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  1. Hey @Damsel in Distress I have never read the World book so probably missing a lot of context here but I was always under the impression that Robert and Rhaegar fought within a much larger battle, and it just so happened they found each other to fight one on one, rather than an agreed upon single combat situation in which their armies stood by and watched. Which is correct?
  2. I noticed this too and have always found it amusing.
  3. My impression with Stannis is thar that the ruby is only used to make Lightbringer glow but does not have any affect on Stannis himself. I believe Rhaegar died on the trident because Robert fought better and it is that simple, but I could be wrong.
  4. Incredibly fun topic @Jaehaerys Tyrell! This is probably the correct answer. Robert would have admired Stannis' persistence and been irritates with Renly taking his sweet time marching to meet the Lannisters, but also quite amused by how Renly crowning himself was a major pain Stannis' ass. He would have hooted and hollered at Robb defeating Jaime Lannister, and been distraught over Theon's treachery and Stannis' loss at the blackwater. I ultimately imagine he would have supported Stannis' claim and spent the whole time agonizingly frustrated that he could have won the war easily if only he was in Stannis' place.
  5. I had not considered this... I figure though GRRM won't give us an explanation for the biological natures of the Dragons, he will either write them to mate and lay eggs, or he won't, whichever he pleases. I dig what you're saying here, I don't like the feudal society, but the Lords have the means to unleash cataclysmic destruction because of Varys' whole "power resides where men believe it resides" riddle - Joffrey was powerful because people chose to go with it. He wasn't some bitchin' fire breathing demon who could singularly perform all of his violence to get others to submit. As for Targaryens doing away with first night and all that, yeah some Targs did some good things and some did some bad things, but having all of that actual (not perceived but actual) power in too few hands is dangerous. Imagine it is Ramsay Snow or Varamyr Sixskins with a dragon instead of Daenerys.
  6. It is so hard to say with Sansa. I think LF is the giant she will slay in Winterfell, but how and when and why are all so tough to gage. Part of me thinks Sansa will leave to meet Rickon after Stannis installs him as Lord of Winterfell, and Littlefinger sensing an opportunity will be involved in having Rickon killed in an attempt to make Sansa the ruling Lady in Winterfell (all this while Stannis is back at the wall preparing for the Others), and this is why Sansa has LF killed. But LF would never support King Stannis so maybe he goes with the KotV after Stannis has been killed by the Others and while Rickon is possibly being considered KitN? Maybe LF takes the KotV there because he gets word of the Pink Letter and assumes this is an opportunity to install Sansa, not knowing Stannis has actually won and has Rickon in hand?
  7. I feel like my answers change every 3 months when this post comes up again. King Stannis Baratheon (he will drain the swamp and make Westeros great again) Hand of the King Tywin Lannister (he will provide the wise council Stannis needs though often doesn't want to hear) LC of Kingsguard Jaime Lannister (he knows most knights oaths are bullshit and wouldn't be afraid to put a sword through Stannis' back if Stannis decided to burn some people as he occasionally might want to) Master of Coin Petyr Baelish (knows how to stimulate the economy but with proper oversight from Stannis and Tywin he will be heavily be kept in check) Master of Laws Eddard Stark (northern representation on the council and he is a lawful man) Master of Whispers Qyburn (a resourceful man, I almost named him grand maester, but I think he'd fit this role better given his seeming sense of loyalty plus unlike Varys he doesn't know everything and therefore can be trusted more) Master of Ships Davos Seaworth (has a good rapport with the King and will be a friend and confidant to him, though I was tempted to put Paxter Redwyne here to get some involvement from the reach) Grand Maester Luwin (pretty much the most likeable person in the entire series) I wish I had a spot open for Garlan Tyrell.
  8. There are way too many unconfirmed theories layered on top of each other here, and it is too convoluted to be a satisfying story - if Euron is this super powerful guy with all these magicians and priests working for him, why does he need Damphair's body when Damphair hasn't been shown to be anything other than a nut? At least we've seen Melisandre and Moqorro do stuff. Bloodraven and Euron's connection has only been lightly suggested and at that if I recall correctly it was a suggestion of Euron and the 3EC who may not even be Bloodraven. As for skinchanging going both ways, I'm not sure what you mean by that - Hodor hasn't been entering Bran and neither has summer, so unless this is something from TWOIAF (which I refuse to read) then I am not sure about it. Where is the whole Euron has a FM in the citadel thing from? Is it because a FM takes Pate in the prolouge of AFFC and because Euron is hinted at having hired a FM? A leap like that is a fine on it's own, but not amongst 10 other leaps. Sorry to be a downer @lAPPYc, I did enjoy reading your post, but I just can't stretch the text that far yet. Just me. Hopefully some others have more helpful comments - sorry!
  9. Hey @fondledbyfire I enjoyed your analysis and agree that there is a lot of dualism in ASOIAF, but where it breaks down for me is wondering what would be GRRM's motivation to tell a story largely about the impact of men and confirmed, actual gods when he is an agnostic (leaning atheist) himself? I do not think gods or the laws of magic (which may actually be more like laws of physics and biology) will ever be given a definitive explanation in the series. I say this as a practicing Catholic myself just imagining how GRRM feels.
  10. @Beardy the Wildling and @SirArthur you are right about mid-S5 through current character chats being pretty terrible - the "beyond the wall" episode had a few really eye roll inducing interactions. But there were a few excellent face offs before, ones that didn't even happen in the books - think Tywin and Olenna late in S3, or Oberyn and Varys in S4. Even Joffrey and Jaime's S4 chat was pretty great. Bronn used to be good until he became written to exclusively be light hearted and casually vulgar (this started in the Blackwater episode). I wish GRRM was still around to help consult on the writing.
  11. I love the Staenerys crackship mostly because it is something new (for me) and unexpected, but there is no way I can see it happening. I don't think I'd like to see it either. The only way the series gets finished in 2 books in a satisfying way (for me) that gives enough time for the battle with the Others is for Stannis to defeat the Boltons and unite the north under a Lord Paramount Rickon, yet for Stannis to die in battle against the Others, creating great despair. Rickon likely dies as well, and Jon Snow (whether resurrected on undead) rises to prominence when he goes south to beg the warring southern leaders (Aegon vs. Euron vs. Daenerys) to come north and only Daenerys responds. In this way, Daenerys is the savior that Stannis was supposed to be and slays the lie without killing him. The two major battles run simultaneously, and after Daenerys saves the north she returns south to find it ravaged before claiming the throne.
  12. Hey @manchester_babe, it's a few months late but here is the quote...
  13. Right so if you could pick any two characters in the series to meet and have a discussion, who would they be and why? I would want to see Jaime and Stannis interact - it would be like the Jaime/Blackfish parle, only more so. Stannis' open contempt and annoyance versus Jaime pushing his buttons to amuse himself. Robert Baratheon and Daenerys is my backup choice.
  14. Let's hope not. Call me old fashioned, but the idea of a small, priveledged class ruling because they have the means to unleash cataclysmic violence all the while proclaiming themselves benevolent and divinely selected to rule is rather upsetting. I'm rooting for the dragons to fuck off to the west of westeros or east of the shadowlands and never return to the realm of men again. I'm groaning now because I find this both upsetting and plausible. BTW your alias gave me a good chuckle.
  15. I don't see the Night's Watch changing their policies. I could see it going one of two ways at the end of the story... (1) the Night's Watch is restored to glory and honor due to their valiant efforts in the war for dawn, likely with Jaime Lannister as their Lord Commander, and no actual changes in their rules or functions are instituted but because it is newly held in high esteem the recruiting numbers go up. Perhaps the end of magic makes it a more livable place if it causes changes to the seasons and climate in planetos. (2) After neutralizing the threat of the Others either through victory or negotiation, the Night's Watch is dissolved as the wall is destroyed and there is no need to men to protect against a threat that is no longer there. A third, much darker option is that Stannis accepts his duty as Night's King as both reward for his service and punishment for his sins and leads a force of shadows which protect the realm. I don't like this option or see it happening.