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  1. Jon is not loved at all. Hell, his own men executed him for treason. And when the bastard's crimes at the wall became known, he will not get much support. What he did to facilitate the marriage between Thenn and Karstark is never going to go over well with the nobles.
  2. Well, the problem is, most people are not the lord commander of an order whose mission is to stay neutral and protect the realm of man from the Others. The N/W has to maintain its distance from the political affairs of the realm in order to do its job. The men of the watch must forget the families they left behind. And along with leaving their families behind, they leave prejudices, bias, family alliances, and old feuds aside. A dairy farmer who puts the safety of his sister over the welfare of the realm is being unethical. A lord commander of the N/W who does something as shockingly stupid as Jon did to rescue his sister is guilty of far more, it's treason. One can hardly blame Bowen for doing what he did to stop Jon from escalating the problem.
  3. Jon was on the wrong here. He should not have even tried to rescue Arya. It all snowballed from there and things got out of hand. Even Jon knew that the watch takes no part, If one of his own men expressed interest in helping a family in the same situation, he would have said it was no longer their concern. Arya was no longer Jon's business and he should have kept it that way.
  4. Westeros can come to Dany. What's left of Westeros, that is. Look, there was a good reason why the Valyrians didn't go west beyond Dragonstone. With all the bounty that the west had to offer, it must surely have been a very attractive prize to the insatiable appetites of the forty noble families who ruled Valyria. I suspect the reason is the cyclical purge of the west. The west is cleared of humans every few thousand years and the Valyrians knew this. It is beyond human power to change the climate. That is too much for a low magic story. The best humans can do is to migrate east and wait for spring.
  5. The north, obviously. They are on the direct path of the bad weather. They will be hit with the worst of the winter. Any kind of agriculture will cease when the temperature plummets and the skies darken.
  6. He supports Aegon. Some fans believe the kid is a Blackfyre and they reach out there with a theory and claim that Varys must also be a Blackfyre. There is a better chance that Varys is not a Blackfyre, but the chance is still there that he is.
  7. Here's a quote from A Storm of Swords: Cold fingers walked down Arya's neck. Fear cuts deeper than swords, she reminded herself. She stood and approached the fire wearily, light on the balls of her feet, poised to flee. The dwarf woman studied her with dim red eyes. "I see you," she whispered. "I see you, wolf child. Blood child. I thought it was the lord who smelled of death . . ." She began to sob, her little body shaking. "You are cruel to come to my hill, cruel. I gorged on grief at Summerhall, I need none of yours. Begone from here, dark heart. Begone!" The old woman has seen plenty of bloodshed and grief in her time and yet she is repulsed by Arya. There is no happy future for Arya. She's too far gone. Very well, back to the original question. How far is Arya willing to go to kill the people on her list? I would think it depends on the person. She doesn't hate them all equally. Cersei? That one is prime target. I don't believe Arya will let anything or anyone stop her from taking Cersei's life. That is, even to the point of taking out thousands of innocent lives. To another interesting question presented; what happens when Arya learns that the Night's Watch killed Jon Snow? We know Jon started a quarrel with the Boltons and did a lot of wrongs. However, I doubt Arya would care what Jon did. I would not be surprised if Arya decides to go to the wall and start murdering the crows. Finally, my list of the characters who are the most motivated by revenge. Lady Stoneheart Arya Stark Walder Frey
  8. Brandon Stark + Lyanna Stark = Jon is actually quite popular. It comes up here on the forum very often. I'm a Ned + Ashara = Jon supporter at this time, but Brandon Stark + Lyanna Stark = Jon is plausible. As is Mance + Lyanna = Jon.
  9. Three gets fed to the flames. One is the dead lover. An animal ridden by the lover. The third is the traitor. A dead Daario, his horse, and the one who betrayed them all, Hizdahr. Something good will happen.
  10. Jon is not a turncloak against the Starks but he is a turncloak against his NW family. He deserted his brothers (and had to be brought back by more honorable boys) in order to help Robb Stark.
  11. I'm sorry House but that would make me sad. My wish is for the rise of a new Valyrian Empire with a Targaryen ruler. How easy or hard will it be to find a job for a girl with a baby? I mean a respectable job outside the citadel. Some maesters take their liberties with the working women. Whose to say they don't do the same with the serving women at the citadel. Marwyn - stout, strongly built, large hands, book smart but also well traveled and practical. He shares our author's opinion of prophecies. Martin - stout, strongly built, average hands, book smart but also well traveled. Cynical. Same opinion on the treacherous nature of prophecies. Yeah maybe they are the same. Preston Jacobs thinks Quentyn Martell is the one who looks like a young George. I have read others who think George modeled Samwell's appearance after his own. Interesting parallels.
  12. There is something I would like to add to my previous reply. The question of what will Jon do as soon as he has consciousness. I think the answer is obvious. He wargs into Ghost and goes in search for his true love, Arya. This can lead to a confrontation with Ramsay's girls.
  13. The 3-Headed Dragon is House Targaryen. The dragon must have three heads is Rhaegar's attempts to repeat the trinity of Visenya, Aegon, and Rhaenys. The Azor Ahai is an Essosi monarch who ruled during the time of the Long Night. Mellisandre is trying to bring this Essosi legend to the Westerosi like missionaries trying to bring Jesus to the Far East. AA's work is in Essos and it has to start when the sun sets in the east, meaning the sun goes away and darkness covers the eastern land. The person who will lead Westeros is the Last Hero.
  14. He swore an oath to defend the king. This is what he should have done. Stop the wildfire, obviously, because allowing that plan to continue is not serving the interest of the king. If an old man like Barristan can sneak his king out of Duskendale, a fit young man like Jaime could have done the same.