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  1. You can say that about most people. Lack of agency makes one less interesting.
  2. This is one possible reason why Roose keeps her sweet. Whatever that means. She gets or will get rewarded.
  3. You make some interesting points about the law sometimes not being right. In this case, in my opinion, the wrong in that law was the lack of a process for the peaceful removal of an unfit leader. Jon was far from rightful when he started a fight with Ramsay over his kin. Philosophers have debated morality for hundreds of years and it seems to me that what serves the welfare of the many is preferable to one that serves the interest of the one (Arya) at the cost or the harm to the many. Jon chose badly when he put Arya's welfare ahead of the welfare of thousands of people. Jon was not being rightful. Interesting point on slavery. Slavery is one of mankind's biggest sins.
  4. I would rank the families of Westeros in terms of wealth this way Lannister Hightower Tyrell Redwyne Frey *Baelish is very rich but in my opinion, he is not as wealthy as the above families. I would say Baelish is not even in the top ten.
  5. Jaime tried to kill a little boy. It was only Bran but still that was attempted murder of a boy in his own home. Jamie fans excuse this by saying Jaime had a right to protect his own children and Bran could have put them all in danger. Tyrion killed his father in cold blood. So I say they're both guilty of some pretty awful stuff. I will still claim that Tyrion is a much better man than Jaime. Jaime is the man who was sworn to defend his king and he killed him rather than take him to safety. Jaime was sworn to guard his king and he was plugging the man's wife in the background. Tyrion gets the high ground in my book.
  6. I don't have too much of a problem with Ghost yet. It's Jon that I have a problem with. Ghost has done less savagery than Arya's mutt. It's Nymeria that should be hunted down and skinned. The tracker's hounds must be poor on the scent if they can't locate her pack.
  7. Jon would still be too big of a liability as ranger. I would put Jon in charge of cleaning out the sewers at Oldtown. He can be the assistant to the assistant of the assistant of the city's septic engineer.
  8. Ramsay is not Mr. Popular with the ladies but he is now the legitimized son of Roose Bolton and the future Warden of the North. Knowing his propensity for cruelty, can you blame Ladies Walda and Dustin if they don't interfere. They're decent women but they're not going to risk making enemies with Ramsay. Roose would keep Jeyne away from women who could ferret out their secret. If Ned kept secrets from Cat why not Roose from Walda.
  9. Stannis has the same problem that Dany and Robb have. He hasn't been crowned yet to make legal decisions like that. Tommen has been crowned and the public doesn't know or doesn't care whether he's a stag or a lion. It's a problem for anyone wanting to take the throne and make rules. That would make sense for Stannis to plan ahead like that. He's a smart man who would plan for a spare heir. Edric is a good choice. I would assume he can read. Literacy is a good quality in a potential ruler. Better choice than Gendry.
  10. We should have compassion for his plight. It's not easy to put family out of mind but we know it happens all the time because most of the crows have stuck to their vows and serve loyally. We can understand his feelings but still condemn his actions. I don't think Bowen hated Jon. He didn't hate the man, he hated what the man did and what the man was about to do.
  11. Edric can only be legitimized by Dany AFTER she takes control of the throne and proclaimed. The marriage will have to come later because I don't think it's smart for a Queen to marry a bastard. Only a ruling ruler can change a person's legal and social status from illegit to legit.
  12. Why stick to primary colors. Polka dots and paisley patterned eyes would bring out the colors of rosy cheeks and freckles.
  13. I am not sure it will be this complicated. It's a story about the human heart.