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  1. The Main Conflict in the Story

    Please check out the discussion below to read our discussion on pivotal characters if you are curious: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/145503-pivotal-characters-and-choice/ The main ideas presented in those discussions as well as the previous discussions referenced in that topic are: The Cup of Ice and Cup of Fire are the weirwood paste and shade of the evening, respectively. They impart knowledge to the people those who partake of the cup. Daenerys and Bran are the parallel characters. Jon is not Dany's parallel. Daenerys and Bran are the main pivotal characters whose choices will determine the fate of many. Jon already played his pivotal role. He chose Arya over the realm he was sworn to protect. R + L, whoever that child maybe and if the child actually lived, is not destined for good things. The union of ice and fire has brought nothing but disaster so far. The main conflict in the story will take place in the heart but the overall fight will be between fire and ice. Ice wants to enslave. It represents hive mind, warging, and skin changing. Fire wants to stop slavery. See how they oppose? Fire and ice are necessary just as night and day are. They will not annihilate nor destroy each other. The naked woman sprawled on the floor in the HotU is literally a woman being used and consumed by the little men, who are related to the CotF. The Children played the same trick on Bran as Manderly did to the Freys and the Boltons. Both were made to eat their friend(s). Everything is the opposite on the fire side in the farmer making false claims about Drogon eating his child. Bones prove nothing in this case with fire. Bones prove the Children's blood thirsty tree worship in the ice side from the looks of the bones in that cave. The wildlings in the north are fighting to keep from losing their freedom to the iron throne as they see it. The masters are fighting to keep from losing control of what they see as their human property to the owner of the iron throne. Both wildlings and masters are using guerilla tactics, both are bad. In my opinion, fire and ice will conflict. What Rhaegar and Lyanna did and what they might have produced is not good for the realm. I can see the Starks siding with the WW against the realm.
  2. top character

    Daenerys Targaryen is my favorite.
  3. Jon already broke his vows. He's already an oathbreaker. Dying and coming back to life will not erase that crime. I think the chances are fair that he remains dead or at the very least, as I said in my topic on pivotal characters, if he comes back, he will no longer be a pivotal character. He already made his pivotal decision and failed as the lord commander of the watch. He's done.
  4. The Nights Watch Vows: Helpful or Damaging?

    Jon already deserted. His friends brought him back. He has no honor. Jon puts the Stark family ahead of duty. That is why I cannot ever see that chub ever being good at leading. He would make for an awful ruler.
  5. The Nights Watch Vows: Helpful or Damaging?

    Absolutely those vows are helpful. The order of the night's watch has survived for 8,000 years and they have managed to remain independent. The watch is not the same as a conscripted army of farmers and laborers. It is a full-time warrior organization with a narrow but important mission. A city watch guard can have a family because it is a 9-5 job and he goes home at the end of his shift. But a city guard is a very compromised person. Suppose KL is under siege and a city watchman knows of a secret way out of the city. Will this man leave his post to take his wife and children out of the city or will he do the right thing and stay at his post? Most decent men will stay at their post but more than a few will pick family over duty. The watch cannot afford that kind of compromise from its ranks, let alone its leaders. The recruits come from families all over the realm and from all walks of life. You can't have an effective organization and unity unless the recruits are required to leave old loyalties and family attachments behind. To use Jon as our example, if Ramsay were to end up at the wall and take his vows, I expect Jon to take an arrow for him. I expect Jon to take an arrow for Theon. Jon is a deeply flawed guy but I can see someone like Q Halfhand doing that for a brother. Jon wouldn't do it for an enemy of the Starks but I can see Samwell doing it for an enemy of the Tarlys.
  6. Joff's Valyrian steel dagger

    I just watched Preston Jacobs' latest vid and an idea came to mind. So this very expensive dagger was given to an assassin to kill a comatose boy. Tyrion thinks Joffrey sent the killer to Bran in order to impress Robert. It's a bit outrageous but well within the realm of the possible. However, I do want to ask a few questions, What if Joffrey had a dream that told him to kill the wolfboy. Bran is special and perhaps it's important to kill him with this special material, Valyrian steel. The Starks are ice and what better way to kill a Stark than with a metal made Valyrian steel. Maybe killing Bran with this weapon will prevent his soul from ever transferring to the weirwood net. This is a possible foreshadowing for the best way to kill the white walkers.
  7. Most Moral/Ethical = Ser Willem Darry sacrificing everything to get Viserys and Daenerys to safety. Most Immoral/Unethical = The Faceless Men and their crazy religion of killing people.
  8. One Sentence Overarching Themes

  9. One Sentence Overarching Themes

    Love is the death of duty
  10. War Crimes and Guest Rights

    Excellent points. I now revise my list of guest right violations. Jaime pushing Bran from the tower. Red Wedding Mance and Spearwives murdering Roose Bolton's serving men (and possibly little Walder) I toyed with the idea of putting the sack of KL because the Lannisters came in under the guise of friendship. However, KL is a city and it was more of a battle move rather than seeking shelter from a host. I do not think it is a matter of guest rights at this point. And the point was made, sacking is historically accepted as the leader's way of rewarding the people who fought on his behalf. I do not think using a superior weapon against the enemy is a war crime. Wars are won not with valor but with the winning side possessing an advantage. There are fair duels but battles and wars are won because one side fought with an advantage. On the defiance of Duskendale, it would depend on whether Aerys was invited and given guarantees of safety. If Aerys came in uninvited with a small security force, well, shame on him.
  11. War Crimes and Guest Rights

    The Reynes of Castamere Destruction of House Darklyn The murder of Ellia, Rhaenys, and Aegon The Red Wedding Mance + Spearwives murder the servants of their host Jaime pushes Bran from the tower The Sack of King's Landing All of these violated the spirit of guest rights because one of the parties involved harmed either guest or host. I want to extend a challenge to you dedicated fans out there to Identify the guest rights violated. Who violated what? Who was the guest, who was the host? Then defend the actions of Tywin, Aerys, Gregor, Walder, Mance, Jaime, and Tywin. Thirdly, take the prosecutor's point of view and indict Tywin, Aerys, Gregor, Walder, Mance, Jaime, and Tywin.
  12. Daenerys, Young Griff, and Stannis

    Young Griff is not a blackfyre I have spent this evening watching "Order of the Greenhand" videos based on the recommendations from this very forum. While I am not fully convinced of their two main theories regarding the parents of Young Griff, I will admit that I am more open to this idea. I, however, am convinced that Jon's parents are not Rhaegar and Lyanna. I was actually a critic of RLJ so it wasn't hard for OftG to convince me. Why would Jon Connington support a Blackfyre? He would not. He loved Rhaegar and that love would extend to Rhaegar's son. Connington believes Griff is Aegon. But he must surely be asking why the Golden Company (a Blackfyre loyalists sellsword company) would support a Targaryen? Likewise, Strickland and the men of the company must surely ask why Jon Connington would help a Blackfyre take a throne that belonged to the Targaryens. Furthermore why would the Golden Company agree to marry their Blackfyre prince to a Targaryen? I think the answer can be summed up with a quote from Illyrio, "black or red, a dragon is still a dragon". The GC is tired and they want to go home. They will back any true dragon who can bring them home and return their lands. I no longer believe that Griff has to be a Blackfyre to get the support of the company. Daenerys, Young Griff, and Stannis can get along just fine. Let me explain. I think most of the confusion comes from the House of the Undying visions. Treasons and Lies are separate. The perps who commit treason will get fed to the flames. MMD was #1. So #2 and #3 perps will get the same punishment. I bet they won't have the nerve to do it again. I believe Dany is Azor Ahai. But it doesn't mean she will hold it against Stannis for believing he's Azor Ahai. He's a victim of the lie and might be relieved to learn that he isn't Azor. Mellisandre made an honest mistake. Dany will slay the lie but not the man. Stannis is a man who believes in following the rules. It is not out of the question for Stannis to willingly give up his claim to the throne after he meets Dany and her dragons. I believe Stannis and Dany will meet. He will not die in the battle of ice. Aegon is the mummer's dragon. There is a lie in his background. He's not the true Aegon but it's still possible for him to be a son of Rhaegar. See the videos mentioned above for a good explanation. Dany can slay the lie without having to slay the man. Aegon may be resistant at first but dragons have a way of persuading people. Aerys disinherited Rhaegar's family shortly after the battle of the trident. Proof of that should be enough to convince Aegon. R+L=A makes Aegon a bastard. I can see a marriage between Dany and a legitimized Aegon. They could both get what they want. Blackfyre, the VS sword of House Targaryen will make an appearance. Aegon is the most probable person to carry the blade to battle. Darksister. It's funny, the last person to carry Darksister is the albino brother. Dawn is a one-of-a-kind sword whose history is shrouded with mystery. The sword could be his if Jon is a Dayne. He may have to stick it in Arya though. The dead direwolf was a warning sent to the Starks. Don't join with the Baratheons. Just what if Lyanna was given the same warning and she believed. Arya and Gendry may fail to understand this warning. A marriage between the two could lead to problems. Besides, I think Arya and Jon belong together.
  13. Sandor Clegane is best all rounder fighter.

    A fair fight and one that would excite the fans is Aegon Blackfyre vs. Jon Snow
  14. Jon and tycho nestoris

    Tycho is a businessman. Loans generate interests and that is how banks make their money. The Night's Watch can trade lumber as well as fur, game, and whatever income it can generate from the wildlings at Mole's town. Should Stannis take the throne, it is expected he would show generosity to the watch. The likelihood of making a profit out of the deal is good.
  15. Sandor Clegane is best all rounder fighter.

    Arthur Dayne versus Sandor Clegane Now I would pay to see that fight!