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  1. A guard for the castellan at dragonstone, or maybe the castlellan themself.
  2. Lmfao this is a great summary
  3. Agreed. Agreed. I haven't read enough forum posts to understand where the JonSa shipping comes from in the first place, so I'm genuinely curious about how people come to that conclusion - not critical, just curious. Personally I don't like the idea of Jon ending up with anyone but Val, but considering there is no Val on the show and Arya/Sansa/Dany are the only seemingly available options (I don't think Asha/Yara or Lyanna are in the running) I would take anything over Dany.
  4. Whether or not Jon Snow is really He will always be a bastard Stark to me, and I prefer him that way. I hope he continues to identify as the white wolf. I really like his armor.
  5. @Sansa Snow while I have no problem with a Jon/Sansa pairing (it disgusts me but literally anything is better than a Jon/Dany love story, whether or not it is tragic), I am wondering how Arya would feel about it - she and Sansa always had tension and she and Jon were close. Any thoughts on how this materializes? Also, I'd be surprised but fine with Jaime and Dany, but everything seems to be pointing to Jaime/Brienne or Jaime dying alone. How do you see this match coming about?
  6. D&D refer to him as "Coldhands Benjen" in an inside the episode. For TV only, Coldhands = Benjen. Unknown for books.
  7. @Ser Loras The Gay I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or serious about this...
  8. Interesting interpretation. While I personally think Bobby B's reign is supremely underrated, and I enjoy his friendship with Ned, you make compelling arguments for Baratheons and Starks staying seperate. I wouldn't use the dead direwolf killed by a stag to pin it on the Targaryens though - Baratheons barely have any dragon blood. Assuming R+L=J, that's all the evidence you need that Targs and Starks shouldn't mix. All of the events in the books are set in motion because Rhaegar had to have her (for love, lust, or to have another baby because of his quest to fufill a prophecy), including Robert's Rebellion, Robert being king and in a position to offer Ned the handship, Stannis becoming king and having the duty to go north. I don't think we need to prove Stag + Direwolf = Bad to know Dragon + Direwolf = Really Bad. I do believe Dany and Jon will somehow overcome that and set things well, but who knows.
  9. Tough call, I don't think that the North would believe the farce that was Ned's confession and if anything it might prompt Robb to declare for Stannis. The Lannisters would have to put muscle in the north because even if honorable Ned would play along and keep quiet it wouldn't mean the rest of them would. Maybe if the North declares for Stannis then Renly sticks with him. Not sure if he brings in the Tyrells or not. Melisandre probably has less influence on Stannis because he is less reliant on her.
  10. Season 2 with the slightest edge over Season 4, Season 3, and Season 1. Season 5 was awesome until about episode 6 or 7, then was so awful it became the worst until season 6 came along. Season 6 was the worst, though I'm sure Season 7 will set the low mark once it airs.
  11. I think that Arya will probably go on a killing spree in Westeros, either under instruction from the FM or going rogue as Arya Stark, and that when she encounters Lady Stoneheart she'll see how revenge and senseless killing corrupts a persons being, and then give the gift of death to LSH and become a kindler, gentler, though still lethal Arya. I can only see LSH as a vehicle to show how vengeance and the perpetual cycle of violence is useless, and Arya seems like the character who is most going to need that lesson - who better to get it from then her mother? Not sure how the Brienne/Jaime situation turns out, but I'm 90% sure Jaime makes it out alive (I think he, while not being the hero of the story, ends up making the ultimate suicidal sacrifice that results in the triumph of Jon/Dany) and 50% sure Brienne makes it out alive. Not sure about Podrick. Maybe Jaime offers to die in his place and it convinces LSH. Maybe Thoros, who seems greatly dismayed at what the BwB has become under LSH, offers himself up in creating a diversion by which Jaime, Brienne, and Pod can escape. We'll see... or we won't since no other books are coming out.
  12. I've thought along the lines of the story ending in either certain characters finding enlightenment in a sort of Universalism religion or perhaps the entirety of what's left of humanity. In this sense, it is either the Many Faced god who is triumphant, or no gods really exist and the idea of honoring "mother nature" or whatever you want to call it manifests itself in the form of people worshiping as they wish but understanding they area worshiping the same thing. Nice catch highlighting the duality of the House of Black and White - I hadn't thought about it. I have been thinking a lot about how the religion of R'hllor and the religion of the Drowned god are the same thing in part based on their duality, and this might be where it emanates from - whatever truth is found the Many Faced god and nature of duality which is expressed in the house of black and white. In other words, the red and iron born religions are regional bastardizations of the truth that is the Many Faced "god." I started a thread but didn't get many hits regarding this. What I'm trying to do is, under the hypothesis that the red and Iron Born religions converge to the same thing, is figure out how this helps predict the end game. No advances on that yet.
  13. The only preview chapter of TWOW I've read so far is "The Foresaken" Aeron Damphair chapter, but I do agree that book Sansa is not much of a northerner, and wasn't really much of one to begin with. It might be that in the books which will never be released that she would find her northern roots and make a shift, but doesn't seem to be happening. However in the show I think they've taken some pains to show her "coming home" to her identity as a northerner, with the whole "marry Ramsay so you can take back your home and have your revenge" thing and then her working with Jon to reclaim Winterfell under the name Sansa Stark (not Bolton or Lannister). At least it's the impression I got, that show Sansa is now supposed to become herself as some sort of champion of the north, which is why having her fail to adhere to the northern/Stark value of swinging the sword if you pass the sentence (a value whose importance was reiterated as recently as S5 with the Janos beheading) would be inconsistent. Unless they are trying to make her less of a "Team Stark" player and something a bit murky. What really confuses me along these lines is from the S7 leaks...
  14. After "(500) Days of Summer" I cannot associate that song with anything else, but good tune nonetheless. "They'll name a city after us, and later say it's all our fault..."
  15. Trance music, which is the highest form of electronic music that has a lot in common with classical music, is usually my answer for anything about songs. While there are plenty of progressive trance instrumentals that capture the tone and spirit of the books, there is a vocal song called "Iselilja" by The Blizzard feat. Gaate that reminds me of the story. The song is in Norwegian, but translated it is about man who asks for the king's daughter's hand in marriage and is rebuffed, then must fight off many men to prove his worth. Both the original mix and the remix are dope AF. (Original mix) (Sunn Jelie & The Blizzard Remix) Also there is always the Armin van Buuren Remix of the HBO theme song by Ramin Djawadi, which is uplifting trance.