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  1. Here you can find popular online slot machines This is your chance!
  2. Match against Burnley was really curse for United.
  3. Put in Armenian playmaker mr. Jose Mourinho.
  4. Anyway Vettel was great in Mexico GP.. I really hate Verstappen very much. I understand Sebastian's reaction.
  5. I actually like D.Rose in NYK.
  6. His game quality only getting better and better in Chicago.
  7. I just can't understand. He (Jose) said that Mkhitaryan isn't injured and training with the first team. But he is still out of many games and i do believe he won't be in the list for the next United match. In the last year he was brilliant in stats...
  8. Really, you could see his desire to win in his face and reactions during all the game
  9. United were lucky yesterday that City were playing without their leaders in starting line-up (De Bruyne, Aguero, Gundogan, Sterling).
  10. Again Mkhitaryan was out of the game.. Pity for the Armenian footballer.
  11. Great start of new season for Lakers and Walton!
  12. Strong game for Spurs.. +29...
  13. United - City... Really i don't believe in Mourinho today.
  14. Yes, so sad for Raikkonen.. He is still on fire, anyway.
  15. Lakers will be one of the most exciting teams this season.