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  1. I like the Brandon + Lyanna = Jon theory. It brings symmetry to the story. There should be an ice equivalent to fire. You're right. Temporary death is not going to release Jon from his vows. His watch will not end until he can no longer carry out his duties. Resurrection means he will have to honor his oaths to serve in the night's watch. Besides, if death can release one from obligations then it follows that it also removes any right that person has to any privileges that they were entitled to.
  2. I agree on all points. Jon is the one to blame for all that happened leading up to his execution. The Pink Letter exposed Jon's illegal activities and with nothing more left to hide he chose to bring his feud with Ramsay several notches up and take it to war. Cutting off Jon's head and sending it to Winterfell will bring goodwill and avoid a war between the NW and House Bolton.
  3. "only death can pay for life" is an example of a very dangerous belief that isn't true. Beric was brought back to some semblance of life and Thoros had no need to sacrifice another life to make the magic work. Belief can be dangerous. I think this belongs to the same category like "there is power in king's blood" that Mel is harping about. Let's look back to Summerhall. A whole lot of people with king's blood died that day. The fire was certainly of a very high temperature. Dragons eggs aplenty. Rituals were performed after Aegon V consulted with many supposedly knowledgeable people. Yet no dragons hatched. There were deaths and no dragons hatched from the eggs. We need to be careful before we take these sayings and beliefs and accept them as gospel. The main characters need to be even more careful.
  4. White Walkers are Starks. Craster is a Stark. They share DNA. That makes Craster's children potential new recruits for Ice.
  5. That was awesome accomplishment. She had to be strong for all of them. Her khalasar was small, with women and old men among the ranks. She got them through and into Vaes Toloro. Dany is a natural leader and very good at it. I can agree with you a little bit. To his credit, Aenar set aside his pride and must have taken financial loses when he sold his considerable holdings back home in Valyria. He was ridiculed back home and yet he remained steadfast and moved his House to a backwards outpost. I predict the same situation will face the lords of Westeros during the long night and those who swallow their pride and migrate to safety will survive and inherit what's left when winter finally ends, just like the Targaryens inherited the world after the Doom.
  6. Wun doesn't care enough about Jon to start a fight with the NW. Whatever triggered the fight with Patrek is not directly about Jon. It's wishful thinking on the part of Jon's fans to think the giant would go out of his way to avenge the reasonable execution of a nutty lord commander. Wun will be too busy trying to keep from losing his own life to worry about what happened to Jon.
  7. There are no secret numerical codes but certain important people have titles that contain numbers. Most prominent of course are the following: The three-headed dragon, which is Dany. The three-eyed raven, which is Bran. The Child of Three, which is Dany.
  8. Sansa is really the dumbest of the pov characters.
  9. There's an old topic post here about that. Craster's children had great value to the white walkers. I support this idea of Craster being a Stark. What prize will Mellie get for burning Craster's son? An ice dragon? I found the original discussion, right here =>
  10. It's unclear if the wall prolonged Aemon's life. It does not have that effect on any other men, as far as we know. Someone would have noticed a long time ago if the men serving at the wall had longer lifespans. There are brothers who do not go out ranging and one would think the stewards, builders, and cooks would live longer than average if the wall actually preserved. I don't think the wall had any effect on Aemon's lifespan. Maybe he ate sparingly and caloric restriction contributed to his excellent overall health. It is theoretically possible that Bloodraven may have helped prolong Aemon's life but there is no mention of it in the books. Maybe it's just luck.
  11. Let's talk about Catelyn. I disagreed with her decisions to [a] arrest Tyrion and (b) release Jaime kingslayer from captivity. Both are more an act of selfishness than outright lack of intelligence. The first, yeah, I guess you can say it was dumb. I am saying it is more an act of selfishness. The second one, the release of Jaime to x-change for her daughters, is just extreme selfishness. She knew what it meant and the consequences it may lead to and she went ahead anyway. I still say Sansa Stark is the dumbest of the POV characters. Oh yes, she too is selfish. But I can stick the same label of selfishness on Robb. But this thread is not about selfish, it's about mental dullness, so I say it's Sansa.
  12. Prince Daemon Targaryen. The Daemon who fought for Queen Rhaenyra in the dance of the dragons. Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen. She has the total package: brains, beauty, and bravery. She has compassion but she can be harsh when she needs to be. She is superior to Robb, Jon, Joffrey, and Cersei in terms of leadership and mental abilities. She is as close to perfect as a ruling monarch can be. Strong Belwas. This big guy is not one to think deeply but he is very good at fighting. He's funny and provides comedy relief. He's loyal to his queen. I don't share his culinary tastes but given the times he lives in it is probably normal to relish honeyed locust. He uses the arakh with great skill, enough skill to have killed many other fighters in the pit. Visenya Targaryen. She handled the Arryns quite nicely and took the Eyrie for the Targaryens. This woman was still riding her dragon past the age where most people walk with a cane. Big Walder Frey. He's smart and deserve the title Lord of the Crossing in the future. The boy has a bright future if he can just survive the battle of ice.
  13. Sansa Stark is the slowest POV character.
  14. Sure they will care. But they won't be eager to start a war over it.
  15. The person ruling should also not have any ties to the current great houses. That is the only way to avoid partiality. We see in the books how loyalties to houses compromise judgment and duty. Daenerys has less ties to the great houses and therefore will be the best choice to rule at the end. With the help of Drogon's fire, of course.