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  1. Jon meeting cersei ? Any ideas - heard rumours she might capture him. Yawn. More dumbing down of jon snow?
  2. so when do you think we will hear wedding bells? before or after the battle with the WW & NK?
  3. after hopes dashed, betrayals galore and hard dark times for all.....I would really pleased for some fanservice. I mean 8 years and then your heroes get [email protected]@cked over again.....what is the point?
  4. I think one dragon will survive. Tormund says his and Brienne babies will rule the world and I think this is referring to dan and jons child or children. to do this they will have dragon (s). it is also possible that the coming of dragons may have woken up the others.
  5. I also like this quote minscS2, cos I cant see jon stabbing dany to make the light bringer, but I could see him stabbing melisandra to make the sword - perhaps she is nissa nissa. I read through a post where azor ahai is someone who has killed a Lannister and Baratheon = who could that be? also I was reading the world of ice and fire the other day and aeron conquered the world with a Baratheon at his side. listening to jon and gendry meet and speak I wonder if this could yield clues or just a nod to the past.....more speculation,,,lol
  6. everyone seems certain jon is going to die...what are the odds on him surviving?
  7. lots of rumours of tyrion and sansa ruling, following the influences of war of the roses. Jon and Dany both dead for a variety of reasons and leaving tyrion and sansa to rule over the 7 kingdoms and bring up jon/dany babies.....thoughts on this?
  8. thanks v much. I have pretty much read all of tolkiens works and was a bit of an Tolkien but back in the day (b4 wife and kids) but will check out some of the works of GRRM - I am up to date with the books, although I read them years ago. kinda lost my way a bit as I was not really interested in dany, more of the starks storyline. think I will start with rogue prince....
  9. So do u think both of them will survive the war of the dawn and the series? What I am going to do with myself for two years I haven't got a clue!
  10. So Dany is obviously fire, and jon could be produced from fire and you think ice is the NK or is the ice and fire about Jon?
  11. what do you think dany reaction is going to be? BOOOM!!!! she is known for her temper!
  12. do you think jon will feel a laughing stock/fool due to the incest bomb?
  13. you can quote the stark family tree all you like. Jon is going to pull out of the relationship, he cant abide by incest. Dany will find out, because it creates a plot line. Perhaps jon will keep it quiet, but sam will blart it out lol. There will be some distance between jon and dany, but part of the healing process will be that Dany teaches Jon about riding a dragon - rhaegal. I think that both will survive war but will not rule together. I think they will have to separate somehow. I
  14. I have read a lot of comments about this ending.dany dieing with her child, is tragic not bittersweet. so I expect her to survive and her baby (S) - this is a dream of spring, hope growing after the great war. Jon is another matter. everyone expects him to sacrifice himself as he has always done, but I am not sure. Perhaps he has to guard the realms of men , as a shield for the world of men' and is parted from Dany and his child. I cannot see them ruling together due to the incest bomb but then their might be so many dead, that no one really cares, survival is enough. There must be some hope, as otherwise they must aswell just lie down for the NK. the bittersweet must be dany and jon not ruling together. The interesting part is the pact made between the WW and the CoF - perhaps this needs to be replicated. Dany wife of the NK?
  15. so when do you think dany and jon will find out? It would be hell of twist if they found out during their wedding! do you think the writers could be that harsh?