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  1. Sure they will care. But they won't be eager to start a war over it.
  2. The person ruling should also not have any ties to the current great houses. That is the only way to avoid partiality. We see in the books how loyalties to houses compromise judgment and duty. Daenerys has less ties to the great houses and therefore will be the best choice to rule at the end. With the help of Drogon's fire, of course.
  3. We've not seen the women and the children all season long. Perhaps only the warriors crossed the sea with Daenerys. Whatever the case may be, the Dothraki has a home to come back to after the war with the NK is over. And because they will basically save Westeros from the Others they deserve to stay and claim lands from Westeros for themselves if they choose to do so. They will be the saviors of Westeros and they will have the right, and the might, to stay if they want to. I believe Daenerys will give them that choice. The Starks and the Lannisters will not be able to refuse. Hopefully, the wolf and the lion will be extinct at the end of the show but even if not, they will have no choice but to give up some of their lands to their Dothraki saviors.
  4. She will rule Westeros. That's what the build up to the story is all about. The question is really who will rule alongside her. Her wingman, so to speak. The show seems set to make that person be Jon. I don't know who it will be in the novels themselves. Perhaps Aegon.
  5. You're right in everything you wrote. I think even someone like Jon will see that he's not the best person to rule Westeros. He's a simple man with usually good intentions but he's not the equal of Dany. I doubt anybody is. A heroic death fits Jon. Although that is more likely to happen in the books. Books vs. Show, the endings will be different, IMO.
  6. Jorah should have stayed behind at Dragonstone. He's better at planning battles than Tyrion. Still, his reunion with Dany was touching.
  7. The same things that make me happy about every episode. Daenerys and Drogon.
  8. They may indeed be Tywin's bastards but paternity is next to impossible to prove. That's why you don't get too many bastards running to their fathers asking for money. It can't be proven who sired them. OTOH, there are many fathers out there unknowingly raising children who are, in fact, not actuality theirs. It bites both ways.
  9. Very good clues, if I might add.
  10. Daenerys is the only story I would choose. The rest can be built around her story arc. I'm really not interested in the white walkers or anything to do with the north.
  11. You know what's illogical? The north picking Jon as its leader. That butthead hasn't won any battle. Stannis won the battle at the wall for him. That was a Stannis victory. Jon lost his head during the battle of the bastards and threw all semblances of strategy out the window when he charged the field. Petyr Baelish won that victory. That was Littlefinger's victory. Jon's election makes no sense to begin with. Anyhow, the north is part of the kingdom of westeros. Those idiots in the north had no right to vote for their own king. Jon was already in the middle of a rebellion. It was correct to take away his weapons. By definition, he was already hostile. There can be no king in the north. If someone had approached Tywin with that attitude their heads would roll and hit the pavement. Jon was in the wrong from the start.
  12. Jon came to ask an unreasonable favor and was too stubborn to give up anything in return. Dany allowed him to mine the Dragon Glass so in my opinion, Jon owes Dany. I'm siding with Widowmaker 811 on this. Jon came in with no intentions of negotiating or anything. He came to ask for Dany's armies, obsidians, and her dragons. He came without any proof. No corroborating testimony and expected Dany to give him what he wanted. Talk about an entitled asshole. That is Jon.
  13. That could make him less boring. However, Jon is supposed to be boring. He's not witty nor charming. He is icy, like Ned. Far from handsome, like Ned. He will come back in some form or another and wight is the most likely. GRRM would cheat us if Jon comes back normal. He needs to come back as a wight with a very short "fresh to" date. That is a good find.
  14. I hope to see the Lannisters and their allies burn. I predict Jaime will, unfortunately, survive. Bronn will probably die and it is about time. Randyll and Dickon will get roasted as traitors to the Tyrells. The spoils will not reach Cersei and the Ironbank will stop supporting the Lannister regime. Jorah should be the Hand of the Queen instead of Tyrion. Tyrion wants to make things too complicated. It's not necessary.
  15. What did you love about this episode? I loved the absence of Arya. I loved it when the Dothraki took away the Northmen's weapons and their boat. It was a great power move. Jorah gets cured. Dany's scenes.