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  1. Cleganebowl! Fucking confirmed. Get hype. Midway through season five this show started becoming bad and season seven was absolute garbage. Beautiful, entertaining garbage, but equally infuriating. I don't care how it happens or what it means to the characters, it is the most important thing to me to see in season eight. That, and a character acknowledging that Danerys has never explained what she means by breaking the wheel and that actually everything she has ever done was extremely self serving. But i'll settle for Cleganebowl. I don't believe it will be a redemption thing though. Agreed with @btfu806 on the books, Sandor is not coming back.
  2. I could see this, and since Stannis is my favorite character anything the results in him being alive and not happy about Shireen's potential burning is good in my book. What will Stannis and Val do next?
  3. I absolutely hate the dragons and that part of the story... honestly I think the Wot5K is far more interesting than anything Targaryen related, except for possibly the Dance of Dragons because at least there was dragons on both sides. So of course I am for the much more human seeming Bobby B. Aegon taking Westeros because he had the Dragons is like if Harry Truman took over the world because we had the nukes and they didn't. Aegon is a total power hungry dick, and intentionally incestuous and polyamorous. Robert, who did a lot more fornicating I reckon than Aegon did, is a sinful man with little self control and discipline, but he seems like someone who at least be more likely to agree with me personally on what is "wrong" and "right" even if he couldn't practice his beliefs. Plus, he was funny and had a certain level of charm about him. Robert probably is a much larger hypocrite, no denying that, but since I don't believe in moral relativism in any sort of universe (real or fantasy) I much prefer a hypocrite who would share my beliefs than someone who believes in a completely different set of morals (even if they are able to keep their morals). It's all a matter of personal preference though. No reason to be frustrated by anyone's responses.
  4. I think it may be out of his respect for Lyanna. Even King Bobby B had some line of decorum he didn't want to cross. It would be a bad look to be fathering bastards on northern families while going on and on about their liege lord's sister and how much he loved her. Doesn't hit as close to home in the other regions.
  5. @Newstar thanks for your posts - I was not enjoying those leaks at all and feel more confident they are fake now.
  6. I haven't read TWOIAF or the Dunk & Egg stories so I'm not as clued in to the great knights of different generations, but Jaime Lannister is my LC, with Barristan Selmy and Garlan Tyrell also serving. Maybe the Hound too because I'd enjoy having him around. book-Brienne doesn't have enough experience killing. An important change that I would make is letting the Kingsguard get married and have lives. If that meant elevating more knights to the Kingsguard so they can get more time off each, so be it. I wouldn't be worried about their distractions or commitments elsewhere. Those things will exist regardless.
  7. Oooooh, how about this for a wild card death... Cersei gets injured somehow, attacked by a wight or White Walker maybe, while things aren't looking so great, and instead of saving her, Qyburn uses a still alive Cersei for one of his unholy experiments?
  8. D&D's Razor - "Among competing hypotheses, go with the one that makes the least sense." Arya gets to kill Cersei, though Jaime is my first choice (followed by Sansa, followed by Euron). I believe it is because Dragons themselves are gender neutral that the Targaryen prophecy of the prince that was promised may apply to a prince or princess, not because the language of high valyrian is gender neutral.
  9. I feel like you wrote exactly everything I was thinking. On your event #4 if Arya kills Cersei that would be really upsetting to me. It'd have to be Jaime, Tyrion, Sansa, or show-Euron. The first three were more personally wronged by Cersei and are most connected to her. Show Euron would be satisfying in seeing her destroyed by her supposed allies as she had done to others. But Arya is D&D's favorite little badass and Cersei they're fave villain so it is all but certain Arya gets the kill. Unfortunately yes, this is what is coming.
  10. I was first into the show after resisting it until binging right before S4 started, and then halfway through S5 when it started to suck (right when Jaime/Bronn first encounter the sandsnakes, brienne gives a heartfelt speech about wanting to kill the one true king who saved the nights watch because his usurper younger brother danced with her, said one true king starts to think about roasting his daughter, and Sansa decides to marry Ramsay for revenge) I decided to read the books because I prefer logic and reason. The show first helped me to better imagine many characters / hear their voices which was nice, though some characters I think of as completely separate. Really, whether or not you've read the books you'll be able to tell when the show starts to blow due to lack of consistency/coherence, and enjoy it less henceforth.
  11. Whatever happens, all characters will behave in unexpected ways so as to create artificial tension. I imagine the northern lords protest briefly and Jon does one of his "we don't have time for this, I have seen the nights king" bits and then the subject gets mostly dropped. Maybe a scene where Davos or some other character who has never actually seen Danerys do something that wasn't entirely self-serving will have a one on one talk with another character about how inspiring Danerys is and how amazing and unbelievably lucky everyone is to have a ruler like her. I really don't care for show Danerys and how D&D and Emilia have interpreted her. At least Varys and Tyrion halfway get that she sucks, yet somehow still say they're convinced that she is the only person fit to rule the 7 kingdoms.
  12. I dig what you're saying here @Angel Eyes. You and I both have commented on this before how the one who passes the sentence should swing the sword - a line that I believe was even referenced in season 7 itself - and so it was supremely disappointing to have Sansa sentence Littlefinger and Arya do the deed. I would have solved this by in episode 2 or 3 showing Sansa training with Brienne in the courtyard for like 10 seconds before Littlefinger comes up to try to talk to her and she blows him off like she did a few times early in the season. Happens before Arya arrives. Boom, now we in the audience have reason to believe Sansa knows how to wield a weapon and then we can see her in action with the execution.
  13. It really depends on the books. Tyrion, a character I'm fairly indifferent on, was awesome to read in ACOK and awful in ADWD. Bran (who I don't like) was really tough to read unti mid-to-late ASOS and then was fun in ADWD. Arya and Jon were also hit or miss for me. As for consistent greatness Catelyn, who I really dislike, was an entertaining read in all 3 books, and Sansa has been pretty good for the entire series. Davos and Asha have also had consistently good runs. Danerys, Areo Hotah, Brienne, and Samwell are the consistently toughest for me to get through.
  14. I hadn't really noticed this before, but you're right. I assumed it was mostly because the Riverlands were disorganized and not prepared for war at the time that it started (since they were just geographically caught in the middle), and because of Hoster's death and lack of unity amongst the houses based on the history (unlike say the north where they've been loyal to Starks for years).
  15. I do not believe in predetermination, fate, or karma in real life and through that prism haven't believed in it in ASOIAF though I can accept why in-universe characters can believe in fate or find evidence of their so-called destinies. I think it makes Danerys potentially more heroic if she accomplishes a great deal of change not because she born/meant to do so, but because the choices she freely made in the situations she found herself in (which were the consequences of choices she and others made). Her abilities, background, experiences all inform those choices, but they are choices nonetheless.