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  1. I challenge you to justify supporting the Others winning

    Because they're more likable than Daenerys and the rest of our human characters. I'm not trolling. Everyone is either scheming or noble born smug and think they deserve lofty status or a clood blooded murderer or a crippled tree. Davos, Jaime (who boned his sister and threw a kid out of a window), Meera, and Edric Storm are the only likable characters. I for one welcome the Others to take all of planetos.
  2. Royce as first family to be named meaningless or foreshadowing?

    Personally I don't think they'll be more significant than they seem. A proud family with notable knights who will help in the wars to come. It's a far more satisfying prolouge that way. The Others were important for us to meet as our first impression. Ser Wymar, Gared, and the other guy were just vehicles to suck us in with the foreboding tale.
  3. Is Meera......

    Aren't you forgetting a step in there one of those guys is actually Mance Rayder only being glamoured to look like someone else?
  4. Confession #1: if given the opportunity to right now, I would throw both Bran and Arya out of a window and send an assassin to finish the job. I hate their chapters more than Areo's or Arianne's or any of the other unpopular ones. And despite the obvious trials and unfortunate events that have plagued them, I actually fail to feel any human emotion like sympathy towards them. I'm rooting for them both to go full evil now so I don't seem like too much of an asshole. Confession #2: I'm ready to throw GRRM and D&D out that window as well and let some fan-fic writer finish the series.
  5. Is Meera......

    I sure hope she isn't. Secret identities and switched at birth scenarios fail to be shocking when everyone has a secret identity. I think she's a legit Reed.
  6. dragons have the size of 747s

    I find your brutal honesty refreshing. I too have absolutely no faith in GRRM's ability to finish the series or D&D's ability to be coherent. It's getting that dragon to the ground we need to see.
  7. If we had more Hodor chapters maybe TWOW would be done by now, good call! I'm not sure if I completely agree or completely disagree with you on these. Part of what makes these characters so creepy is that we only see them from a far. Like with Qyburn's experiments, I'm slightly curious what he is doing and why, but find it much more eerie that I don't know. I am of the opinion that Patchface is, while a relatively unimportant character, going to do something really evil and upsetting that will have dire consequences. Like maybe he's the one the blows the real horn of Joramun to bring the wall down (not possible if Sam actually has it). Or maybe he kills Stannis (like if they won the Battle of Ice and Stannis reunites with Selyse and Shireen at Winterfell or the Nightfort). Not sure. I haven't decided in the Drowned God vs. Storm God thing has any significance with Stannis being from the Stormlands and Patchface being drowned, any parallel to the Great Other vs. R'hllor, or if it's just a coincidence/tease. I'd like a chapter from Osha to know what she's seen, what she believes, and what the hell she and Rickon have been up to.
  8. Just finished season 1...

    I'd go season 2, 3, 4, 1, 5, 6 but that's probably because I thought the Wot5K was the most interesting conflict on the show, but the first four seasons are fantastic and could go in any order. The first half of season 5 was okay and then it unraveled really quickly... like once Jaime/Bronn got to Doran's court and Tyrion/Jorah got enslaved and it became obvious what Stannis was going to do to Shireen from there on the show has been tough to watch save for a few moments here and there. I might agree on AGOT is the best book, but it's tough to rank the books since it's different for each character. Bran's chapters were so hard for me to read in AGOT but really interesting in ADWD, whereas Tyrion's chapters were great in ACOK and terrible in ADWD, and there's a few more like that.
  9. dragons have the size of 747s

    You're easily my favorite person to read posts from on this forum for comments like this. They really need to show us how to injure / kill a dragon of this size. My suspension of disbelief died years ago with this show. There was absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Meereen was never in any real danger despite the Sons of the Harpy and the siege, and somehow they wasted nearly 10 minutes an episode for 2 seasons trying to convince us there was. How the hell is their sorry excuse for Euron and Cersei going to put up any contest against these dragons, especially without a dragon horn in the show?
  10. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Very interesting point. I'm not certain the heroic members of the Kingsguard were the men Jaime and Barristan think they were. Barristan is an old man with regrets romanticizing pre-Robert past. Jaime was a teenager in the kingsguard. Both unreliable sources. Its like athletes of different eras - whether or not Johnny Unitas or Joe Montana or Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever is really dependent on the era someone grew up with. Jaime was too young to see the faults in some of the older members he idolized, Barristan too proud to admit his generation isn't the greatest.
  11. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Jon grew up a man apart - raised by a foster mother who would never love him and made to feel less human than his half-siblings. It matters not whether or not he is given recognition of legitimacy as a Stark or Targaryen. It matters not whether Rhaegar and Lyanna were secretly married. Jon's formative years won't suddenly change. He will always be a bastard, even if he isn't literally a bastard.
  12. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    I actually thought the whole "St. Elsewhere" ending where it's just Bran looking at a snow globe would be the worst possible ending, and then I read the season 7 leaks for the tv series. I'm perfectly happy if TWOW comes out and is only a paragraph long. "Winter came. The others killed everyone. Sorry for the wait. The end."
  13. Truly good characters

    Maester Cressen seemed pretty good to me. He even loved our poor unlovable Stannis the Mannis. Davos, Jaime, Meera, Osha, Podrick - they're all good in my book. And Varamyr Sixskins is the absolute worst.
  14. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    I'm glad I just recently read the books and haven't had 20 years to overthink things. I wonder if GRRM finds this overthinking amusing (mostly I imagine that he resents the internet for the prevalence of R+L=J and thus has no motivation to write his original story at all). Personally, I don't buy it. I think Daenerys is the stormborn. Round this forum though everyone was swapped at birth and everyone is a secret Targaryen, and more than quite a few people are glamoured to look like someone else, and almost everyone is coming back from the dead.
  15. Just finished season 1...

    Were you a book reader first or just new to the series in general? Welcome, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It took a few years, right before season 4 actually, for me to get into the show because the two episodes I saw before (one in season 2, the other in season 3) had too much incest, sex, and other foul content in them - only when I realized a key client who I had little to nothing in common with was obsessed with the show did I finally give in and watch a marathon (to paraphrase Jaime, "the things I do for purchase orders..."). Then I got hooked after seeing what all the show had to offer. So I agree with your assessment whole heartedly, too much unnecessary sex, and that does continue, but it mostly lessens.