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  1. The Others: Why now?

    I read a lot of theories and honestly, I have not found a satisfactory answer to this question. Why are the White Walkers/the Others attacking now? I will try to tackle this question tonight. Birth of the Dragons. I don't buy into this theory. Dragons are not rare in Westeros. The Targaryens brought their dragons over from Valyria long ago. There were already dragons nesting on Dragonstone even before the arrival of the Targaryens. Dragon eggs hatched regularly right until the last one died. Dragons were present and reproducing all that time and no reaction from the others. Besides, the timing is wrong. The Others became active before Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal were born. Dragons lived in high numbers in the past and the Others didn't seem to feel threatened, so why would three dragons upset them enough to mobilize them now. Birth of Jon Snow. This is possible, but we need to further explore why his birth would have meaning to the Others if we are to assume this is the cause. It is clear the Others are not on a mission of peace so it is safe to assume they're mad about something. The reaction is delayed by 14 years since the birth of Jon. Perhaps, if you believe R+L=J, the mixing of fire and ice is offensive to the Others. Some fans prematurely assume that a hybrid of ice and fire is a good thing. It may not be. The Others are coming for him. Human sacrifice. The north stopped killing people and offering their blood to the trees. We don't have anything that tells us the Others worship the Old Gods. I am not so sure why the stopping of human sacrifice to the tree roots would concern them. It would concern the greenseers and perhaps that might cause them to weaken. If the gs and the Others oppose one another, this is a possible reason the Others would think they can now oppose the gs. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell. The Starks perform a ritual that either appeases the Others or repels them. This could relate to #3. But Ned was not the kind of man who would kill people for sacrifice. We know then that human sacrifice had not been practiced by the Starks for at least as long as the time Lord Rickard has been dead and maybe even long before then. The timing is wrong unless the Others are just slow to react. I will not rule this out, yet. After all, Rickard expected to live longer and he had Brandon backing him up. He could have shared the secret ritual with Brandon but both got executed and had not the chance to pass the information to Ned. Night's Queen/Night's King. This theory proposes the body of someone important to the Others is held hostage by the humans. This could relate to #4. The body of one of these or both, lie hidden beneath Winterfell. The Stark on duty can destroy the body should the Others attack. The lord of the castle holds the threat over the Others. The Starks lost sight of their duty and started looking south. The Others practice necromancy and they can bring their king or queen back to life. The dead direwolf and the cubs were warning signs that the Starks failed to heed. The direwolf ventured south and died. The Stark parents ventured south and died. They were meant to stay in the north and should have stayed in the north to keep watch. No one is watching now. The Others follow the weather. The Others have no power to affect the weather. They are moving now because the cold weather will permit them to do this. Their weatherman predicted long winter and they follow the cold. The Doom of Westeros. There exists a cyclical purge. The method alternates. Fire and ice. Fire wiped out the Valyrion Freehold, who practiced fire magic. Perhaps ice will wipe out the followers of the Old Gods who hold cold in reverence. Fire destroyed fire. Maybe Ice will destroy ice. One noble family survived fire. Maybe one family will survive ice. The wildlings are united. The wildlings are united under one king and that makes them an enemy to be reckoned with. I don't believe this. The wildlings had been united before and the Others didn't feel the need to act. An ancient pact was violated. Mance spent time searching for the horn of Joramun. He lied about its purpose. Perhaps this horn is sacred to the Others. Horns can communicate long distances and command armies in battle. If so, why not attack while Mance and the horn was still on the far side of the wall. I don't believe this one. But I won't rule out the wildlings may have done something to anger the Others. Maybe they stopped giving their boys to the Others. Craster kept them happy by giving them sons. The most probable reason to me is #6, they follow the weather. Followed by 7, 4, 2, and 5. Let me know what you think.
  2. Greatest Soldiers in general

    Pre-Conquest, the Ironborn. They're a warrior culture similar to the Dothraki.
  3. Pivotal Characters and Choice

    I posted the following theory one month ago. I appreciate the people who took enough interest to comment last month. The cups of fire and the cups of ice are important because they are sources of information for two of the pivotal characters. Lady Dustin's topic of Bran vs. Jaime encouraged me to continue this discussion. Just who are the pivotal characters in this story? The ones who move the plot for both good and bad. George Martin likes to take the reader on a journey within the person to witness the conflict taking place in the human heart. This basically limits the pivotal characters to POV characters. The reader only gets under the skin of a POV character. That means interesting non-POV characters like Roose, Jorah, Daario, Missandei, Hizdarh, and Gendry are not pivotal. The pivotal character will need to be someone who has a conscience and a sense of responsibility; otherwise there will be no internal conflict. People like Ramsay, Bron, Cersei, and Euron are not going to have an internal conflict because they basically look out for #1 only. Extreme people like Lady Stoneheart, Gregor Clegane, Arya, and Ramsay are ruled out because they are not interested in the good of the realm. The pivotal character will be heavily invested in a cause, family, ideology, or goal. That interest will conflict with saving the realm of Westeros. The pivotal character will have to choose and Mr. Martin will not make it easy. Okay this narrows down the list. Daenerys Targaryen. Saving Westeros versus Ending the slave trade. Martin has proven in A Storm of Swords and A Dance with Dragons that this young lady is willing to set aside her personal ambitions in order to help bring freedom to slaves. What if the stakes in the west is elevated up so instead of just the attraction of taking back her kingdom the situation becomes saving the kingdom from the White Walkers? Jon Snow. Saving Westeros versus Saving Arya. Jon loves Arya more than he loves anyone. He loves the Starks more than his dedication to his duties. This will rub some of you the wrong way but I believe this conflict has already played itself out. In A Dance with Dragons, Jon chose Arya over protecting the greater good for the realm. I read a comment once that said Jon may no longer have a POV in the future novels. That would confirm my theory that his own conflict has been settled and he chose badly. His role will be diminished from this point forward. Bran Stark. Saving Westeros versus Saving Meera and Hodor. Jaime may also find himself on Bran's balance scales like Lady Dustin wrote in her topic. Martin chose to take everything away from Bran but gave him Meera and Hodor in return. I foresee Bran having to choose how to use his power: save a lot of lives or save two dear friends. I look forward to reading how Bran will resolve this dilemma. His conflict has potential to involve even Arya. Does Bran stop his murderous sister to serve the greater need for the greater good or let her continue killing? Tyrion Lannister. I don't think this is about Tasha. Tyrion loves Jaime. Saving Westeros versus Saving Jaime. Peace with the north will be critical to unite the realm. Jaime's maiming of Bran will have to be resolved for peace talks with Winterfell to continue. Tyrion may have to sit in judgment of Jaime, with Bran pulling the hidden strings. Samwell Tarly. Saving Westeros versus Gilley. I read a theory that I liked a lot. That Samwell may discover how to make Valyrian steel. The price will be Gilley's life. This is a real love story in the books and if there is a parallel to the making of Valyrian steel in the current time, this is it. Samwell is not AA but he is in a position to learn the making of Valyrian steel. It will be George Martin's style to wrote the story so that some will choose badly. Tell who you think will choose badly and why. Thanks
  4. Assault Moat Cailin

    You do not have dragons. Pretend you're Jon Connington leading the forces loyal to Griff/Aegon. You have 50k Westeros swords. Of the 50k, about 5k are trained knights. To this, add 10k made up of the Golden Company, for a total of 60k. You do not have a navy and will have none to speak of anytime soon. The north is in rebellion. You need to attack north and take Winterfell. How do you get past Moat Cailin?
  5. Cometary Questions: Re-examining the Red Comet

    The comet may herald the change of seasons, among other things.
  6. Your Hero: Top 3

    Duncan stood up for Tansy. Daenerys saved a lot of people from slavery. Barristan went alone to Duskendale and pulled Aerys out of captivity.
  7. Truly good characters

    Barristan Selmy, Shireen, and Missandei come the closest to purely good. Barristan Shireen Missandei
  8. House of the Undying Visions: Cups and Naked Women

    This could perhaps be the most important chapter in all of the books. From Clash of Kings. Daenerys walks into the House of Undying and asked for their counsel. They gave her these visions.
  9. Post your most hated POV's

    Jon and Sansa. I hated their chapters.
  10. House of the Undying Visions: Cups and Naked Women

    It came straight from the prophecy. "drink from the cup of ice. drink from the cup of fire". Potions that open the mind's eye to see "shadows" of past, present, and future. Things that happened. Things that are happening. Things that may happen. Things that could have happened. Cup of Fire is what Pyat Pree gave to Dany. Cup of Ice is the bloody porridge that Bran ate.
  11. House of the Undying Visions: Cups and Naked Women

    Thanks I believe the game involved kicking a ball through a hoop to score. That sounds harder than football to me. The goal is a lot smaller and it is presumably defended like in football.
  12. Your Favorite Stark Enemy?

    Theon Greyjoy. His surprise attack on Winterfell made the Starks look weak and thus beatable. Roose and Walder had sound reasons to do the red wedding but they wouldn't have had the balls to do this if they ever believed the Starks would get their power back. Theon made this possible when he took Winterfell from the Starks. Robb's rebellion lost its symbolic capital.
  13. Top 5 Favorite Characters (POV vs non-POV)

    House Targaryen. Followed by houses Dayne, Frey, and Martell.
  14. I am working on my own interpretation of these visions. I have read the explanations presented here and elsewhere but I am not in agreement with all of them. Additional materials have come to light in the form of "The World of Ice and Fire" as well as several preview chapters from "The Winds of Winter". I want to tackle two of the topics from the visions this evening. The naked lady sprawled on the floor being savaged by the rat-faced dwarfs. The most common interpretation is that she represents Westeros and the rats are Robb, Balon, Joffrey, and Stannis. Those four are indeed rats but the dwarfs do not represent them. The woman is not Westeros. The vision is literal. I believe this is a vision of a human sacrifice. The Cup of Fire and the Cup of Ice. One of the big mistakes is thinking Dany and Jon are parallel characters. I do not believe this. It is Dany and Bran who are parallel. Dany drank from the Cup of Fire, the mind trip drink given to her outside the Palace of Dust. Bran drinks from the Cup of Ice three books later when he ate the weirwood paste. Both saw visions after taking the drug. The visions came in reverse chronological order. Dany saw a woman she did not recognize offered for sacrifice. Bran saw a captive being bled and killed in front of Winterfell's heart tree. The meaning is direct. The sorcerers of Qarth practice human sacrifice and feed their servitors on human flesh. Bran's ancestors practiced human sacrifice and fed the trees with human flesh. We also learned from Nan that the White walkers fed their wights human flesh and they saved the "maids" (virgins) for their own use. The White walkers hunted these maids for sport. We do not yet know what they did with the bodies of these girls afterwards. The sorcerers of Qarth tried to trick Dany and trap her within. She outsmarted them and got out of the trap. The Children of the Forest and Bloodraven seems to me are doing the same thing to Bran. The White walkers are weak to obsidian. This same mineral was used by the Aztecs to cut the flesh of their human sacrifice. Maybe Mr. Martin got the idea of using obsidian as a weapon from reading history. Obsidian was used on spear points.
  15. Top 5 Favorite Characters (POV vs non-POV)

    Top 5 Favorite Characters Daenerys Targaryen Barristan Selmy Missandei Doran Martell Jorah Mormont