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  1. Just some historical context--the original warhammers and battle-axe were just hammers and axes. Aka what the common man had lying around to defend himself. So Gendry (as a smith) weilding a hammer is totally the right move. The SIZE (as you point out) is totally off. Even the legendary spartans only had a short sword--Xyphos i think it was called. (along with their big ass spear, but that was becuase they fought as a unit). Romans also typically only used a short sword.
  2. Bronn/Jamie plot armor now with underwater propulsion! Where did all the smiths come from to mine the dragonglass? DId they really just toss the annulment out there. Deus Ex much? Oh its all legit cause he got an annulment. News flash can't anull a marriage with kids. Maybe the laws of Westeros are different, but here we call that a divorce (not Catholic, but pretty sure having kids means you did the deed, so uh...marriage consumated!!). Secret Marriage would have been better (Targs get 2 wives--now with twice the nagging! /male privilege) LF/Arya--so clumsy. This aint SVU/CSI/Sitcom plot of the week. I need me some Dune--plots within plot within plots--like book varys/littlefinger. Arya/Sansa. DEY SAID MEAN FINGS!!! Look i know arya was not keen on the life of a Lady, but one would think she'd understand about keeping the vassals happy. More meh sloppy. Only minor warping but Jon got to eastwatch FAST. Plus Davos in and out of KL faster than Tyrion in a whore house! Tyrion hooks up with Bronn. I guess they were just hanging at the pub for a drink and ran into each other.... A Lannister pays his debts, cept to Bronn! (still) Next Week: Game of Thrones: Suicide Squad (shamlessly ripping this off). Taking odds on deaths: Jon 1000:1 Gendry: 3:1 Thoros: 2:1 Red Sword Guy (Denadrion?) 2:1 Tormund 5:1 Hound 10:1 3 or more extras on screen north o da wall: 1:5
  3. Snape kills Dumbledore.
  4. Ok so despite my spoiler Junkie Nature, I have no concrete evidence about what is occuring. SO best guesses (and a few tongue in cheek references). Jamie and Bronn are both alive and well and uncaptured. (Plot armor) We learn more of Jon's parentage. 50/50 on whether JON learns about his parentage. Sansa and Arya fight (its a trap! for LF!) Bran continues to be unable to act, but has an important vision (possibly related to Jon, but probably related to the NK+WW) I will make a 'Bend the knee' plus Rule 34 reference. (yeah i went there) Yara will appear from whatever hole she was in to be taunted by Cersei/Euron. Dany goes all mad king and burns stuff because FIRE BABY!! (Thus why Varys talks to Tyrion in the trailer) We get the seeds of a possibly Varys Betryal. (Why because why not, his conversation with the red woman + confrontation early in the season make me think he's gonna sell out the mother of dragons, stormborn, breaker of chains, Queen of the Rhoynar, Geats and Swedes.Probably as she has too many titles, and probably as he is not 100% on team Dany in the books. Jon rides a dragon (not the mother of dragons--yet) Sam gets kicked outta the citadel for reading in the restricted section, but discovers an important plot point. Despite Brans bad acting, I really think we need a bit more of his knowledge to setup the final season--Azor Ahai/Lightbringer/Etc. Also we need to understand the consequences of Jon's resurrection---GRRM (George Really Rotten Milestones) has stated that he wanted to write 'Death has consequences' SO I got the feeling that the whole 'took a dagger for his people' starts to play out. A boy can dream. But probably 45 minutes of Cersei talking to the IB dude. Wild speculation--Dany's last betrayal is Dhaario coming with the second sons to fight against her. Seems like a D&D plot point.
  5. Well since my good bad ugly got people's pants in a wad. I'll just do bad and ugly-- Why is Tyrion even at the battle? Not a fan of Dany (more on that in a minute, but why is the hand AND the queen at the fight). Brilliant. Hmm Drogon down!!! lets just land next to the center of the fight, not glide away from the battle. Speaking of which--pulling out the arrow. DER! Pulling out the arrow ON THE BATTLEFIELD. DOUBLE DER Ok so all the ships are gone, but there are enough to ferry all the Dothraki to the mainland. Seems legit. Littlefinger with a Chekov's gun to Bran. Still not liking the 'distant Bran' More like 'Non acting Bran'. My Post My opinion. What was littlefinger trying to accomplish besides plot movement? Doesn't know who it is, yeah like Bran won't catch that by next episode. I think over the last few episodes LF has lost about 100IQ points. HEY EVERYBODY!!! QUEEN DANY JUST BURNED A HOLE IN THE LINE!! LETS NOT ATTACK THERE!!! A Lannister pays his debts, except to Bronn. Apparently that wagon has a +10 bag of magic holding cause no way in hell it holds 10 million crowns/dragons/guineas/whatever. GAH!!! I'm just angry today. Episode was dumb, series is dumb, life is dumb. GRRM is dumb for not writing more and going on tour. Drogon falls outta the sky but recovers at last second. Wow where have I seen this before? Uh every AERIAL BATTLE EVER. Jon got his glass. Dany and Jon made goo goo eyes. Big Fight. Fin. Meh. (the good!! DIE IN A FIRE LANNISTER BOYS!!! heh I love die in a fire)
  6. Well since a lot has been leaked and I am a spoiler junkie--I'll go with some of the small details A dragon burps after eating someone. E. Clark will act all wooden. Arya and Sansa will fight Over/under on bewbs is 4. (I greatly overshot last week). Bran will reveal something, prob probably something we already know and not something cool like Jon Snow is really Rhaegar re-incarnated or Ned is alive but really good at hide and seek. Hodor will still be dead, but remembered fondly. Or not at all. The Dothraki will use traditional steppe warfare using swift moving maneuver actics to outflank the Lannister army. j/k---they charge right at them because ACTING! The Archmaester reveals to Sam the truth about the Horcuruxes. We'll still all be mad at Jamie for being on team Cersei. Euron will imitate Jack Sparrow instead of being the monster he was born to be. (I was rooting for him all along mates!). Dany buzzes the Red Keep on Drogon after being denied permission from the tower. Drogon will growl and cause The Mountain to spill his coffee ("Negative Dragonrider, the pattern is full!"). Tarly supreme battle tactics will be to stand there stoicly while getting beat down by dragons, Dothraki and the US Marines. Bronn makes 0 jokes. Dorne will fall into the sea because its plotlines were so bad.
  7. Cause first cousin is kinda accepted (even if it more aunt/nephew). Kinda frowned on, but you know its ok. Of course
  8. While I enjoy the show I am angry at what might have been. George may right slow, but his narrative is pretty tight. Tolkein Level. Yes I love TLOTR movies. Yes I throw stuff at the TV every time I see them. Its kinda love-hate. Same here.
  9. HEY THATS MY LINE!!!!! Lol
  10. The good: Tyrion: "You look better at brooding than I do" Jon met Dany right away!! No cliffhanger. Much wow. Jamie sneaks off to Highgarden and captures it (putting aside the whole 'who gives a whip about Casterly Rock'). Traps Unsullied when Magic Jack Sparrow warps into destroy his fleet. Well played. "Permission to buzz the walkway" "Negative Dragonrider the pattern is full" *WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH* Jon's first intro to the dragons was nice. Euron in his best Jack Sparrow "Do she like a finger in the bum?" I lol'd pretty hard at that exchange. Yes i ts childish and silly, but hey it was fun. (bonus with the whole 'they just like heads on spikes"--pretty much how I feel about the 'mob' IRL give them bread and circuses and you can pretty much do as you want--sorry took a bit of a dark path there). Sansa being large and in charge (even if its over stupid stuff). At least she wasn't being a backstabber in front of the northern lords. sheesh that got old. "I need to talk to Jon" -Bran RIP Olenna. Nice touch on the torture there with the Sand Snake. My money was on a ser gregor rapefest (sorry). I will die here--and so will you --The Red Priestest I liked that little bit. Varys seemed to have plot armor of late, but it seems there is a chip. I also wonder in she will have a role in reforging lightbringer (if it exists in show). Doesn't quite fit with the lore, but I am just rambling so works for me! The Bad: Some people like the Bran 1000 yard stare. I did not. More like the 1000 yard cue card reading. The wedding Bran exposition. AWKWARD Plot from the Rock to infiltrate Casterly Rock. At least no Nick Cage cameo. But I did like how Jamie feignted and took his army elsewhere. Tyrion built the cisterns. I thought he was put in charge of the cisterns (they never flowed better!) . Just a little too convienient. Hey look its the next day and Jorah's better. (If you like your maester you can keep him with Obamacare!). Obvious. Sam got off with writing scrolls. WHo didn't call that. Dany's titles are getting long. When will she add Queen of the Geats, Swedes and Danes? The whole "I'm the queen, bend the knee" Yeah uh your diplomatic skills. Might want to polish those up. Maybe its because I beleive the white walkers are 'real' but Jon comes in, has a real issue, is really genuinely concerned about the issue and she's all 'I'm the rightful heir' pfft that seems Neville Chamberlain stupid. Also reminded of Ashe from Army of Darkness--"Lady you ain't leading but jack and s*** and Jack just left town (or got sunk but Jack Sparrow). Tyrion says "Dany cares about her people" Yeah she totally showed it in that throne room exchange. Davos: "This is Jon Snow" I know Davos is plain spoken, but his speech about how Jon is King by right could have been written much better without the awkward pauses. The server is attacked by Wights every monday! NEED MOAR DRAGONGLASS AT SERVERFARM! (I kid, I kid) The Ugly Character Development Bewbs! (watch the honest trailer for Season 5) Unnecessary boob shot of Cersei. Look the point of the sex in game of thrones was that the violence, sex, blood, all played a role in how events played out. This was just cheap cleavage for the boner demographic. Lannister sex. Not that its ewww...its more than Jamie (I thought) had seen his sister for what she is. Maybe that's book Jamie. Show Jamie is, I dunno what show Jamie is. Plus the whole scene played out like cheap porno. Not that I dislike cheap porno. But obviously I recognize cheap porn. And that was a cheap porn scene. (Without the payoff I might add...just sayin) Casterly Rock thing. Yeah I had it under bad. I change my mind and am too lazy to move it. Just dumb. Euron the magic warping pirate. He's (presumably) in the Narrow Sea. He's at Kings Landing. His off the coast of Casterly Rock. This guy must have his own 737 or a fleet of nuclear powered wooden ships cause MAN HE MOVES FAST. I'm talking Star Trek transporter levels here. How the hell does he get his ship from KL around the continent. Thats like Rio to Peru around the Drake Passage. ("I wonder if he is still using the same wind we are using") Olenna the magic warping old lady. I'm in Dragonstone, I'm in Highgarden! Not as bad as Euron, but why would she go there? I mean first of all how does she get there. Not sure how the stormlands are, but the quickest way is presumably land south of KL and go to HG. Not exactly safe passage when queen psycho wants you dead. Or do to Dorne and then up the pass. I guess she took one of those bullet trains. Also--Why would she stay in the castle if the Lannister Army shows up. Presumably one has scouts and you could flee before they show up. Of course since Yara didn't beleive in lookouts, perhaps Olenna did believe in scouting (Tyrells were not good at army, perhaps that skipped that whole 'scouting' thing. Dumb plot show logic at its worst so that Jamie/Olenna confrontation goes off. Dragons. Hmm this big ass dragons. Lets not use them. I was ok with Tyrion's plan before, but again I changed my mind. Split your forces and not play your trump card. What are you French? (If you are french, just say Italian instead sorry). Let them fly around dragonstone. Even if you want to 'save' the people Wouldn't it be handy to show up and say 'uh dragons!!! Member the conquest? I MEMBER!! YOU ALL BURNED!!! I got 3!! Might be more persuasive than getting you butt handed to you by Euron on the high sees with his superships. Bet a bunch of soldiers would say--yeah uh...not fighting that. And if they did---DRAGON SNACKS!!
  11. ROFL I thought that there were only 3 TV snakes. Nice catch. Yet another bumbled detail of the Dorne storyline.
  12. Jon will meet Dany, then the credits will roll before they discuss anything. Sam will get in trouble, but not really. Silly boy, now all is forgiven. Sansa will make a dumb decision. Littlefinger will be creepy. Arya will walk a long way (possibly having her arrive at WF when credits roll). Worm takes the rock. 16 is the over/under on naked boobs. Cersei takes out Yara and the Snakes/Snake Mommy (I forget her name, are any sand snakes (daughters) left? I thought Euron dispatched them all). Cause CRAZY! Jamie sets up a showdown on the western front with Tarly and Co vs Grey Worm and Co in Casterly Rock. When Infiltrating Casterly Rock through the cisterns a group of elite navy seals will be gunned down when trapped by US Marines with only Tyrion Lannister (played by special guest start Nicholas Cage) and Grey Worm (SGS Sean Conncery) surviving (OOooops, thats a plot to another movie).
  13. Ok this has bothered me as I binge watched seasons 1-6 and now 7 (sorry book reader). Does no one in the kingdom wear underclothes? Apparently in all the East and the West, it is fashionable to go commando 100% of the time. One would think at least in the north some long undies might be proper as ITS COLD. (small point I know, but I got totally triggered by the Missandei/Grey Worm scene)
  14. (I don't post a lot, so I may come off as a sarcrastic ***, its all in good fun--I don't take myself that seriously). The Good: Tyrion with a good plan for takeover/conquest. Tyrion figures out how to 'authenticate' a message to Jon. Dany and her fencing with advisors during the strategery session. Nymeria and Arya. Hey! The wolf is back! Hey the wolf seems to not be a fan of Arya. Apparently she has gone to a dark place and the wolf knows it. Well played. Arya discovers the Starks are back. nice moment. Wasn't liking he scene up until that point. She seemed very forced. A faceless like man would be a bit more crafty and less obssessed. Yeah I know everyone loves it. Y'all know nothing. Theon goes overboard. Yeah that guy is rekt. Rekt and a half. The Bad: The Tarly setup. "I worse an oath to Tyrell" "You swore an oath to the throne" just clumsy. If Tyrell is in revolt (which itself is kinda clumsy as Cersei just offed House Tyrell because you know, reasons (Ok she mad), and you show up at the palace and then tell them you are undecided in your allegiance? Ummmm how dumb is House Tarly? No cure for Greyscale, but then Captain Friendzone gets a miracle cure by Sam. Why does Sam care? What is Jorah to him? I get the Mormont Lord Commander connection, but still--it just seems forced so that Sam and Jorah get time together, Sam cures Greyscale. We all could predict that would happen as soon as it was 'forbidden'. Like a bad Harry Potter subplot. Bleh. Littlefinger and Jon. Littlefinger is supposed to be smooth and crafty. Handled that whole interaction with the care of a bull in a China Shop. For a coniving SOB, he sure is clumsy and not subtle. 'Hey dude we are in the crypt next to your (supposed) dad, but hey I really want to bang your sister and had the hots for your stepmom' Yeah smooth there Littlefinger, real smooth The Ugly Euron now apparently sailing in DDX-1000 destroyers with radar and stealth technology! (I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using?) Yara apparently employing the lookouts from the Titanic MIssandei is pretty and has a nice bod, but we are short on episodes and plot. As Monty Python would say GET ON WITH IT! Everyone telling Jon what to do. Usually when you tell the king what to do after he has made his decision, at best you get a phrase that ends with a prepisition ('Off') at worst, you lose your head. Those northern vassals are kinda uppity. Everyone but Tyrion basically raging at BURN IT ALL strategy. At least Olenna was more 'subtle' with the 'You are a dragon'. The rest were like a bunch of 5 year olds. BURN IT ALL!! BURN IT ALL!! Not sure: The Varys inquisition (Sing that like a Mel Brooks song). On the one hand, Dany is correct. Varys is slippery--thats the problem with being slippery, eventually someone you doublecrossed ends up in power--BEHIND THE SCENES MAN!! STAY BEHIND THE SCENES! (Show Varys is much more out than Book Varys). On the other hand this appears to be about 1.5 season behind schedule. The time to give him the 3rd degree is when he shows up, not right after he has delivered you to the west with 2 armies and allies. I mean DERP. I predicted Theon and Yara as the gifts. Oops. Guess Theon got left behind. On the bright side--he should be well bathed. Supercrossbows. HMMMM Thinking about moving this to the bad. Very predictable. Now if you would of tipped them with Obsidian, that may have been something. Well my wife is calling and that work thing--hope I made someone laugh or think. Just my .02 and I also know nothing.
  15. I wouldnt say he is 'honest' *heh* but yeah. You killed it. Madscientist knows nothing. It is known.