 15+ years ago, so I don't regard a lot of details around it as factual but as alleged. Men had sex with her, Tyrion went last, she was paid. Her motives and whether she was actually some innocent girl who didn't know any better who loved Tyrion or whether she was an opportunist seeking gold are unclear to me.
  8. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    @shardofNarsil don't waste your breath complaining about St. Tyrion here. I very much doubt lots of the details Tyrion gives us about the Tysha story, and there's many of us who agree that maybe there is more than meets the eye (like maybe Tywin told her she could take the gold and the men or take nothing and leave, or maybe it was a setup between her and the men who were threatening her to hoodwink Tyrion into "saving" her and getting his gold) with lots of supporting evidence on our side, but people hate hearing anything that doesn't make Tywin evil and Tyrion godly on this forum. I'm surprised no one has threatened to have 100 men rape you yet, they get really worked up about it.
  9. Is there any significance to the Rat Cook or Mad Axe?

    The Rat Cook story is relevant to the "Frey pies" that Wyman Manderly brings to Ramsay and fArya's wedding feast. Him being boisterous, eating a lot, and requesting a song about the rat cook, and the freys discussing their suspicions over their family members who died in Wyman's company are the puzzle pieces needed to put the frey pie theory together. In general I think many of the stories are useful in terms of world building - everyone having their folk tales - and showing how history sort of repeats itself and how tall tales / legends usually have truthful origins.
  10. SPOILERS Why didn't Roose/Ramsay crown himself king?

    Also because Roose marrying Ramsay to Sansa in open rebellion never made sense in the first place, but is easier for a casual fan to not get caught up on unlike him calling himself king.
  11. Let's talk about the new costumes

    I actually hadn't noticed this. I am always so distracted by how much darker his hair gets each season to notice his clothes.
  12. Anyone else see Dany as becoming evil?

    I was expecting this to be the case all during S3-S5, then the girl power S6 happened, and then I read the books and especially AFFC and ADWD. As much as I'd love for a more polarizing Dany, I think we are heading towards pure evil Cersei and WW versus noble and good hearted Dany... even when her dragons cause problems by eating innocents she will be shown doing the "right" thing and sacrificing them. I thought her S6 speeches to the Dothraki were horrifying, but oh well, girlpower. The showrunners at least, yup.
  13. What is your all-time favorite chacter in GOT (book or TV)?

    Stannis - the one true king of Westeros. Stannis stands for justice, doesn't give a damn about whether you were lowborn or highborn as long as you are of good character, gives a shit about the smallfolk, understands and fulfills his duty, and is a certified bad ass after holding Storms End, crushing Balon's rebellion, and saving the NW. If you had a composite of his best book and show qualities I think he would get a lot more love.
  14. Quaithe Doesn't Exist (SPOILERS ALL)

    I believe Dany is hallucinating Quaithe in all instances after Qarth. I don't believe the hallucinations are an important foreshadowing of future mad-Dany, just GRRM's way of reminding the readers of Quaithe's prophecy, the same way he has Dany repeat in her head all the betrayal stuff from the HOTU over and over again. Not everything GRRM does has to be super duper subtle and sneaky to the readers.
  15. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    Stannis for sure would be the most missed - as @Ser Loras The Gay and @The Bastards Giant Friend point out he makes each chapter insta awesome and intriguing. Always good for memorable dialouge and suspensful or important action that advances the plot both with regard to the battle against the Others and southron politics - plus his arc could go in so many directions so it is tough to say where it is going. Giant Bastard is also right about Jaime - for me he is one of the most relatable and likable characters (which is odd because he is a sister-screwing, child defenestering, one-handed smartass) and makes me laugh the most. I'd actually really miss Cersei if she died - it would be a case of not having her to kick around anymore I guess. I also would miss Littlefinger because of how he keeps Sansa relevant and interesting for the time being. Finally, I'd miss pathetic old Jorah Mormont - he is my favorite Dany-centric character and one of the few who I'm actually curious how he ends up.