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  1. Go ahead and try all you want to make the situation appear convoluted but you cannot excuse Jon's decision. Mellissandre could not send Mance on her own to Winterfell. Mellissandre could not order Edd the Toilet Man to Mole's Town to get those women. Only Jon could and did. Jon not only agreed to the mission. The mission was Jon's decision. He could have said no. But he didn't. He fully planned the mission with Mance, sent for the women, and provided Mance with what he needed. Jon sent Mance Rayder loose with no leash. Mance is acting for Jon. They are on a mission from Jon. That's why they went to Winterfell. That's why the wildlings were willing to risk themselves to help a northern girl because Jon ordered them to bring Arya back to the Wall. Jon didn't say, "Winterfell is off-limits, Mance. Don't go in there and break guest rights. Don't provoke the Boltons." Jon sent them on a mission to get his sister and that is what they did. Jon is responsible for that mission.
  2. They're not on my list of favorites but I like the Freys. I don't like the Starks because I don't like Jon, Arya, and Bran. That has an influence on how I feel about Lady Stoneheart. I'm willing to let the red wedding go unanswered. I didn't like it when Cat and the BwoB killed the Freys.
  3. That could be foreshadowing for Dany "mounting the stallion", meaning taking control of the Dothraki khalasars.
  4. Protagonists and antagonists depend on whose point of view your watching from. That being said, it is obvious that Dany has been set up to be the hero in the story. Millions of former slaves are free. She rescued the unsullied eunuchs from the slave masters. She hatched dragons from stone. I don't think fans can say this family or that family is the protagonists or the antagonists. Arya is most definitely not a good person but to her brother Jon she is a protagonists despite being a psycho. Jon likewise will be seen from Arya's view as a protagonists even though he betrayed the Night's Watch, broke his oaths, and was about to make worse his feud with Ramsay to war. Bran seems like a protagonists though, despite his unethical treatment of Hodor.
  5. The banner of Daenerys Stormborn. I would think it will combine the 3 headed dragon of the Targaryens, a new banner to symbolize the Dothraki (something with a horse), and a new banner for the people she freed from slavery.
  6. Because Ser Willem was an old man. He was a sick man who stayed in bed a lot. Viserys was probably of the same mold as Robin Arryn.
  7. Agreed.
  8. The whole thing was a sham. The witch set it all up so she can punish Drogo and murder little Rhaego. Living comatose is worse than death. The witch felt death was too good for Drogo and she planned to make him suffer. Rhaego's was a quick death. Agreed. People forget that the Targaryens only became kings three centuries ago. A mere moment in the scheme of things. Old Valyria did not have kings. This vision lends credence to my belief that what Dany saw in the House of the Undying came from herself. She has the ability to see the past and the future. The warlocks did not. They were using illusions and hallucinogens but that is the extent of their powers.
  9. Well, obviously they don't want her to get poisoned. They wanted to send someone to make an attempt on her life but they set him up to fail. They want Drogo mad enough to attack. They never counted on Drogo getting killed by a witch. They never counted on Daenerys hatching her petrified dragon eggs either. The hatching of the dragon eggs automatically made Daenerys the most important person in the whole world and puts her claim ahead of any other claim.
  10. A subject thread about my favorite character, Daenerys Stormborn. I get inspired. I'm always eager to talk about Dany. I'm going with her first ride on Drogon. That moment was awesome. Drogon sensed the danger and came to the fighting pit to rescue his mother.
  11. We do not yet have any clues from the text. But yes, it is possible that Aerys really meant to burn the Others or the wights that will be created by the Others. There are three ways Aerys would know of the future: a) he has visions like Daenys, b ) Bran spoke to him in a dream, c) Bloodraven spoke to him in a dream. Dreams are not very effective mediums of communication. It is greater the likelihood of the receiver misunderstanding the message. The ability to see the future as accurately as Daenys is rare. I don't think Aerys had that gift. The other two are more likely. Aerys received instructions through his dreams that he needed burn the city. Nobody told him when. Nobody told him how. All those crazy dreams of the dead coming back is going to drive any man mad. Repeat this dream over and over and the poor dreamer will go mad. For lack of a peaceful sleep if for nothing else. Zombies coming to get you in your dreams will drive you mad if it's repeated often enough. Wildfire will most likely kill the wights and the Others too. Aerys didn't have dragons so that is the best he could do.
  12. He was a Stark but whether bastard or true is not known. More than a few proposals suggested a new NK will rise and it will be Jon Snow. History repeating itself. NK1 betrayed his duties for a woman and Jon betrayed his for a girl. There is a parallel there. One proposal speculates that Jon will take the place of the temptation this time around and tempt Arya to join the others. Jon becomes the Nightking who will tempt a Stark to betray the living. Jon = NK, Arya = NQ.
  13. Closing the gates and waiting for Tywin is not a bad choice if the Tullys all die in the war. The Tullys would punish the Freys for staying neutral.
  14. The weirwood is like an afterlife to the COTF. One can hardly blame them from protecting their chance for everlasting life. I think fire and ice take turns bringing their own brand of destruction. Valyria was destroyed by fire. The north will be destroyed by ice.