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  1. I agree with everything you listed and I was insanely frustrated with the episode. Just wanted to check on this point though - I didn't think that this worked like the walking dead, as in being a wight isn't like a transferrable disease.
  2. Agreed. Somebody needed to say it. Cheers! As for the OP, I believe Jon has definitely fallen for Daenerys but I do not understand why. Besides her good looks. And Daenerys definitely has fallen for Jon. This I sort of understand, he may be a fucking idiot but he is brave and really committed to the cause of humanity without being presumptuous, entitled, or prideful.
  3. I'm partial to the theory that at the end of the story magic will be gone from the world, necessitating that all three dragons die. One will be killed by Euron and/or Aegon. One will be killed by an Other. The final one will be sacrificed because it is too big of a threat to humanity as part of whatever pact ends up resolving the final conflict.
  4. @snow is the man oh my gosh this is probably in the top 5 of my complaints about this episode (the absolute single worst episode of all time). How did the wights become so easy to defeat? And the white walkers as well? It is completely inconsistent with how they were presented earlier. And I bet next episode when it is presented to Cersei the the wight will be conveniently killable only by fire again.
  5. Nice rant @RhaenysB, to be honest you kind of let them off easy by not mentioning that absolutely non of the dialouge made sense. At all. There was not one coherent exchange. "Death is the enemy and the enemy always wins but we must keep fighting?!?!?!?!?!" "My name is Thoros I'm a drunk." "Yeah you got sold to a witch get over it." Even the "funny" exchange between Tormund and the Hound wasn't really the sensical. This was hands down the worst episode of the entire series, but something tells me it won't hold that title for long.
  6. Absolutely nothing that went on in winterfell (or anywhere else for that matter) made sense to me in this episode. It sounded like LF was suggesting that if Arya were to make a move against Sansa that Brienne would have to off her, but in the same sequence he was saying "she is your sister she would never hurt you." Just completely odd. I'd hate to see LF go out this way. And whatever the outcome I really can't like Arya anymore. She is so immature and lacks humility and empathy (which may be the point) which is tough to watch from a character I used to like.
  7. @Allardyce I would love for your theory to be true but I just don't see it happening for the reason @teej6 gave - D&D are not going to make St. Tyrion do anything that would be remotely off putting. I actually do think it's possible he will betray her in the books (when he meets her), and they are playing this up on TV to sort of tease the book readers who know the full HOTU and Quaithe prophecies, but nothing will come of it.
  8. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of Daenerys and am not really looking forward to a Targaryen restoration, but she has he dragons - she will win even if she keeps making dumb mistakes. She could literally burn Euron's entire fleet right now. The plot demands that she doesn't, but she should. She will win or she will die and whoever succeeds her will win.
  9. So much this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Completely with you on this thread @Humble Maester as it pertains to Tywin/Tyrion's relationship.
  10. Can we make this the spinoff?
  11. I stopped reading the thread after this. This post is all we need, I'm not even curious how we got 5 pages deep on it.
  12. @Iron Mother fantastic OP, one-hundred percent I agree with you. I actually don't care if he is Jon Snow, Jon Stark, Aegon Sand, Jaeharys Targaryen, or LeBron James. He is who he is, a name and different set of birth parents to change that. Especially considering all of the recent right of conquest and king/queen by proclamation going on it would be really strange if his birth parents and their situation came to light and people were like "stop the track - crown this man right now." I think it really is just going to be used as another reason for Jon to do what he does best (besides oral sex) in season 8, and that's brood. Just walk around with a "aw shit, I just impregnated my aunt and she's going to have a mad bastard kid" face. I hope D&D are fans of the show "Arrested Development" and end an episode with Jon saying "I've made a huge mistake" while taking a forget-me-now pill and making the GOB Bluth face right after the reveal of his parentage.
  13. It's quite simple to me. Show version is: Because there are no details about Rhaegar thinking he was TPTWP or him saying the dragon needs 3 heads, he just liked to be mysterious, sing, get drunk with Barry, and pass over his wife for some northern strange. Sounds like an awesome life, no wonder D&D didn't try to complicate it. Book version is: And he decides he must be a knight, and conveniently uses this prophecy to pass over his wife for some northern strange. BTW I am always curious how people consistently say "Rhaegar was obsessed with prophecy" like 24/7 that was the only thing he ever thought about or motivated him. He was still a man. He probably liked singing and drinking and playing with his kids and making love to a beautiful lady. These things probably motivated him as much on a daily basis. Likely a relatively good dude who, in my opinion (not everyone's opinion, just mine) did a really selfish dickish thing that had the unintended consequence of throwing the realm into chaos and ending the Targaryen dynasty. I'm pretty sure he could have found a prophecy to tell him not to do that if he was so obsessed.
  14. Based on his behavior in ADWD and having read the Theon I TWOW chapter I believe
  15. They are definitely going to get jiggy sooner rather than later. I believe Dany will die in childbirth without a proper wedding occuring, ironically meaning Jon fathers a bastard.