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  1. Hmmm... the little things that annoyed me or I thought were unnecessary: - When everyone starts using the term Nuncle in AFFC... it's fine for Asha since we hadn't had her POV before but the Lannisters using it was weird. - When the chapter titles became descriptors instead of character names in AFFC. - I'm sure Tyrion and Victarion had many more thoughts then "where do whores go" and Vic murdering his third wife after Euron soiled her so to have those repeated so often seemed excessive. - as @Stuart Littlefinger noted the excessive food descriptions were a bit much at times.
  2. @falcotron thanks for providing the quote. Now I remember why I was stuck on Jaime doing the deed (at least in the books) in the first place.
  3. I agree with this. Also everything Varamyr Sixskins did.
  4. But we see with Renly's bannermen that Stannis forgives, even though he doesn't forget. IIRC Varys said the quote you had, and I tend to think he is wrong here. I think Varys has his own motives that have nothing to do with looking out for the good of the realm. Stannis probably would off Varys and other powerful folks in court Robert shouldn't have pardoned, but Stannis isn't going to start kicking up shit with the Tyrells or Greyjoys once he sits the Iron Throne. Interesting discussion all around. I agree Stannis' association with R'hllor is problematic for a stable and successful rule if he were to have won the throne in book 2, but seeing him without Mel by his side in the north ("there will be no more burnings, pray harder") and knowing he is focused on defeating the Others before pressing his claim to the kingdom ("I was putting the cart before the horse...") I think he won't have a problem with the religious aspect if he successfully saves the kingdom and then marched south. But with Aegon and Daenerys coming to town, not to mention Euron and Cersei, even if Stannis survives the Boltons and battles with the Others he really does have his work cut out for him.
  5. If you're right about valonqar being gender neutral for little sister, then Arya is both Sansa's little sister, and will possibly Daenerys' little sister in law (or little good sister whatever term they use) meaning Arya would be the little sister of the YMBQ and not Cersei herself! Totally could see this, need to re read the passage to see if it is clear that valonqar is referring to Cersei as the possessor and not the YMBQ.
  6. Ah I forgot that line. I think Arya is more likely to kill Cersei in the show than in the books, but still betting on Jaime. I agree with you that Jaime will die a heroic death, so while D&D won't care about the logistics of Arya entering a battlefield and slicing a dead hero's face off they probably will care about the audience's reaction to seeing NCW's face again after he gets an emotional goodbye. If Arya goes the FM route to kill Cersei then I think she uses Littlefinger's or Qyburn's face. Especially because Valonqar was not on the show.
  7. @Song of the Sea I hear you but not every character needs to be paired up with another character we've already met and success and happiness doesn't hinge on getting married or having a family. What I mean by wondering if they were successful and live long lives, I mean "did Tyrion become an admired figure who, in a position of authority, helped break the wheel and institute laws helping the common good, or did Tyrion go back to being a despised and underappreciated drunk who was murdered by thieves while in a brothel shortly after the war was over?" "Did Grey Worm transition from being a soldier to being a farmer/city watchmen/merchant/anything, or did he struggle to adapt to a new world order of peace and prosperity?" "Did Jorah ever mend his relationship with the Mormonts of Bear Island? Did he find fulfillment in whatever he did knowing that Daenerys chose Jon?"... it is questions like that which I most care about.
  8. My best guess is that the new world is dragonless in the books (I expect a late book scene will be Jon or Daenerys sacrificing the one surviving dragon as part of a pact with other humans or with the Others at the end of the wars). In the show I wouldn't put it beyond D&D to have a dragon just roam free at the end, or if they let the dragons die show us where they laid some dragon eggs that'll be gifted to Jon and Daenerys' child.
  9. I much prefer the show version with Beric around, though I suspect not having LSH around screwed with Arya's storyline a bit as I believed that LSH would be the one to eliminate the Freys and that Arya would have a confrontation with LSH in which Arya learns how ugly, sad, and corrupting a life focused only on violence and vengeance is and thus begins Arya's transformation back to a character with a sense of empathy. It'll be interesting to see if LSH had a big impact on Jaime and Brienne, though I doubt it (if she did then I think she would have been included on the show). Beric though is cooler, more likable, and a more interesting connection with R'hllor's role versus the Others.
  10. I'm with you. I give a shit who Sansa or Brienne or Tyrion get busy with or love. I care if/how the Others are defeated, what the political/social/economic order of Westeros following all these wars looks like, and if the characters who survive the war live long and successful lives or not.
  11. I'm not exactly sure what Cersei can do short of planning to stash wildfire everywhere in King's Landing so that whichever comes marching for her first (the AotD or Team Daenaegon/Jonerys) is blown up with all the city folk, marrying and sleeping with Euron so we all know Jaime really is separated from her, and then get killed by Jaime (coming back to try to warn her to either leave or surrender, then finding out her plans to committ a mass murder by wildfire to defend the red keep as she insults his intelligence).
  12. I am dying I am laughing so hard right now. For me it would have been any of the scenes where Jon addresses the north men either individually or as a group. Northern Lord: "Tell me why I should follow a man who deserted the Night's Watch? I should execute you as Ned Stark would have done." Davos: "Pardon me, my Lord, now I am not a learned man, but the Night's Watch vow is taken until death. Jon Snow didn't desert the Night's Watch - he was murdered, butchered by his own men, only to be resurrected by magic because it is his destiny and purpose to lead us against the great enemy that is marching south. I know that sounds fucked, but send a raven or go to the wall yourself and they will tell you what they all witnessed. Jon Snow is not a deserter, but he is going to fight for you and your people." But knowing D&D they'd probably have Jon cut off Davos and just say "We don't have time to discuss this."
  13. I agree with most of @Jaehaerys Stark and @falcotron said here. Personally I think it is a huge crackpot tinfoil stretch to imagine Bronn as anything more than what he has thus far presented himself to be, but I admire the effort and find the post interesting. If Bronn really was a Reyne I believe he would have had his vengeance on the Lannisters already given all of the opportunities he has had. Hell, he could have just let Tyrion and Jaime die a million times by now and with Tywin gone there is no need for a greater masterplan "fuck you" to send to the Lannisters other than killing them. Also, in the books he usurps the title of Lord Stokeworth, threatening Falyse, and then names Lollys' bastard (who he is taking as his own) after Tyrion - that reeks of being a middle finger to the high born (and Cersei) in general, not of being a secret vengeance seeking Reyne.
  14. Walder Frey is hilarious - I don't share his values and think he is a little twerp, but his "I give two bits what you think about me I'm going to do what I like and say what I like" attitude is sooooo funny in his talks with Catelyn and Robb. I want him to survive if only to see a conversation between him and Stannis. Re-reading Joffrey is actually perversely enjoyable once you know he is going to eat shit in ASOS. First read was terrible and infuriating. Second read is great just seeing how naïve he is to the real danger he is in and lack of power he has.
  15. Thanks for the kind words @Hodor's Dragon. Knowing how sometimes on this forum posts end up becoming a referendum on what characters people like or dislike, I figured it would be better to just come out and say it rather than get a few "oooh you just hate Dany" posts that derailed everything without commenting on the question. I now think she has a heroic tragic ending, but the childbirth death or death in battle kind. But I'm rooting for something more emotional and less predictable which is how I came up with the ending that I did. Probably joining these forums has been a bad idea - almost everything seems predictable (and thus less emotionally powerful) now lol.