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  1. Naming him Azor would be equivalent to naming someone Jesus or Muhammad. Personally, that sounds way too cliche and boring.
  2. His name is Aragorn son of Arathorn, the heir of Isildur, King of Gondor.
  3. Ok, first of all, Aejon sound's awful. Stop trying to link the name Ned gave him to Lyanna's name. Secondly, his name cannot also be Aegon since Rhaegar already named one of his children Aegon. I doubt Lyanna knows that, but I also doubt GRRM would write their names the same. The only thing that really makes sense is Aemon, because of the various quotes people have posted and the fact that he met Maester Aemon. To me, it just seems very poetic. If that isn't his name then it's probably something completely different like Daeron or Daemon or something.
  4. What about her age? She's younger than Jon and Lyanna supposedly died during his birth. How about the fact that Viserys was born after all Rhaella's stillbirths?
  5. Then where is Rhaella's baby?
  6. Nah, they scrapped it because little baby show watchers can't even keep up with the names of the characters.
  7. Yeah, that would do it.
  8. It will probably be a mixture between Melisandre seeing something in the flames, Bran using his Greensight ability, and Littlefinger confirming it face to face and possibly Howland Reed. It would be very problematic to end the season with this because I feel like there would have to be more development. Once Jon's lineage is revealed (assuming R+L=J is true), how is it that he's going to convince everyone that he's half Targaryen, let alone himself? It seem's like an impossible task and I bet most people in Westeros would think they're crazy.
  9. I love this so much.
  10. I think the Mad King convinced Jaime to kill the Mad King by asking Jaime for his father's head and the fact that he was burning people alive and loved it.