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  1. You're not totally wrong. Used to better than other tv. Now it's just more expensive. Got goosebumps at one point though, my flesh betrays me.
  2. Not Jaime, but some Freys are going down. Forgot that in my original predictions: So we're gonna see the trial, with a possible KL surprise.Sansa + LF = don't careDavos + Mel = don't careDany + Dario = don't care, but will she sail?Will we see what Bran sees @ToJ, or will he affect any past events?ANY chance we'll see Howland Reed? Varys, the Make Dorne Interesting Again Tour?Don't think we'll see The Wall come down. Probably no Sam, no Arya, no Brienne?One thing is known. We will hear, "Winter Is Here." Catch that owl in the preview?
  3. Some predictable clunkers, but I still got goosebumps at one point. : )
  4. Who knows? While it's still fun to speculate, I feel like it's not rewarding to try to get into the showrunner's heads anymore. Too disappointing. But a fascinating, and sweet post to read. * My favorite moment of the whole show is Davos' heartbroken head shake after Blackwater, when asked if his son survived.
  5. Well-thought out post, it's fine here. Says the novice. I agree with you, but fear it will turn out to be another sloppy-writing, unexplained let-down. POV chapters? Let's hope. Here's a fun Hound PWWP theory: