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  1. If we are talking about the TV Series. What about the weir wood tree. Melisandre had burnt.
  2. 2. Rhaegal and some main characters die, Drogon survies, Viserion gets injured by Rhaegal before he kills him Night King retreats with his armies. Final Battle is at the Eerie.
  3. I think the only thing that will happen is Arya will burn Qyburn wear his face and then kill Cersei later.
  4. Greyworm, Rhaegal, Podrick, Beric, and Tormund will all die at the Battle of Winterfell fighting the army of the dead.
  5. Jon will kill the night King. I think he will get pushed through the moon door at the eerie.
  6. the nights king will freeze the waters and march the dead across to attack the Iron Islands.
  7. I think that after Winterfell they will retreat to the Vale. Because its a good point to defend against Undead. Besides i dont think its going to be much use refugees will get mauled down by the army of the dead and the dragon. it will only be those on horse back that escape.
  8. Both Tormund and Beric to die at winterfell battle along with Rhaegal. Jon Snow to ride Drogon as Daenarys is pregnant.
  9. My prediction is the Undead army will destroy Last Hearth and Castle Black on its way to Winterfell. Once after loses at Winterfell the North will retreat to the Eerie for its final defense along with the Nights of the Vale.
  10. The Mountain seemed like a bit of a wimp there. for The Mountain seemed like a bit of a total wimp there. For a start he had shrunk, secondly he totally seemed afraid of the Hound and did nothing back to scare the Hound.
  11. Tormund will die at the Battle of Winterfell against the White Walkers with the Free Folk pretty much wiped out by the army of the dead.
  12. He looked like he had shrunk, he used to be considerably taller than the Hound in Season 1 at the Tourney. Now they seem eye to eye almost.
  13. I think Arya will kill Qyburn and wear his face next season.
  14. I am going to bet the final battle will be at the Eerie. The most highly fortified and impregnable castle in Westeros. Why would they win on an open battle fied. Much more chances in a high up place were they can burn the dead before they struggle to reach the top. I doubt the dead are very fast at climbing.
  15. I think they run like hell. Then they both die when the white walkers invade Winterfell.